Acer Chromebook Screen Flickering-Let’s Fix The Issue!

Do you have an Acer Chromebook, and you are facing or often face screen flickering issues with it? The Acer Chromebook screen flickering problem is pervasive, and there is no need to panic about it. However, I know the certainty of its happening and how this spoils your mood. 

Because when something like this happens in the middle of somewhere important, you are performing or doing it on your Acer Chromebook, it will be a troublesome situation. Because you might face the possibility of data loss or any other serious issue to your essential asset.


Therefore, if this problem has made you search into google about the Acer Chromebook screen flickering problem, you are in the best place to find lots of possible things to do regarding figuring this out.

So let’s start what it takes to recover the screen flickering problem of your Acer Chromebook. 

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Why does My Acer Chromebook Screen have Flickering Issues?

Truthfully speaking, any Chromebook is not built for intensive or heavy-duty performing purposes. 


They are primarily used in school or business duties to perform daily computing workloads. 

Therefore, they cannot bear heavy loads of multitasking or rendering applications while you run them on it. 

So, it must be kept in mind that the most prominent issue that could happen with the screen flickering of your Chromebook is when you run heavy-duty programs on it. 


Its graphics don’t support that intensive software or program, and the screen starts flickering. 

Moreover, there could be several other reasons for this Acer Chromebook screen problem. 

  • I have made a little list of some common issues that could make your Acer Chromebook screen face flickering issues. Please take a look!
  • There could be a problem while running heavy-duty software.
  • A virus can cause the screen flickering to your laptop when you install any unsecured software or surf any unsecured website. 
  • There could be a problem with the hardware itself or a faulty connection wire.

These could be the possible causes behind the occurrence of this problem. Therefore, let’s figure out some feasible solutions for stopping the happening of this problem.

How To Fix Acer Chromebook Screen Flickering?

There are multiple things you can try to fix the flickering screen issue of your Acer Chromebook. So, let’s try all of these by one.

Step 1: Performing A Complete Hard Reset:

The first thing you can do to fix this issue performs a complete hard reset on your Acer Chromebook. It will clear all the bounding data and make your Chromebook work normally regarding its screen.

  • First, you need to turn your Chromebook off. Because you cannot do this thing when your laptop is turned on.
  • Now, once it is turned off, you need to press the power button plus the refresh button given at the keyboard of your laptop at the same time. Press it for at least 10 to 15 seconds. You will see that your Chromebook will automatically turn on and off.
  • Once done, you will see that your Chromebook needs to be turned on. Either it will turn on automatically, or you will need to press the power button.

It will possibly fix the issue with your Acer Chromebook screen flickering if you perform all the steps as they are described. However, if this doesn’t work out, let’s go for the next one. 

Step 2: Checking If There Is Any Hardware Problem:

The second most prominent problem that could cause the screen flickering with your Chromebook is the problem with any hardware. 

You need to see and check if there is any problem with the cable that connects your laptop screen with the motherboard. Because it might be losing a little bit or has a breakage in its way. 

Therefore, you can fix it if you want to watch any video on YouTube or search any website that perfectly describes this issue. 

Step 3: Performing The Chrome Sync:

There could be another issue that could happen with the chrome sync itself. However, when you can do such a thing, it will make you lose all the tabs, saved apps, extensions, or anything you have to do on your Chromebook.

Therefore, let’s give it a try to check if this solves the problem,

  • First of all, click on the google account on your Chromebook and log in with your Gmail account.
  • Once done, you need to go to the Setting part of your notebook.
  • After reaching there, you will have to click on the Google Dashboard.
  • You will need to scroll down a little and click on the Reset Sync option.

You are almost done.

Step 4: If The Whole Screen Is The Problem Causing Acer Screen Flickering:

If your Acer Chromebook screen repeatedly keeps experiencing the flickering issue, there could be a problem with the screen itself. 

This situation is alarming as you might have to replace the whole screen in this regard. 

Therefore, if you see this kind of issue with the Chromebook screen flickering, you can go for the exact model of your Acer Chromebook and look for the screen replacement options. 

Or, you can visit a local computer hardware store to make an expert examine your Chromebook thoroughly. 

Step 5: Uninstalling Any Heavy-Duty Software Or Application:

Sometimes the screen flickers when you have installed a heavy-duty game or software on your Chromebook. It happens because your Chromebook cannot run at maximum speed and with well or needed graphics. Therefore, the screen starts flickering.

So, you will need to uninstall that extensive game or software you have installed over it. It will likely fix the issue and make your notebook perform better than before. 

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, these could be the possible things you can apply to fix your Acer Chromebook screen flickering issue. I hope that any of these will solve your issue and make you run your notebook smoothly.

The problem might occur with different Chromebook models of your Acer models. So, you don’t need to be worried. Just take a chill pill and apply these methods to see if you can solve the problem. 

In the end, thanks for reading this post. If you have any queries to ask, you may request them in the comment section.

Have a nice day!

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