How to iView Maximus Laptop Reset?-(SOLVED)

Whether you want to sell your Iview Maximus laptop or running slowly, you are looking at how to Iview Maximus laptop reset.

Because you don’t want to leave all your personal data in the laptop before selling or trashing the iView laptop, your sensitive information can be used by anyone.


So when you reset your IView Maximus laptop, it doesn’t only restore your personal information.

It also refreshes the system and apps which you installed previously on the iView Maximus laptop.

Then it is necessary to make sure that you have backed-up all your data before resetting your iView Maximus laptop.


Otherwise, you won’t be able to regain this data after resetting your iView Maximus laptop.

Here In this post, I will explain how to iView Maximus laptop reset by following the instructions below step by step.

How to Iview Maximus laptop reset ?

Video Guide


Follow theses instructions to reset iView maximus laptop step by step

1.Setting:- Open the start menu and click on settings on the lower left side of the iView Maximus laptop, you can also open the settings app by typing settings in the search bar on the left.

open settings to reset iview laptop

2.Update and security:- In the settings section, you would find on the bottom update & security and click on it

how to reset iview maximus laptop

 3.Recovery:- After this, you will find Recovery on the iView Maximus laptop’s left side,click on it.

recovery option for laptop reset

4.Three Different options:- When you click on it, you will find three different options in front of this.

different options for iview maximus laprto reset

5.Pick Reset this PC:- You can choose the Reset this PC option and click on Get started.

get started to reset iview laptop

6.Choose an Option:- Click either “Keep my files” or “Remove everything, It depends on whether you want to keep your file or remove everything.

keep or remove files for iview maximus laptop

7.Additional settings:- After choosing one option, either keep my file or remove everything then you will find additional settings, and you can change settings as you require or click on Next.

additional settings for iview laptop reset

8.Click on one option:- If you have selected Remove Everything in the early step, then new options will pop up, and you can choose Just remove my files or Remove files and clean the drive.

But be aware that Remove files and clean the drive option would take a longer time to reset your iView Maximus laptop.

remove or clean maximus laptop reset


 9.Warning and Next:- Now, You will see a warning sign, and it will tell you that you can’t go back to the previous windows version if you have upgraded your Iview Maximus windows. Click on next if you are fine with the warning that you won’t go on the previous version.

warning sign for iview maximus laptop reset
10 Reset your PC:- After that, you will see in the box the Reset option and click on it, and it will take a few minutes to restart your laptop. You can find the same files on the iView Maximus laptop now, which you have selected in the steps.
reset this pc iview maximus


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What should you do before resetting your Iview Maximus laptop?

  1. Disconnect all External devices such as USB or HDMI cables.
  2. Back up all your data from Hard Drive 
  3. Make a list of installed software
  4. Save your all personal files like photos and documents
  5. Check it before resetting Iview Maximus laptop that you have original software CDs
  6. Save all different browser’s settings
  7. keep all serial key details in a safe place
  8. Check whether you have the original Operating System’s copy
  9. Back up your mailing list if you have any in the Iview Maximus laptop
  10. Read the manufacturer’s manual which methods they recommended 

How to reset password on iView laptop if forgotten?

Video Tutorial how to reset password on iview laptop

Follow steps to reset iView laptop password

  1. Move your cursor on the lower right corner, and you will see three options;-Restart, Shut Down and Sleep
  2. Press and hold the Shift key, press the restart button, and sometime it takes bit time to reset.
  3. After loading, A menu will show up on the screen and press the option;- Troubleshoot
  4. Next press on Reset This PC
  5. After this, click on Remove Everything, and it can take up to 10 minutes to restart
  6. Now, two options will pop up on the screen and click on Just Remove My Files
  7. And Next, press on Reset and make sure the laptop should be plugged in properly.
  8. Now, leave the laptop for a while, sometimes it takes around one hour to reboot, and it will come back with the welcome screen.
  9. Finally, you can reset your password on your iView laptop, Read here for more details.


You can share your views about this post by leaving a comment below. If you have any other idea about how to iview maximus laptop reset, you can share it with me. I will include those points in the next post.

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