How To Use Dedicated Graphics Card Instead Of Integrated Laptop?

Laptops are the great invention of these years. They are being used excessively when it comes to performing high-end or normal daily life computing tasks. Between these, the laptops come in categories such as those for gaming and other extreme computing tasks. And the second option of laptops is designed for performing some normal computing works. It includes using the entertainment software as well as using for documentation, Facebook, and more. However, you must learn how to use a dedicated graphics card instead of integrated laptop if you want to achieve maximum speed, power, and efficiency in doing things.

So, leave the worries aside and start reading this post till the end. Because if you do that, you will learn how to use a dedicated graphics card instead of an integrated laptop.


Let’s start learning.

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Can You Use Dedicated Graphics Card Instead Of Integrated On Your Laptop?

It’s an answer you will find in Yes. Because yes, you can use the dedicated GPU on your laptop instead of an integrated one if you have both installed on your laptop. It is because a Graphics card is an important part of your computer.

It helps process the video and outputs it to the monitor. If you have an integrated graphics card, you can’t play the latest games because your laptop is not made for gaming. If you are an avid gamer, you should buy a separate gaming card.


But if you are not, you don’t need to spend the extra money on a dedicated card and can just stick with your onboard card.

Moreover, you can use a dedicated card on your laptop. You can do this in two ways: 1. External GPU 2. Internal GPU The first is an expansion device that connects to your laptop via USB-C or Thunderbolt 3.

You connect a display and USB keyboard/mouse to it and the card to the expansion device. The second one is an internal GPU with some motherboards made by Intel and AMD.


It is a form factor 17x17mm, and you can connect it to any PCIe slot. There is an example of such a card below.

Is There Any Difference Between Dedicated GPU Or Integrated GPU?

Now, let’s educate you more on the difference between a dedicated GPU and an integrated GPU if you don’t have prior knowledge of both. It is simple and easy to understand because there is nothing that can be difficult to know or find out. So, learn by yourself.

An Integrated GPU:

An integrated GPU is a graphics processing unit that is built into the motherboard. A graphics processing unit is a hardware device that provides computer graphics capabilities. It works much like an add-on graphics card but is built into the motherboard.

While integrated GPUs provide sufficient graphics power for basic functions like watching videos online and surfing the web, they often lag far behind the graphics capabilities of add-on graphics cards.

Integrated GPUs also do not have any dedicated memory, so they have to share system memory with the processor. Since the graphics processor and the processor are in constant communication, integrated GPUs are not as powerful as add-on graphics cards.

A Dedicated GPU:

A dedicated GPU is a chip designed for graphics processing. Specifically, a dedicated GPU will have a graphics processor much faster than a CPU or a graphics-specific processor designed for 3D graphics.

Dedicated GPUs are intended to be used for 3D graphics rendering. They may or may not be used for video graphics as well.

A dedicated GPU comes with its own Ram, colling, a separate processor package, and circuit board.

Therefore, you should consider that a dedicated GPU is always better than an integrated one needing performance or other productivity in general notes. Because with its own cooling and memory resources.

How To Use Dedicated Graphics Instead Of Integrated One On Laptop?

There are some simple settings you need to follow to change the process of changing dedicated graphics instead of integrated ones on the laptop. Please follow the things given as.

First, give a right-click on the desktop window and Select the NVIDIA Control Panel. You will find the Manage 3D Settings option there, which will be easier to find.

There will be an option of Graphics Processor that will let you choose from the three different settings you would prefer to choose.

You will find the High-Performance Nvidia Processor option, Auto select option, and Integrated Processor options.

You can choose your desired one and select the preferred settings for the graphics processor option.

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Wrapping It Up:

Finally, I hope that you have learned how to use dedicated graphics instead of integrated laptop if you have followed this guide up to this end. I do hope that there will be zero complications in figuring out a problem like this or performing a GPU switching on your laptop.

However, if you still have a problem, you should consult with me as soon as possible. Because I am here to provide you with every ease and comfort you should have in your daily computing.

And I hope that you liked reading this post. Thanks for reading. Keep reading. May the blessings be on your way.

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