How To Make Your Chromebook Dark Mode With Keyboard? | Find Out!

Ever since the Chromebook was launched and got a new dark mode feature, it has been getting the user’s attention. And if that update has also come into your own addition or the brand new Chromebook you have, you might be looking for how to make your Chromebook dark mode with keyboard. You can follow some simple and easy steps for changing the Chromebook towards dark mode and using this amazing feature on your device.

Therefore, please make yourself comfortable and start reading with me till the end. Keep reading and stay with me because you would learn implicitly how to make your Chromebook dark mode with a keyboard. Let’s get started!


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What Is The Dark Mode On A Chromebook?

The dark mode on a Chromebook is a special feature that allows users to make the screen slightly darker than the usual color.

It can be used to prevent strain on the eyes while working on the laptop at night. Or while outside in the sun.  

It can be activated by activating the night mode under the developer settings on the Chromebook.  


This feature can also be activated similarly on a Windows 10 laptop. The dark mode will help you save battery life and lower screen brightness.

It will also help you work on the laptop for a long time without strain on the eyes.

Can You Make Your Chromebook Into Dark Mode With Keyboard?

If your query involves turning on or off the dark mode using the keyboard, you should know that you can do it properly by using some random keys.


However, there are easier ways to do that, which I will tell you later. Please keep reading till the end to find out completely.

How To Make Your Chromebook Dark Mode With Keyboard?

The dark mode is an impressive feature you can use on your Chromebook or any other laptop with this feature.

But to use it, you must know how you can turn it on and apply it to your device.

Therefore, to solve this, I have brought up some of the easiest ways to help you use the dark mode on your rig. These methods are given as follows.

Method 1: Turning On The Dark Mode Using The Keyboard:

In this method, you will be using your Chromebook keyboard to turn on the dark mode on your Chromebook. To make that changes, you can follow the steps below.

  1. First things first, launch your chrome.
  2. You will have an address bar, and you need to type the “Chrome://flags” inside the address bar and hit the enter button.
  3. After doing so, press the “Ctrl + F” and search for the dark. Once done, go to the next step.
  4. In this step, find the flap entitled Enable Force Dark and turn that option on for your Chrome operating system. It will change your menus, navigations, and buttons into dark mode.
  5. You can also do the same for “Enabling-WebUI-dark mode,” You can turn it on for the chrome browser as this one will also work in the dark mode.
  6. Once you have made the settings, close the tab.

It is done, and you are good to use your Chromebook in the dark mode without any problem. It will be less energy consumer, smoother and safer for the eyes, and provide you with the peace you are looking for whenever computing continuously on your device.

Method 2: Using A Dark Theme For The Dark Mode:

If you don’t be able to turn on the dark mode on your device in some cases, there is a simple solution you can try.

You can use a dark theme or profile to experience the ready-made darkness inside your chrome device.

You should know that chrome offers a couple of pre-built themes for chrome. And all the rest OS if you are using the Chromebook.

You can choose any dark theme and then apply it to enjoy the dark mode on that laptop of yours. Here are some of the most common dark themes you can find on the Chromebook.

  • Morpheon Dark
  • Black Black Chrome Theme Dark Blue Highlight
  • Material Simple Dark Gray
  • Material Dark
  • Dark Theme for Google Chrome
  • Material Incognito Dark Theme

You can use any of these themes to apply on your google chrome and enable the dark mode on it. All of these come with a different preview but are always in the dark.

Method 3: Using The Chrome Extension For Applying Dark Mode:

Another easy thing you can try for enabling the dark mode on your screen is the usage of any dark theme.

With this, the chrome would work just fine, and you will probably be using the dark mode on it. An extension is usually a link you can install on your chrome. And have it for applying effects on your device.

For this, there are a couple of excellent chrome extensions available that provide you with the feature of the dark mode you need for working on your device. Some of the most commonly applied and used are given as follows.

  • The Dark Reader.
  • Dark Theme for any website.
  • Super Dark Mode and others etc.

So, if you will apply any of these on the Chromebook you have, you would have a black display screen for all the apps, google chrome. And more without getting yourself involved in complicated setting protocols.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, it’s good to see you at this end of the post, as I am aware that you have learned how to make your Chromebook dark mode with a keyboard. There are no difficult steps you need to follow and hard procedures to carry out.

It is just a game of a couple of settings, and you are done. However, if you still don’t be able to figure out how you can enable the dark mode on the Chromebook you have, you should let me know your problems.

With this, it’s gratitude that you have spent your time reading this post. Thanks for reading, and keep visiting. Have a nice day!

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