How To Capture Google Chrome On OBS?-Let’s Capture Google Chrome

If you are looking for an easy procedure that can teach you how to capture google chrome on OBS, you don’t need to search more. Because you have landed on the right place to find a perfect alternative of your today’s most desired need for capturing the Chrome on OBS. I will describe it to you through an easy procedure. It will not take much longer. Because the process is very easy and doesn’t require much effort to get things done.

So, take it easy, and make yourself a little more comfortable than you are right now. And we will end up figuring this out in an effortless way.


Let’s start capturing the Google Chrome On OBS by learning how to capture google chrome on Obs.

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What Is OBS For Google Chrome?

Before you dive into the information regarding capturing the OBS on google chrome, you should have a little detailed idea about what an OBS is and how does it work?

In this case, defining OBS stands for open broadcasting software. It can be used for multiple purposes on your google chrome with the help of an extension and an application for completing several things.


So, basically, OBS is an application that allows you to record your screen and broadcast for streaming. OBS lets you easily stream to sites like Twitch Justin. Tv, Upstream, and more. You can even set up a recorder to record your gameplay or other desktop activity.

Therefore, using this, you can do unlimited streaming online and create your favorite video as well as other content quickly.

There are no problems despite the fact that there is still some software available out there for accomplishing this task.


Why do You need To Capture Google Chrome On OBS?

Now, here comes another question regarding using the OBS on your chrome. Because if you are doing such deep research for a particular software, you should know the most prominent purpose of having it.

And for having the OBS, I know that your keen desires are to do something extraordinary and achieve a little more than you are right now.

We all know that the primary function of Google chrome is to let you share your browsing experience with friends on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

You can use Google Chrome to share links, pictures, videos, or status updates of your browsing experience with friends and followers worldwide.

You can capture a full screen of your Google Chrome web browser on Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). And publish it on popular social networks like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, which can help you promote your content.

In this way, you can use this software to earn money, make yourself prominent, and have a little killer profile of a famous artist worldwide.

Therefore, you can use it for your multipurpose streaming and other content creation desires.

How To Capture Google Chrome On OBS?

Now, let’s come to the main and the essential part of this article, where you will learn exactly how to capture google chrome on OBS. It is simple and easier than you might have imagined. So, nothing can stop you from capturing google chrome on your OBS.

Here are some simple steps you need to follow in this regard.

Step 1: Download And Install The OBS On Your Google Chrome:

First things first, go for downloading and installing OBS on your device. Only after doing this would you be able to perform what you are desirous of performing. You can refer to the Open Broadcast Software installation process if you want to install it on your PC.

It is a straightforward procedure and doesn’t require you much effort. Just find your relative operating system and go for what you want to do as the software instructs you to install it.

Step 2: Opening The OBS Software:

After installing this streaming software on your device, go for opening it. You will have its interface for doing things you want to do. It is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take much longer for the motives you wanted to achieve with it.

Step 3: Add A New Screen:

Now, install a new scene by clicking on the ‘ + ‘ sign given there. It will open a new creation window for you to capture the Google Chrome of your PC.

Step 4: Open The Google Chrome:

In this step, finally, open your google chrome browser and have the interface of the Chrome Browser you have on your device.

Step 5: Go For Capturing The Window:

When you have the OBS stream software, you need to click on the + sign and select the current window as a capture. Once you do that, you can easily capture Google Chrome using the OBS on your system.

It will let you select the Google Chrome of your PC as a window you can see.

This way, you would be able to work on your OBS and capture any window you would like to capture on chrome or any other software you are currently using. Now, click ok, and you will find your Google Chrome running on the OBS. Congratulations because you have made it a success, and it’s the best thing you might have ever done.

Moreover, I hope this has solved your query regarding how you capture google chrome on OBS?

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful in finding the answer about how to capture google chrome on OBS? And if you do so, I am happy that I could help you in this regard. However, if you still have queries to ask, you can use the comment box to make them reach me. It’s easier to tell your problems into the comment box, and nobody would stop you from doing so.

But if there is nothing to say or talk about and you really liked the information, don’t forget to share it with those who need it.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day to you!

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