How To Use Webcam On Acer Chromebook? | Let’s Learn It

Do you have a Chromebook and don’t know how to use its camera? Or you might have bought it for the first time, and it could be from Acer? Right, isn’t it? Now answer me one more question are you looking for how to use webcam on Acer Chromebook and haven’t found an easy way to use that camera? Your day will be lucky because you have reached the best place to learn all about it. Yes, that’s happening, and I will not let you go disappointed.

So, please make yourself home and start reading this post till the end if you really want to learn how to use the webcam on Acer Chromebook? Let’s get started!


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Do Chromebooks Come With Webcam?

Well, most Chromebooks don’t come with Webcam. However, there are a few Chromebooks that do have Webcams.

Chromebooks are basically laptops running on Google’s ChromeOS. As far as I know, only two Chromebooks come with Webcam.

They are the Acer C720 Chromebook and the HP Chromebook 11. These Chromebooks are both manufactured by Acer and HP.


Can You Use A Webcam On A Chromebook?

Chromebooks were initially built with the assumption that users would be connected to the Internet at all times and that web connectivity was the only thing necessary for basic computing. Laptops that run Chrome and all Chromebooks can be used with a webcam.

Plug the webcam into the USB port, and it will be automatically recognized. You’ll then be able to access and use the webcam for whatever you want.

In this case, either you can use the built-in webcam of your Chromebook, or you can have a portable one to connect and use with your Chromebook. It is pretty quick and straightforward to do.


How To Use The Webcam On Your Acer Chromebook?

Since you are here to learn how you can use the webcam on your Chromebook, I am going to teach you in that regard. Please stay connected and learn this through easy steps. These steps are given as follows.

Step 1: Make Sure That Your Acer Chromebook Has A Webcam:

In this step, the first thing you need to ensure is the availability of having the webcam on your device.

I mean to say if your model doesn’t come with one and you would still keep looking for something like turning it on or using it, it would be nothing but only waste yours and my time.

In this regard, look at the 90-degree angle in the front using your eyes and make sure that your Chromebook has a camera on the upper side or the bottom side of the screen.

Yes, if the Acer Chromebook has one, it will be embedded on either side. So, after confirming that, you are sure to learn how you can use it.

However, even if your Chromebook doesn’t come with a webcam, you can still use one by purchasing a portable webcam that can be connected with the device using the USB port.

But in both ways, you still need to learn how to use the webcam on your Acer Chromebook or any other Chromebook you currently have.

Step 2: Open or Launch The Webcam:

If you have a portable webcam and you have connected it with your Acer Chromebook, you are good to go using it for doing a couple of things. It’s pretty easy and quick.

Just plug the USB cable into the USB port of your Chromebook and make that possible.

Once connected, or even if your Chromebook possesses one, you need to download the Camera App from your Chromebook Google Play store.

Because this app will let you access your camera and perform the stuff you wanna perform on the webcam. However, in most cases, your Chromebook will already have this app installed.

Click on the camera icon and launch it. You can see your beautiful face in the camera or webcam just before you. But depending on the quality of your Chromebook camera, I don’t know how much pretty you would look! Ah, just kidding, you will look more handsome.

Step 3: Performing Things On The Webcam:

Now, there are several things inside your webcam camera option that you can perform. It is just like using a camera feature as you use it on your Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet. It is simple, and you will learn quickly.

However, just to give you a general idea, you can perform the following things with your webcam.

  • You can select the Photo option to take a photo of your beautiful face or anything just in front of the camera.
  • Select the Portrait option and take an impressive portrait picture with perfect background blur.
  • There is an option of video, and when selected, your camera will start recording video for you.
  • Select the option of square and take multiple photos at a time to create a collage.
  • Another excellent option you will find is the availability of having a Scan option. This will let you scan your Documents or QR codes you will place before the camera.

Besides this, the webcam can perform several other functions for you if you will explore the additional.

You can have flipping photos, use the gridlines, flip the camera if you have two cameras, and do more without any hazards or problems.

So, open the webcam on your Acer Chromebook and start using it flawlessly.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, I hope that I have provided you with enough information on how to use the webcam on Acer Chromebook, and I hope there is nothing left undone. You can use this information to use the camera as fast or as smoothly you want. There will be no problems at all. However, if your mind got questions, please let me know as I am here to solve them. That would be nice to hear from your side.

In the end, I am also sure that you have liked the information provided here. And if you did, please share it with others. Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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