How Do I Split Screens Between Laptop and Monitor?-(Step-By-Step Guide)

While we work on different projects, and sometimes we need to use a laptop and monitor together, this question comes here: how do I split the screens between laptop and monitor?

Recently, it happened to me when one of my friends asked me: How do I split screens between laptop and monitor?


After that, I researched this query, so now I can write a detailed guide about this topic. Read the full article to get the complete guide about the subject.

You already heard the word “split-screen” It means to divide a display into two parts. It is not like breaking your screen into two parts. A split-screen means you can do two different works simultaneously on another display.

It depends on the device you use. You already see a split-screen option on the mobile; maybe you also used the option once or more. But how you can split screens between a laptop and monitor? Today I will discuss in-depth the question.


Why do you need to split screens between laptop and monitor?

Suppose you are a gamer or professional worker. If you are currently studying or researching various subjects, you can also read the guide. But almost all laptops or desktops, we are getting an average 14 inch to 15.6-inch screen.

We need to add the screen of our work. To do this, we can connect other monitors with our laptop or desktop to open the screen to get a large view while doing any meaningful work.

You can copy the same things with a laptop and a monitor or extend or split the screen with both.


Things to know before split screens between laptop and monitor?

Many people have both computers and laptops. If you are one of those people, then you can split-screen with two monitors by various methods. But when you split the screens between both Checks, it’s compatibility.

Make Your laptop and monitor both have the same connector type. It can be a DVI port, VGA port, Mini DisplayPort, or USB-C port. If you need to split screens between laptop and monitor, you both need the same ports.

If your laptop has thunderbolt support, but your monitor has not the same port, then you have to buy another converter to do the same.

How to split the screens between laptop and monitor?

Below are the steps you can follow.

Step 1:

Check connection first laptop and the monitor you want to connect. If you found the same VGA, USB-C between Monitor and Laptop, then continue the following process.

Step 2:

You want to extend the display from your laptop to monitor. So, your display 1 is a laptop, and display 2 is a monitor.

Step 3:

You need two cables HDMI, VGA Cable( Can be USB C, DVA Cable). In port, you need to connect the monitor by cable.

Step 4:

Configure the screen by laptop settings. In the appearance tab, you can enable the option to extend display which you can use to do the settings. This way, you can easily split the screen between your Laptop and Monitor.

How to Check your laptop supports Multiple Display or not?

Yes, you can check it by clicking the graphics card property option. If the Multi-monitor function is enabled, then your laptop supports Multiple displays.


I have explained every related point you need to know about how do I split screens between laptop and monitor. I hope you got a clear idea of how to configure two different screens simultaneously.

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