Can I Change Dedicated Graphics Card In My Laptop? | Let’s Find Out!

The laptop is one of those appliances these days that can be found at any place. It doesn’t matter if you are at your home, in the office, school, university, or sitting on a mountain cliff. You will need a laptop if there are certain responsibilities of work. Or living are connected with you through your laptop. However, a laptop with dedicated graphics is preferred only at home. Because it consumes more power as it delivers you the excellent performance you are looking for. In this case, if something like can I change dedicated graphics card in my laptop has done your search for this query and brought you here. You are most welcome to this post.

Just keep reading, and you will be able to figure out the question you have asked, stating can I change dedicated graphics card in my laptop? Let’s get started!


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What Is A Dedicated Graphics Card In A Laptop?

A dedicated graphics card is a graphics-processing unit (GPU) designed to be used intensively. The GPU is generally used for video games and graphical computing applications. Still, it can also be used for video editing, DirectX applications, and similar applications.

A dedicated graphics card is different from an integrated graphics card with the GPU built into the motherboard. Obviously, a dedicated graphics card is more powerful than an integrated graphics card.

However, the integrated graphics card is also more efficient. Because there is no need to install anything extra in order to use it. Most people who use a laptop with a dedicated graphics card prefer it.


It is because the dedicated graphics card can help with the computer’s performance. Which, in turn, can help with overall performance.

Does Laptop Come With Dedicated GPU?

Yes, Laptops do come with dedicated GPUs. However, the term “dedicated” should not be the one which you rely on while buying any laptop.

Moreover, there is a difference between a laptop with a dedicated graphics processing unit and one without.


It is because a laptop with a dedicated graphics card uses a specialized graphics chip to make the most of the hardware. In contrast, one without a dedicated graphics card can’t quite do the same.

A laptop with a dedicated graphics card is better for gamers and professionals who work more with images, music, and other media.

Of course, a laptop with a dedicated graphics card also costs more than a laptop without one.

How To Confirm That There Is A Dedicated GPU Inside Your System?

It is pretty obvious to know that you should have an idea about whether there is a dedicated GPU, integrated GPU, or the graphic properties of your system.

Because even if you want to make a certain change, you should know these things as to whether these exist in your system or not.

Therefore, if you are operating on Windows 10 or working on this type of operating system, you should follow the below given simple steps that would lead you towards something very important. Please take a look!

  • For finding the graphics specifications on your laptop, give a right-click on the screen.
  • When you do that, a new pop-up window will appear where you can find the option of Graphics Properties.
  • And when you click on it, the laptop will describe everything related to your machine’s graphics.
  • It will let you as if there is only one GPU named with integrated GPU working .Or there are two GPUs, collectivity the integrated and dedicated working inside your computer system.

It will also give you an idea of the brand, name, amount of memory, and other graphics processor specifications installed on your rig.

Learn The Idea Brined Changing Dedicated Graphics Card On Your Laptop:

Now, suppose you are going to change the dedicated graphics card inside your laptop. In that case, you should know what changes you are actually going to make. There are two different scenarios in this regard.

Changing The Dedicated Graphics Card From Integrated GPU:

If your laptop is already set to integrated GPU, you might be considering changing it to the dedicated GPU.

You can do this by clicking right on the desktop screen, then clicking on Graphics Control Panel>3D Settings> and choosing your preferred GPU.

Changing The Dedicated GPU For Making An Upgrade:

Only the laptops already coming with a dedicated GPU allow you to change their GPUs. And add a little more with power.

Not every laptop allows you to change the dedicated GPU. This list mostly doesn’t already come with built-in dedicated GPUs.

On the other hand, even if a laptop comes with a dedicated GPU, you must have to take care of several things before making an upgrade regarding GPU. These factors are given as follows.

Ensure that your laptop manufacturer allows you to upgrade or change your laptop dedicated GPU.

Even if the manufacturer does, find the right and most compatible new GPU.

If you be able to make certain changes regarding the Laptop’s GPU, you must be sure that the laptop has room to accommodate the new GPU.

On the other hand, the laptop must have profound cooling and extension of hot air through its vents in order to keep the performance on the go.

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Final Thoughts:

Knowing can I change dedicated graphics card in my laptop is not a difficult thing to do when you already know if there is a dedicated GPU inside your laptop. Therefore, you can change the dedicated GPU if you come to know that your laptop allows you for something like this.

However, if the laptop doesn’t allow you, you shouldn’t go for changing it or upgrading the existing one. It might not be possible, and even if you try to open your laptop for this, you might end up losing your important asset.

Moreover, please let me know in case of queries and other information you wanna ask. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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