How To Install Nvidia Drivers On Intel Graphics Card | Guide In 2022

Do you have an Intel Graphics card installed on your laptop, and consider upgrading it with the Nvidia drivers? If you install those drivers on your laptop, you might be looking for how to install Nvidia drivers on an Intel graphics card.

However, several questions could come to your mind regarding updating things like these on your laptop. You could not be the guy who is a master in this field. Therefore, you should have your mind clear if you are going to perform this kind of hack.


In this case, if you have opened this page. And started reading, I would advise you to keep reading until the end. Because you will learn how to install NVIDIA drivers on an Intel graphics card when you are at the end of this post.

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Can You Really Install Nvidia Drivers On Intel Graphics Card?

The answer is straightforward, and it is a big “No.” To explain this, let’s take a real-life example. It is like you cannot fix or install a horse at the place where a car needs an engine to work. Right? The same thing is happening here.

You are considering doing something that doesn’t even exist, and even if it does, it comes with knowledge, price, and time.


Therefore, when you have the Intel Graphics Processor working inside your laptop, you cannot install NVIDIA drivers on it. There is no need to do this.

Because it will never work out, and you will never be able to get the performance you think you can if you just install the drivers only for a dedicated GPU.

So, it is better not to try if somebody has prompted you already.


What Do You Need To Install Nvidia Graphics Drivers On An Intel Graphics Driver Laptop?

Now, suppose I have done this answer in No. In that case, you might think, what could be the alternative thing or process to do that could lead you towards installing the NVIDIA drivers? Yes, you should think that because it will reveal the truth.

The fact is if you want to make sure or make the NVIDIA graphics drivers work on your PC, even if it has Intel graphics, you should ensure that your laptop or computer has the second GPU.

This second GPU is mostly known as a dedicated GPU. It can work with your machine by fixing it on the inner side as well as the outer side in a portable way.

Therefore, if you want to install the NVIDIA Graphics Driver, your laptop must have the NVIDIA GPU working inside it at full speed and power. Only this will make it happen and possible.

How Can You Install NVIDIA Drivers On Intel Graphics Driver?

If you really wanna install the NVIDIA Drivers on your Intel graphics processor, here are some simple steps you need to follow. I hope that this will sort your problem out.

You will have to have a laptop that should be coming with a second GPU named as Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

Or even if it is not coming, it must be the one compatible to adjust an additional GPU inside it. It must have a dedicated room, the cooling, compatible chipset for the motherboard. And everything you need to install a new GPU.

Moreover, the laptop must be the one that doesn’t heat up usually even while working normally.

When you confirm all these things inside a laptop, only after this you can consider installing. Or upgrading the Drivers for NVIDIA GPU after this. Otherwise, forget it.

Now, suppose your laptop has got Two GPUs. The one is Intel Graphics, and the other is NVIDIA GeForce Dedicated GPU with some specific RAM size.

You can install the Graphics Drivers by clicking the blue text, as it will lead you to the post containing the drivers you need.

So, it would be easier in this way. And this is the only way it will be possible. The rest is history.

What Type Of Drivers Do I Need In Particular Situations?

What do I mean by particular situations? When we take a look at laptops, there come two varieties, and you will find them in the market these days. One of them comes with an integrated graphics card, and the second one comes with dedicated graphics.

You should know that a laptop with a dedicated GPU can perform all those duties easily that a laptop with an integrated GPU can do.

But a laptop with an integrated GPU cannot perform all those duties that come under the supremacy of a dedicated GPU.

Therefore, you will have to differentiate between these two. You need to have the right software, right drivers, and updates for the particular type of GPU. It doesn’t matter. Even if you have an Intel GPU, it will still need drivers to work on. And you can install them online.

On the other hand, you can also have drivers for NVIDIA dedicated GPU. But you will have to make sure that your laptop has such a GPU inside it.

Otherwise, you are only wasting your time which is more valuable than anything else.

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Wrapping It Up:

Finally, you got your answer as it is negative that you cannot install the NVIDIA GeForce Drivers on the Intel Graphics card. Moreover, you have also learned how to install NVIDIA Drivers on Intel Graphics card in some particular situations. And I hope that now you have the complete information on this question.

So, do not trouble yourself with doing something that is not appropriate and possible. I wish you luck and prosperity. Just keep visiting, keep learning and continue spreading love. Have a lovely day!

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