How to Use Laptop Keyboard on PS4?-(Complete Guide)

Are you looking to find how to use laptop keyboard on PS4? This is the right article for you to find the solution of this problem.

Do you believe it or not, PlayStation4 works with the Keyboard, making it easier to use the web browser and generally getting around faster. 


With that, some games on the PS4, support the laptop keyboard by default and need no configuration. Unfortunately, most of the games still do not support the Keyboard. 

Many developers don’t want us to use the Keyboard because it will become much easier to do sniping, handy tricks, and fast movement. So, In this blog, I’ll be discussing how to use Laptop Keyboard on PS4.

Stay with me.


How to Connect Your Laptop Keyboard with PS4?

You can use any USB keyboard, either wired or a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, depending on you.

The process to connect your laptop Keyboard with your PlayStation4, If you are using a wired keyword, you have to connect your Keyboard to the PS4’s USB port. You will find some USB ports on your PS4.

If it’s a wireless keyboard, then connect its dongle to your USB port instead. Your gaming console will take a moment to find that device, but it will find it within a few seconds.


And if this doesn’t fit your needs, you can always connect a wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

  • To do that, click on the select “Devices” and select “Bluetooth Devices.”
  • switch your Keyboard into pairing mode, then it should appear on your screen; after that, select your Keyboard, and it will connect; within quick time.

You can now use your Keyboard in your PS4’s interface to navigate, and it is remarkably easier to use in the PS4 web browser app.

Using your Keyboard to browse through the internet makes using the browser less of a chore to do.

How can you Play Games With a Laptop Keyboard on a PS4?

Here you may face some problems. You can use any keyboard to play games on the PS4 console. There is nothing post on the power from supporting the keyboard control in their games.

In practice, most of the game doesn’t support keyboard controls. You can launch and use the Keyboard, but they usually don’t work on your console.

You will need to use the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to launch your games. But you will have not to remap the laptop Keyboard’s buttons to use it as a controller.

Even if you play games with the remote play using your PC, the games don’t work okay with the Keyboard. You will still need your DualShock 4 controller to play your games.

Some games do entirely not work, but those are very rare. The least of these games is very supported.

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV, DayZ, Elder Scrolls Online supports the Keyboard as a controller on PS4.

Final Words:

So here is the end of our topic “How to Use Laptop Keyboard on PS4”. If you find any problem or issue, then comment down below.

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