How To Magnify Screen On Chromebook? | Learn Magnification

Chromebooks are making an important place in many hearts due to their impressive lightweight body, smooth performance, and other blessings you get for daily computing needs. However, it is also a fact that most Chromebooks come with a small screen that could make some people a little hazardous in reading stuff. Therefore, one should learn how to magnify screen on Chromebook in order to make those tiny words look giant and bigger. Because when you will do that, you will be able to read, see and have an idea about everything.

Therefore, it is time for you to start reading this post with me till the end. And if you will do, I can guarantee you that you will have a whole idea of how to magnify screen on Chromebook through some easiest steps. Please take a look and thank me later!


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What Is Magnification On A Chromebook?

Magnification is the function that magnifies the entire screen or a part of it. In Chromebooks, you can magnify everything on screen by pressing the magnifier icon located at the far right of the navigation bar.

Note: In order to use the Fullscreen Magnifier, you must set the Magnifier to “on” in your accessibility settings.

The full-screen Magnifier only works for specific parts of the screen detected by the computer.


The Magnifier is an accessibility feature built into Chrome OS. It allows you to zoom in on the part of the screen. It can be particularly helpful for people with visual impairments, such as low vision, who might have difficulty seeing the screen.

Can You Magnify Your Chromebook Screen?

Yes, it is obvious that you can magnify your Chromebook screen if you know exactly how to do so.

The magnification process includes several options that you need to perform in order. You will end up turning on the magnification feature for your Chromebook screen.


After that, you can use that feature to see everything bigger and more clarified in the view. It doesn’t matter if it is a word, an app, or any object.

You will have a clearer view of everything running, displaying, and seeing on your entire screen. Therefore, try this out, and you will never regret it.

How Do You Magnify The Screen Of Your Chromebook?

It’s time you should learn how you can easily magnify your Chromebook screen if you have all the settings described in a detailed manner.

Below are the steps you need to follow if you want to magnify your Chromebook screen. Please take a look.

Method 1: Magnifying Your Chromebook Screen By Using The Magnifier:

You probably have the idea of a magnifier app added to different laptop operating systems. Your Chromebook will also have one automatically.

But even if the Chromebook doesn’t come with such an option, you can download the Magnifier from your play store. And install it inside your chrome operating system.

Once you have made sure that you have the Magnifier installed on your Chromebook device, you are good to go for using this impressive app on your Chromebook.

Use the Search bar or icon and type M in it. The first app appearing there would definitely be the Magnifier. Once located, you need to launch it and check if it is working properly.

Since it is confirmed that the Magnifier is working properly and you are good to use it, below are the commands that can help you use all the features of that Magnifier.

To zoom in inside your Chromebook, you can use or press the command Ctrl and + when the Magnifier is working. Plus, this function will increase the size of everything on your screen.

To zoom out from your Chromebook screen, you can press the Commands, including Ctrl and – so that you can get everything smaller on your screen. Make sure that the Magnifier is launched before using these commands.

Method 2: Magnifying The Chromebook Screen Manually:

For magnifying your Chromebook screen manually, you need to follow the following steps. These are given as.

  1. If you see at the bottom on the right side of your screen, you need to select the time. Or you can press the Alt + Shift + S to perform this operation.
  2. Once a new window opens, you need to select Settings, and then at the bottom, you will choose the Advanced option.
  3. There you will find the Accessibility section, where you will need to select the manage Accessibility features option.
  4. Once you have done that, you need to enable the Fullscreen Magnifier under the Display Section.

In this case, you can choose how you want to move around the Chromebook screen using this Magnifier, it includes the following options to try.

Moving Around The Screen Continuously— This feature lets you move on the screen continuously as your mouse pointer moves on and magnifies the area.

By Keeping The Mouse Centered—With this feature, only the area where your mouse will be centered will be magnified.

Moving Screen When The Mouse Is On The Edges—Whenever the mouse touches the edge of the screen, the Magnifier works.

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Final Wording:

Magnifying your Chromebook screen is not an issue when you know how to use the Magnifier for that. Because it is the only app that can easily help you learn how to magnify screen on Chromebook, and if you have learned how to magnify screen on Chromebook, by following the steps I have described above, you are the luckiest person I would ever meet.

People are still struggling and finding easy guides to learn hacks like these. But just in your case, if you want to help someone, you can also share this post with them. Moreover, if your mind has any doubts, you can clear them using the comment box.

Thanks for your valuable time and the effort you have put in here. Keep visiting for more queries. Have a nice day!

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