How To Fix A Glitchy Chromebook Screen | 3 Methods To Discuss

A Chromebook user is never ought to perform out of the box because it is not designed for that. Saying this with no hard feelings would be so true that if you have a Chromebook working inside the house, you can experience a glitchy screen often or sometimes. And if I am not wrong, you probably are the one currently facing it right now. You might be looking for how to fix a glitchy Chromebook screen. And I am too glad that you have opened this page because your problem is now my problem. Therefore, I will teach you in deep detail how you can fix such a non-traditional problem with your Chromebook. 

So, if the same thing with the same problem has brought you here, please make yourself comfortable. Because once you are, we can figure things out together. Why not start figuring now? Sure!


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What Is A Glitchy Screen On A Chromebook?

Before you fix the problem officially, you should know what screen glitching is usually called and do not confuse yourself with any other problem with your Chromebook. 

So, basically, a glitchy screen on a Chromebook results from a malfunction in the display. The Chromebook uses an operating system called Chrome OS. As a result, it does not have as many components to generate an image and run programs. It is why Chromebooks are so much cheaper than other laptops. 

The downside is that if any display component is malfunctioning, the screen may appear glitchy or blank. 


However, it’s not that big a deal because you can fix it if you know what needs to be done. And in this post, I am exactly going to show you that!

Why Does It Happen?

When it comes to finding the perfect reasons for this happening, I can say that there is not only one. 

The glitchy screen might happen for several reasons, and it’s no big deal when you know how to fix it. These reasons could be as follows in possible ways. 

  • There could be a problem with the display cable connecting the motherboard to the screen. 
  • Any corrupted files may be causing this type of problem with your Chromebook screen. 
  • There might be an outdated driver on your computer related to the display.
  • BIOS might need an update, and several could be others. 

However, you shouldn’t worry about anything because I have covered you all by suggesting these below-given methods that you can apply to fix your glitchy Chromebook screen.

Methods For Fixing The Glitchy Chromebook Screen: 

This type of problem can indeed be fixed in some simple ways, and here I will discuss these below. Why don’t you have a look and end the wait? 

Step 1: Check The Display Cable:

The most basic problem that could cause this glitchy Chromebook screen is the possibility of having a problem with the display cable. 

Just in case you find your Chromebook distorted or showing lines on the screen, or facing any glitches, you should bother yourself with this investigation.

Because when a laptop has this, either the cable gets damaged or disconnected from either joint. These joints are usually the connections on the display side as well as the motherboard side. 

Sometimes, it gets loose, so you can check by opening some nuts or screws on the display side or the backside of your Chromebook case. If you find it loose, you should check to fix it at the points it usually gets connected. 

However, if this does not fix the problem, the cable might be faulty, and you need to replace it as soon as possible. Because without this, you will not be able to make your Chromebook screen perform lag-free. 

But just in case you cannot do all of this all by yourself, you can visit a local computer repairing store or check your machine through the real manufacturer if you have a warranty with it. They will both be best in fixing such problems. 

Step 2: Perform A Hard Reset: 

If the first thing has nothing to do with this glitchy Chromebook screen problem, the other thing you can try for fixing it is performing a hard reset. It is the best thing to fix the glitchy Chromebook screen on your laptop. 

For this, you need to press the Power Button of your Chromebook with the refresh button both at the same time for at least 5 to 6 seconds. 

Doing this will make your Chromebook turn off and then turn on again. You will see that the problem will be fixed if you do it nicely. 

Step 3: Check By Removing The External Devices:

The last thing you can try for fixing the glitchy Chromebook screen is removing the external devices, including all of them from your Chromebook. 

You can try removing all the devices and turning your laptop on the back again to check if this fixes the problem. 

Well, I am damn sure that there will be any corrupted USB or drive you would be connecting with your laptop and is causing the problem. 

And I hope that removing this device will normally fix the problem. 

Is It Something You Should Be Worried About?

If any of the above methods are suitable for fixing this screen glitching problem, you are good to go without worrying about anything. 

However, you can go for the repairs and maintenance I have already asked you before. Because at that time, you will only have this solution. 

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Final Thoughts:

So, I hope you know how to fix a glitchy Chromebook screen if you have read this article till this end. There are no hard and fast rules you need to follow for fixing this problem. However, even if you have other problems, you can discuss them here in the comment section, and I will be waiting for you there.

But in case you haven’t found any, I guess let’s see you on the other one very soon. 

In the end, thanks for reading this post. If you really liked it, please share it with the others. Have a very nice day!

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