Laptop Battery Gets Hot When Charging? | How Do You Fix It?

Have you experienced your laptop’s battery getting hot when you have plugged in the charger? Or your laptop usually gets hot whenever it is plugged in to complete the charge? If this has happened, you might be looking for how to fix it if the laptop battery gets hot when charging? Don’t worry; take a deep breath and be easy to find yourself on this post.

Because here, you will get a detailed guide on how you can fix it if your laptop starts getting hot above the temperature limits.


Let’s get started with the laptop battery getting hot when the charging process and describe the solutions to fix this problem. Here we go!

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Is It Normal For A Laptop Battery To Get Hot While Charging?

Laptop batteries get pretty hot when charged, and this is a perfectly normal thing. A laptop battery is essentially a lot of lithium-ion cells connected. When they get hot, they’re working as they should.

Some batteries get hot quickly, and others take longer to heat up. The batteries that seem to take longer to heat up may be faulty, but that can be hard to ascertain without equipment to monitor the heat.


If you feel that your laptop battery is hot when charging, don’t be alarmed. It’s perfectly normal.

Why Does A Laptop Battery Gets Hot While Charging?

As electrons flow from the laptop power supply, through the power cord, through the charging circuit in the laptop, and into the battery, they generate heat. This heat is a natural byproduct of the charging process.

During the charging process, the electrons collide with the atoms of the battery, resulting in the release of heat. It is why batteries heat up while charging.


It is also not safe to charge lithium-ion batteries on a soft surface, like a blanket or sofa. If the battery overheats, it can cause a fire that could result in personal injury or damage to your home or office.

How Do You Fix With Laptop Battery Gets Hot While Charging?

You have known that a laptop battery getting hot is totally normal with laptops. Only if this temperature doesn’t go beyond certain limits.

However, if you feel like your laptop’s battery gets hot more than normal temperature, you should consider this condition.

Because at this point, you will have to do something that should be best for your laptop’s health and battery.

It will be time to minimize your laptop’s temperature and keep it safe from getting defecated.

In this case, here are some easiest methods you can try to keep the temperature of your laptop battery normal if it gets hot quite often while charging. Please take a look!

First Check: Fans Are Not Working At Their Best Speed:

If you place your laptop on a cozy surface where its fans cannot get enough air. And is not working normally, it will cause your laptop to produce heat.

If the battery is getting hot, you should make sure that your laptop is placed on a delicate surface where it can get the maximum air for work ideally.

It will keep your laptop battery cool and not let you experience any heat.

Second Check: Check If There Is Any Damage To Your Laptop’s Battery:

If there is any hardware damage to your laptop’s most essential and integral part, you should check it.

The battery could be broken by itself, causing it to take more heat and time in charging than normal.

Moreover, suppose you find that battery in such condition. In that case, the current is not flowing through it properly, and it is not charging.

Rather than this, the battery is getting hot. To fix it, the only solution you can apply is to get a new battery and use it with your laptop.

Third Check: Check If The Battery Is Not Got Swollen:

Sometimes the battery itself gets swollen and doesn’t stay in the original position to get charged and work as it should.

In this case, if you check inside your laptop and your laptop’s battery has gone swollen, you should be very careful at using it.

Because such a batter can explode when you start charging it and heating up. Therefore, if you have one inside your rig, replace it as soon as possible.

Fourth Check: Consulting A Computer Professional:

If, in any case, you don’t wanna do all the above things on your own due to lack of knowledge or time, you can always have your laptop checked by a computer professional.

If you see that your laptop’s battery is getting hot while charging and above the recommended temperature.

It feels like the palm of the hand is burning while placed on the laptop’s body. It’s time to consult an expert. Please describe the situation of your laptop to that person and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Successfully, through these ways, you will be able to fix your laptop battery overheating or heating problem if that doesn’t look normal to you.

You will be beware enough the next time if this happens with your device.

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Wrapping It Up:

Hopefully, if you have completely read this post till this end, you have the best idea of why your laptop’s battery gets hot and, if even it does, how to fix it. And I hope that I have provided you with enough information on laptop battery gets hot when charging. But still, if you have more queries to ask, you can use the comment box to make them find a way to me.

I will be here to solve them and provide you with the best solution you deserve.

All in all, even if you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with others. Keep coming, keep reading. May the blessings find your way.

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