Discover How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere

With the way technology is going, there are now more ways to connect to the internet than ever. This has allowed people to work away from their offices and out there into the world. Digital nomads and even the usual office worker can now enjoy connecting to the internet by just using their laptop and free WiFi.

Having free WiFi can be a tricky situation as there are a lot of establishments that offer them for free but you will have to pay for another item to unlock such a feature. Most of these establishments are cafes and coffee shops that only allow you to get free WiFi if you purchase coffee or food from them.

If you really want to know the trick to get free WiFi anywhere, check out these tips on how and where you can get free WiFi.

Get Free WiFi in Public Places

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to stay connected to the internet or get free WiFi is by connecting to the free ones in public places. These include libraries, train stations, and even museums.


The government shoulders the internet connection in these areas so you can continue to stay connected to the internet. All you need to do is to go to these places and connect to their WiFi network.

It’s that simple and you can immediately use the internet to continue working or connect with your loved one.

Just make sure that you have an ample amount of security features on your laptop as these free WiFi hotspots can be hunting grounds for scammers and hackers.


WiFi Security Precautions

With that in mind, connecting to public WiFi or free WiFi hotspots can be very unreliable at times. You might come across various malware or hackers trying to infiltrate your device.

Apart from having a good security system on your laptop, there are certain WiFi security precautions that you also need to take in mind. Be sure that before you connect to the network, you have a VPN on your laptop.

VPNs are a great way to mask your IP address so you don’t get tracked down and you won’t be seen by anyone within that network. There are also other WiFi apps out there that track your activity so you can continue to monitor them in case you feel the need for protection.


Connect with These Apps

There are also apps that you can download on your laptop so you can stay connected to the internet as much as possible.

These apps help you find the most suitable places to connect to the internet for free. Apps like WiFi Warden, Instabridge, and WiFi Map are great at tracking down the best WiFi networks in your area and provide you with the password so you can connect to such networks.

Take note that these passwords are shared by other users so they may not be as updated or accurate. Either way, once you are connected, you can enjoy the fast WiFi speed and you can continue to work.

Many of these apps do not allow you to connect to a private home network so you don’t take advantage of one’s private life.

Use Your Mobile Data

If you’re really in a dire position and you want to connect to the WiFi using your laptop as soon as possible, you can always use your mobile phone to connect.

If your phone has mobile data, you can activate your mobile hotspot and you can connect it to your laptop.

This allows you to connect to the internet for free and you don’t even have to go to a coffee shop or anywhere else just to connect to their WiFi for free.

Check Out These Establishments

Another great idea to get free WiFi is by simply going to certain establishments. These establishments often provide free WiFi to their guests and they don’t charge you for succeeding hours of using their internet.

Image Source: SecurEdge

A few examples of these great establishments that offer free WiFi are Best Buy, Arby’s, and even Burger King.

These business establishments have long been known to provide free WiFi to their customers and with thousands of branches located all over the country, you are sure to stay connected to the internet without paying a single cent.

These establishments’ internet speeds even rival those that offer the best in the city. Arby’s has more than 12 Mbps in speed while Burger King offers around 4mbps internet speed which you can certainly connect to the internet with.

Coffee Shops and Restaurants

When we think of free WiFi, we immediately think of going to the coffee shop to connect to their fast and reliable WiFi. Many coffee shops and restaurants all over the country often require you to purchase from their menu and they will provide you with a password so you can connect to their WiFi network.

There are mainstream coffee shops that also offer free WiFi and you will never need to purchase an item on their menu just so you can ask for the WiFi passwords.  These coffee shops and restaurants include Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. These establishments are known to provide free WiFi to everyone who needs it.

You can also go to McDonald’s as they offer free WiFi up to a speed of 4mbps.  The fast-food chain has more than 12,000 restaurants for you to choose from so you can stay connected to the internet all for free.

Apply for Free WiFi

Certain companies offer free WiFi to essential customers.

Those that are not able to afford a monthly plan due to their income can apply to become an essential customer through these companies.

Oftentimes, they can provide you with a certain period of free WiFi. These companies include Comcast and their 60-day free internet service and which is a website that allows low-income families to get free WiFi.

Use a Portable WiFi Router

Many internet service providers often have promos and packages for their internet service. Some of these packages include a portable WiFi router that allows you to stay connected to the internet for free.

When you avail of this package, you are given a portable WiFi router where you have a set amount of data that you can use to connect to the internet on your laptop.

The portable WiFi router uses the same signal as your mobile data so if you suddenly run out of mobile and you get WiFi everywhere you go, use the portable WiFi router instead.


Nowadays, many people cannot go through their day without connecting to the internet. The good thing now is that you have even more options to stay connected to the internet with these free WiFi tips. Make sure that you stay safe and connect to the WiFi for free.