The 5 Best Laptops for Counselors-(Reviewed in 2022)

Are you looking for the best Laptop for counselors and want to know that how can you find the best laptop for counseling job?  Then finally, your search will end here, and you can find and choose the best Laptop for you if you are working as a counselor.

As we know, technology is rapidly evolving in today’s world, and Laptop is becoming increasingly relevant these days, particularly as compared to their desktop counterparts. 


A laptop is much more compact than conventional desktop computers, allowing you to take it with you everywhere you go for your counselor job, online counseling courses, or any counseling diploma or degree. 

As a result, Laptop is now essential in our everyday lives, and it plays a vital role in counseling courses and counseling students. 

In this article, I have done in-depth research and reviewed the top 5 best laptops for counselors, so this guide will help you find the best Laptop for yourself as a counselor or for online counseling courses and studies.


Top of The Best Laptops for Counselors-At a Glance:

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How can you find the best Laptop for you if you are a counselor?

It isn’t always a straightforward question with a short answer. No matter the price category, there are just too many different laptops to pick for you. There is not a single laptop that will suit everyone.

All desire something exclusive. Some people are more concerned with specifications, on the other hand, some are more concerned with screens. You may think more about having a laptop that looks nice than having one that can run graphically taxing games

As a counselor, you may have other considerations in mind too. As a result, when people ask which is the best laptop for counselors, there is no simple response for them.


Working remotely as a counselor or studying online counseling courses can be an excellent way to improve engagement and performance in the virtual place, especially when you are working remotely.

But this is possible only when the right tools are available. For any remote counselor, a high-quality laptop is a must-have. A laptop can be the best laptop for counselors only when it allows you to walk around the house anytime you want and even take your job with you when you travel.

Your preferences would influence your buying choices. You might like your new Laptop to have good video conference quality for conducting remote counseling sessions or a good battery backup to support your busy days.

However, some basic requirements will be required to tag a laptop as the best laptop for counselors. These include:-

–          Processor, to provide smooth functioning throughout your days of work

–          Webcam to facilitate quality remote counseling sessions 

–          Memory & Storage, to ensure your Laptop does not slow down over time 

–          Display to aid in video conferences 

–          Ports to provide you with multiple functionalities

–          Usability, for the comfort of operation

Remember that a laptop doesn’t have to be expensive to be useful for work. It just needs to have everything you need to get the job done, from mailing to video conferencing.

Top 5 Best Laptops for Counselors reviewed in 2022

Microsoft Surface Pro 7:-(Best Laptop for counselors)

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Next-generation laptop with studio and tablet functionality, allowing you to type, click, sketch, compose, perform, and play more naturally. 

It comes with a laptop-class Intel core processor and upgraded graphics. It has enhanced the communication capacity of the Laptop by providing both USB A and C ports. 

Surface Pro 7 is a lightweight laptop with the lightest variant being just 1.70 pounds and has a unique build that won’t weigh you down. 

Up to 10.5 hours of continuous battery life, as well as the ability to go from empty to full in just over an hour, makes it the best laptop for working remotely or telehealth.

Key Specifications

  • Display:- 12.3-inches Touchscreen
  • Memory:- 4GB
  • Storage:- 128GB
  • Processor:- Intel core i3
  • Battery:- Up to 10.5 hours
  • Weight:-  1.7 pounds
Upgraded ProcessorNo Thunderbolt 3
180 Degree rotation 

Google Pixelbook Go:-(Best laptop for a counselor)

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The Pixelbook Go is a lightweight laptop with a backlit keyboard, ultra-quiet buttons, and a large touchpad that only requires a soft touch to use. 

It comes with an HD touchscreen display and dual stereo speakers, and a 1080p webcam, which will assist you with video chat sessions, making it the best Laptop for teleradiology

You don’t need to take a charger with you while using Pixelbook Go and never have to worry about the battery life, which can last up to 12 hours. 

When you need to charge, you need 2 hours of battery life in just 20 minutes. 

The Chromebook notebook comes with 2.38 pounds weight and a grip feature that makes it easy to handle.

Chrome OS upgrades automatically to send you the new functionality and protections.

Key Specifications

  • Display:- 13.3-inches
  • Memory:- 8GB-16GB
  • Storage:- 64GB-256GB
  • Processor:- Intel core 
  • Battery:- Up to 12 hours
  • Weight:-  2.38 pounds
LightweightAverage Display
Excellent Battery Life 
Impressive Keyboard 

MacBook Air Laptop:- (Best Laptop for Counseling Courses)

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The Apple MacBook Air is a macOS laptop with a 13.3-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. 

It is equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor and 8GB of RAM, serving as the best Laptop for telehealth and counselors.

The SSD storage capacity of the Apple MacBook Air is 256GB. 

MacBook Air also packs Bluetooth, headphones, and Mic Combo Jack ports.

Key Specifications

  • Display:- 13.3-inches 
  • Memory:- 8GB
  • Storage:- 256GB
  • Operating System:- Mac OS
  • Battery:- Up to 15 hours
  • Weight:-  2.8 pounds
Superfast storageBit expensive
Long Battery LifeAverage Webcam
New design keyboard 

Acer Swift 3:- (Best Laptop for Virtual Counseling)

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The Swift 3 notebook is ideal for those on the move, with its sleek aluminium, high screen-to-body ratio, and long-lasting battery. 

This ultra-light notebook weighs just 2.6 pounds. As a counselor, you can work for hours using the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Processor and a long-lasting battery. 

Acer Swift 3 provides a 14″ Full HD IPS display, a sleek silver chassis, and eye-popping graphics, making this Laptop unique and suitable as the best Laptop for counselors.

Key Specifications

  • Display:- 14-inches FHD Backlit Display
  • Memory:- 8GB
  • Storage:- 512GB
  • Processor:- AMD Ryzen 7
  • Battery:- Up to 11.5 hours
  • Weight:-  2.6 pounds
Fingerprint readerAverage Graphics
Backlit keyboardAverage battery 
Fast Processor 

HP Chromebook 14:- (Best Laptop for Online Counseling)

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Using HP Chromebook 14, you can run the millions of Android apps you love on your phone and tablet. You can do this without sacrificing speed, convenience, or security.

For switching from room to room or on the path, the backlit keyboard and multi-touch touchpad that supports four finger movements are set in a sleek style, making it the best Laptop for counselors.

With a long battery life of up to 13 hours, you can carry this Laptop with you without taking a charging cable for a full day.

The Chromebook 14 has a USB Type-C port, a USB 3.0 port, and a lock slot on the left side.

 A microSD card slot, a headset jack, and another pair of USB 3.0 and USB Type-C ports are located on the right side.

Key Specifications

  • Display:- 14-inches HD Touchscreen
  • Memory:- 4GB
  • Storage:- 32GB eMMC
  • Processor:- intel celeron
  • Battery:- Up to 13 hours
  • Weight:-  3.24 pounds
Affordable PriceMemory not upgradeable
Great Battery LifeDim Display than others
Attractive Keyboard 

What 10 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Laptop?

Bottom Line

Laptops are incredibly relevant in today’s world. It makes no difference how involved or tech-savvy you are. You need a computer, especially if you are a counselor and attending virtual calls for consultations. You’ll quickly discover that you’re missing out on many potential clients if you don’t have one.

I have explained detailed information about the best laptops for counselors. Based on the information provided above, you can decide to buy the best Laptop for a counseling job.

I am confident that laptops can continue to play an essential role in our lives for many years to come, even as smartphones are becoming more capable of doing many of the tasks that laptops do.

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