Hp Laptop Not Starting Windows 10 | How Do You Fix It?

Do you have a windows ten operating system running on your HP laptop, and your laptop is not starting up? Well, you do have an HP laptop not starting windows 10 problem and if you are really facing it, let me share this guide where I will let you know the several causes of this problem. And you will also have the relative solutions to figure that problem out.

There is nothing troublesome that cannot be figured out until the issue stays with the internal software.


But if it is with your laptop’s hardware, it could be a time you should start thinking about something serious.

So, give yourself a little time and keep pace with me till the end of this post. You will find how you can fix the hp laptop not start the windows 10 problem if you go with me and keep reading this.

Let’s get started!


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Why Is Your HP Laptop Not Starting?

Indeed Windows 10 is the latest operating system that could be found in many laptops, and it doesn’t matter if you have one from HP, Dell, or any other. It works just fine and provides faster working for daily and casual computing.

However, even the normal working operating system on a laptop like HP could have a problem that could make your laptop face a startup problem.

Therefore, if you don’t be able to figure out the problem, you won’t be able to fix it with a unique solution. So, you must stay and find out what is here for you.


Problems With HP Laptop Not Starting On Windows 10:

Enlisting these, I have researched and configured some of the most common and very known issues that usually happen with your system.

So, you must be good at talking about these and finding their solution as well. These problems with their solution are given as follows:

  • There could be some missing and outdated drivers.
  • Your windows might need an update, or some other applications might not be working as well.
  • Any virus might be disturbing your system.
  • Or there could be any other hardware as well as software issue with your laptop.

But no matter what, you can always figure these out with some highly suggested methods.

Solution 1: Try Removing The Devices And Printers:

If your HP laptop doesn’t start up on windows 10, you can imagine that the devices connected with it might be interfering with its boot-up procedure.

So, the best thing you can do is figure out this problem by doing anything whatever your capacity.

But don’t worry, these things happen in series, as I am going to tell you below.

Remove all types of printers, discs, USB devices, card reader slots, displays, and whatever is connected with your laptop. Once you have disconnected all of these, you need to turn your computer again.

See if your HP laptop starts up; you need to connect all the devices one by one to figure out which one is causing you the problem.

If you find out the device, you have done the troubleshooting. However, if not, you can go for the following process.

Solution 2: What About Performing A Hard Reset?

Sometimes, there could be zero response between your laptop BIOS and Its Applications that could make your computer not startup normally.

Yes, that’s happening, and this got a solution of performing a Hard Reset. The following steps can do this.

  • First of all, turn your computer off.
  • Plug out the power cord and press the Power Button of your laptop for almost 15 seconds. You will see that your HP laptop will turn on and off several times during this workout.
  • This will drain all the power from the capacitors disconnecting the relationship between BIOS and Applications.
  • Also, don’t forget to remove any peripheral devices during this process. Now, again plug in the power cord and turn on your laptop.

See if this fixes the problem with your HP laptop not starting up trial on windows 10. However, if not, go for the following procedure.

Solution 3: Take Help From HP Support Assistant:

If you face a problem with the startup on your HP laptop several times, you can imagine that there could be a problem of some missing drivers or outdated app updates.

Also, there could be a problem with the hardware of your laptop.

So, there is no need to be worried about anything because you can figure this out with just one tool. Download and Install the HP Support Assistant App and run a Hardware Diagnostic Test with it.

When the software scans your laptop, it will provide you with a detailed summary of everything happening on your device.

Like, you must be sure which drivers you should upgrade and what type of hardware problems you should be concerned about.

Usually, the updates can be done in the same software. However, if not, and the problem remains the same, you can visit the Hp Customer Support page to discuss more things to do with your laptop.

You can try these whenever you need to configure a startup problem with your HP laptop on windows 10.

But still, if nothing works out, you can go to a nearby computer repairing center and check your laptop out. They will fix this problem with the HP startup problem on your Windows 10.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have made up to this end, you probably have figured out the problem with the Hp laptop not starting windows ten, and I can make sure that it will be running just fine. However, you can always go for the second option if nothing works out.

Plus, you can also use the comment box and reach out to let me know your queries. I will make sure to figure all of them out.

Hence, this was all for today. If you want to read more about laptops, keep visiting for more latest updates. Be happy, be blessed, and take care of yourself.

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