HP Chromebook Black Screen | Let’s Fix The Issue

Do you have an HP Chromebook, and you often experience a Black screen problem on it? Well, it’s not that big a problem when you know how to fix an HP Chromebook black screen through some simple steps. It is common, and it happens with most Chromebooks out there frequently. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot fix it. I can say that if you have done your search for fixing this problem and haven’t got any right solution, you have arrived at the best place to find this out. Because I have made that much easier for you in this easy Guide. 

So, without wasting our time, let’s dig into today’s most sophisticated piece of content and make you find the perfect solution you can apply to this problem. Let’s get started!


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Possible Reasons For Hp Chromebook Black Screen Happening:

It’s pretty easy to figure out the problems when you know exactly their possible causes.

And in case you are dealing with a black screen on your HP Chromebook, you must know what could be the possible reasons you are experiencing this quite often. Or just has it known and you are bound to read on your mobile phone for fixing it.

I know it’s a pretty desperate situation to make your Chromebook come back to work. Therefore, here are some possible reasons for this happening that you can always sort out if this ever happens to you!

  • The last time you turned off your Chromebook, it might didn’t turn off completely.
  • It might have drained all of its battery.
  • There could be some corrupted files or your rotted causes.
  • You might be facing Chromebook heating up issues as you have run an intensive duty application that is above the capacity of your device.
  • There might be any virus, malware causing this problem. A recent update can also make your Chromebook screen black. Or there could be a problem with BIOS or Drivers updating.

However, not all of these problems are true to happen with your device at once. Maybe only one or two of these. But it doesn’t mean you should ignore figuring out any of these because anyone can cause the problem.

Therefore, to make it easier on finding the solution, I will provide you with some generally tried methods that usually fixes the problem. Please keep reading to find this out.

Is There Any Difference Between A Chromebook Screen Glitching And Black Screen?

Usually, by Chromebook screen glitching, flickering or experiencing a black screen, we take the same meaning for all of these.


Because the reasons for any of these are mostly the same. These are all problematic situations when you face them with your perfectly running piece of equipment.

Therefore, there is no big difference between these terms as these are just the different names to the same problem with your Chromebook.

So, fixing the issue will also be applied for all of these situations. In this case, I have gathered the following solutions you can try without any problems.

How Do You Fix the HP Chromebook Black Screen?

It seems like the problem is making you so worried, and you are too desperate to find a perfect solution for it.

Don’t worry, I am just onto it, and you can have it by applying any of these below-recommended methods.

So, take it easy and let’s learn what you can do in this regard.

Method 1: Try Performing A Hard Reset: 

The best and last thing you can do to fix this problem with your Chromebook is performing a hard reset. Because a hard reset usually clears all the links between the applications running on your device and your System BIOS.

Therefore, it gives a fresh start-up to your Chromebook, ensuring that the next time it turns on, it will never show any black screen anymore. You can perform a hard reset by the following steps:

  • For this, you need to press the Power Button as well as Refresh Button both at the same time for at least five to six seconds.
  • Once pressed, you will see that your Chromebook will turn off then again on. It will likely result in fixing the problem of your HP Chromebook black screen.
  • However, if the laptop doesn’t turn on by itself, you can press the power button again to ensure it works properly.

Moreover, if this does not fix the problem, you can go for the next step.

Method 2: Remove All The External Devices:

The problem could also happen when you connect certain devices or devices with your HP Chromebook.

Therefore, you can fix this by removing all the external devices, USBs, cards or anything you have connected with your Chromebook.

Once disconnected, turn your laptop on again and check the devices one by one after connecting them with the book to ensure which one is causing the problem.

Once figured out, do not use that external device again with your operating system. 

Method 3: Turning On The Chromebook By Force Chrome Method:

In this method, you need to drain all your laptop’s batteries and let them be there until it gets over with them. Once you have ensured that the battery is empty, you need to plug your Chromebook charger into the laptop’s charging port. You can see your Chromebook coming back to life.

Method 4: Try Performing A Powerwash On Your Chromebook:

In this last method, if nothing works out and you don’t know how to fix it yet, you can always perform a power wash to your Chromebook. And for making you learn it, I have already described a post you can check.

Remember again, if any of these methods do not work out, you should quickly go to the manufacturer website if your Hp Chromebook is in warranty or an HP Support Centre. Or you can check it by a local computer repairer to see if he Ables to fix the problem. But eventually, you will be able to fix this out.

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Final Thoughts:

Thankfully, if you have made up to this end, you probably have figured out how to fix an HP Chromebook black screen with different methods. I hope that any of these will help you out. But in case you have more queries to ask, you should reach me through the comment box. I will be waiting for you there. Well, thanks for reading.

Take care of yourself and have a nice day!

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