How To Turn On Wireless Capability On Hp Laptop? | Easy Guide In 2022

Do you know what? These days, laptops have been so advanced and capable of doing many impossible things and were only a dream before. But now, it is becoming popular using these masterpieces. However, sometimes we face problems regarding changing some settings, doing some stuff. And especially learning how to turn on wireless capability on hp laptop. Did you hear the issue you are facing?

Because I can find the best possible reason for your being here. And it’s nothing except the one I have already mentioned.


Well, if you are facing issues while changing this setting, you have good news to hear that you are in the best place to figure this out.

Therefore, I am here to help you. And I will teach you today how to turn on wireless capability on a hp laptop with some easy steps.

These steps are easy to follow, do and work on your HP or any other laptop. No doubt, you will end up changing the settings, and why shouldn’t you? Let’s start reading!


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What Is The Wireless Capability On A Hp Laptop?

Before performing something like that, you should know what a wireless capability on a laptop is and how it works.

For what purpose can it be used? And a lot more questions like that. I should tell you that the wireless capability of a laptop is something that connects it to the other world out there.

I mean to say, have you heard about Wi-Fi? Yes, because it is famous these days and the wireless capability is just the same as Wi-Fi.


This utility inside your laptop from HP. Or any other brand makes you connect your laptop with the available internet connectivity inside your house provided by any local internet service provider. Or your data network.

It is usually most important to turn it on when you need to connect your computer to the Wi-Fi and make sure it works faster and is more reliable.

However, sometimes, you face problems with it as you don’t know how to turn this wireless capability on. And how it happens.

Moreover, what if the wireless capability is turned off by the laptop and you are looking for the solution for figuring this out.

I can make sure that you will find a perfect one today in this post to help you solve this problem.

Is It Possible To Turn On The Wireless Capability On Your HP Laptop?

Now, let’s define whether it is possible to give your Hp laptop the taste of the internet or not. Well, a big yes.

I mean to say it is all possible to connect .Or turn on your HP laptop’s wireless capability. And it will happen without facing any type of complicated procedures or steps.

So, being said that, it is always possible whenever you need to work with this kind of thing on your laptop. Why don’t you do it by yourself then?

How Many Ways You Can Turn On The Wi-Fi Or Wireless Capability On Your HP Laptop?

There are basically two ways you can turn on the wireless capability of your laptop. And they both are more accessible plus straightforward. Let’s try each of them one by one.

  • Turning on the wireless capability on Windows 10 or 8 Manually.
  • Wireless power is being turned on by using the button on your HP laptop.

Method 1: Turning On The Wireless Capability On Windows 10 Or 8 Manually:

If you are currently working or using Windows 10, 8, or the latest addition 11 of Microsoft Windows, I have good news for you.

It’s much easier to turn on the wireless capability of your HP laptop if you have this operating system installed on your HP laptop.

Because do you know why? Windows offers its users one of the world’s best and most user-friendly interfaces that interact and make things more accessible than ever before. So, how to turn wireless capability on hp laptop windows 10? Precisely this is how you will be doing it.

First of all, click the window icon button available at the keyboard of your laptop, and you will have a search bar opened for this.

Here, you need to search for Wireless connectivity. You will have these options available just in the front window in the middle of the writing.

How To Turn On Wireless Capability On Hp Laptop?

Now, you need to click on the Wi-Fi settings, and after that, you will have the wireless capability turning on and off function over there.

You can use these settings for turning on the wireless capability on your laptop and helping yourself in learning about how to turn on wireless power on a hp laptop windows 8?

Method 2: Wireless Capability Being Turned On By Using The Button On Your HP Laptop.

In this step, you can also use the Wi-Fi or network button on your HP laptop’s body that lets you turn your laptop’s wireless capability on and off.

Usually, it will be a button with the volume button if you use a model like HP EliteBook 820. You can easily use this button to turn on the Wi-Fi connectivity and turn it off again.

It is also easier because you need to press the button, and you are done.

So, these could be some possible things you can try if it is getting difficult regarding turning on the wireless capability of your HP laptop.

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Final Thoughts:

Reading this article should have helped you learn how to turn on wireless capability on HP laptop thoroughly. And I can make sure that there is no doubt about your learning. You have done your part, and you know what to do.

So, in case you want to use the internet on your laptop and don’t know how to make your laptop access the LAN, you can use these methods to turn on this type of functionality.

However, if nothing works out, you can always have your questions in the comment box.

Because I will hear them and ensure that you will be adequately answered.

In the end, thank you so much for reading this comprehensive piece of information. Take a break and come back for the latest news.

Until then, have a nice day, and may the blessings be on your way!

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