How To Undervolt Laptop CPU? Find Yourself!

Undervolting is good when you want your system to burn fewer calories while still performing high. It is the best procedure to decrease your CPU’s temperature, voltage, and other burns when you totally know how to do it. It might look a little complicated to you. But believe me, it is not when you get to know how to do it independently. Therefore, if you are looking for how to undervolt laptop CPU guide and haven’t found any best solution yet, you have reached the best place.

Today, I will teach you how you can undervolt your laptop CPU if it burns and make other components of your PC reduce their running lifespan.


So, it is always better to learn how to undervolt laptop CPU in order to be sure for undervolting it. Please take a look and find it by yourself.

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What Do You Mean By Undervolting Of A CPU Of Laptop?

The term undervolting itself suggests that undervolting a CPU means reducing the voltages of your machine. Therefore, undervolting is a process that involves reducing the voltage supplied to a component which makes it work efficiently and consume less power.

It is a keen process where you apply the processor to work at a lower voltage than the voltage required to function properly. It is done to reduce the heat and power consumption of a system.


The main reason why people undervolt a processor is to save battery. There is also various software that can help you undervolt.

Can You Perform Undervolting On A CPU Of A Laptop?

Suppose you are looking for the possibility of whether performing underwriting on a CPU is possible or not, then yes. In that case, it is totally possible to undervolt your CPU.

It simply means you will decrease the temperature of your rig to make it perform better. As you have already read; the battery consumption would also get reduced, increasing the lifespan of the components of your PC.


Therefore, inside this post, we will learn how exactly to undervolt a laptop CPU.

How Actually To Undervolt Laptop CPU?

Now, I will officially go for some simple steps to teach you how you can undervolt your laptop CPU if you are eager. You need to follow some simple steps, and you will do it straightforwardly. Please take a look below.

Method 1: Undervolting Your Laptop CPU Through BIOS Settings:

The first and easiest method you can use for undervolting your laptop’s temperature is by changing the voltage from BIOS settings.

I have written a whole post on this procedure, and you can learn how to undervolt a laptop precisely. However, this method comes with some lacking, as you will find here.

The process is overriding. I mean, if your first given value for the voltage is not acceptable by your laptop, the computer will again take you to the BIOS rather than starting again normally.

Moreover, you will have to keep adjusting the voltage again and again if you don’t give a reasonable value that is enough for a laptop to turn on.

However, it is still the easiest way that you can use to reduce the voltage of your laptop CPU. But there are alternative ways if you don’t want to use this method in undervolting or undervolting your laptop CPU.

Method 2: Using The Intel XTU For Undervolting Of A Laptop CPU:

It’s been a tiring process to undervolt your laptop CPU when you go through the BIOS. But it’s time-saving and quick to do the job when you are doing it by using free software named Intel XTU.

It lets you change the values for voltages without getting your laptop restarted. Therefore, you can follow the following steps in order to undervolt your laptop CPU by using the XTU.

First, you need to download and then install the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility on your windows laptop or computer.

Once done, you need to launch the program and locate the Core Voltage Offset slider. Here, you can drag the slider a little to the left side. It will be something to notice that the voltage value has been reduced and lowered.

You need to start with a -0.050V core voltage offset, and then you can click the Apply button to save these changes.

After doing the above, try playing some games and check if your experience with this goes smoothly.

I mean, whether you find any crashes or blue screens or not. In this case, if there are no crashes and bluescreens, you can again minimize the voltage to a value of -0.100V. Give it another try to see if this makes any changes.

If not, keep decreasing the voltage until you get a value below which your laptop starts experiencing a blue screen of depth.

When you apply such new settings for the laptop CPU voltage, you will see that the package temperature will go down, and the values will drop in the graphic.

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Final Thoughts:

Intel XTU is the best software you can use for undervolting your laptop’s CPU temperature. It will let you decrease your values for the voltages, and you will ultimately get a stable value. Therefore, you would have learned how to undervolt laptop CPU in this way. It means there is nothing so troublesome that you cannot learn when it comes to undervolting your laptop CPU.

And I hope that this post has made that easier for you. So, just stick to that software and perform undervolting the best way you want.

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