Can You Upgrade A Laptop Graphics Card? | Things To know!

If there is something like can you upgrade a laptop graphics card that is bothering you today, and you have not got any solid information on this query, then you are at the right place to find all about it. People usually consider upgrading different components of their PC, laptops, and gaming rigs. The same is gonna happen in your case if you are too curious as to whether you can go for that or not.

So, basically, it all depends on the type of laptop you have, its model, whether it allows you for the upgrade or not.


Therefore, whatever the reason it is, if you keep reading with me till the end, we will find a solid solution to your problem. There is nothing that could be troublesome and hard to understand.

Thus, let’s get this conversation on can you upgrade a laptop graphics card started!

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Why Do You Need To Upgrade The Graphics Card Of Your Laptop?

Before you go doing something like this, you can have an idea and list what things you want to achieve with the new upgrade on your current PC. It’s probably the best idea or the worst. But who knows where this might go?


However, whenever upgrading your laptop’s graphics card, the possible things you want to do on your next upgrade could be as follows.

It includes playing some latest games on faster FPS. Besides that, there could also be a desire to run some latest graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, Filmora, and others.

Moreover, just by chance, your heart desired it, and you could go for upgrading your laptop’s graphics card. But, just hold on and wait for a little.


Because things are not as more manageable as you might be considering while upgrading the laptop you have. So, let’s proceed further and find the query you would be looking for.

Is It Possible That You Can Upgrade A Laptop’s, Graphics Card?

To understand your query, you must know whether it is possible to go for something like this or not.

Because when you really want to know the details of upgrading the graphics card on your current laptop, it could be either an option in yes or an option in no.

So, the thing is, whenever you go for upgrading your laptop regarding its graphics card, you should narrow down what type of laptop you currently have.

Because, in most of the cases, say 80 percent cases, it is hard for someone to upgrade the graphics card of a laptop. The reason is there are several factors that you need to consider while making an upgrade like this.

And believe me, it’s not that hard to know things like that because you might already have an idea if you have made yourself a way up to here.

What To Know While Upgrading The Graphics Card Of Your Laptop?

Now, let’s come to this point and let you know the most specific things you should always consider while going for your laptop’s graphics card up-gradation.

It is easy to understand and pretty straightforward without any complications. Well, likely, here are the things I have collected for you.

Laptop Support For The GPU:

First, make sure that your laptop supports a new graphics card. If not, you don’t need to go for that.

In this case, you must be talking about a gaming laptop. Not any ordinary laptop with some ordinary graphics because that will never be possible at all.

Type Of Graphics Card:

The next thing you need to ensure is whether your laptop has a dedicated graphics card or an integrated one?

Because both make a huge difference, and it’s not that easy to go for an up-gradation when working on a laptop with integrated graphics.

The Case Size:

The laptop’s case is also considerable, Like what if you are throwing a graphics card inside the laptop that is not of its size and easily fitting inside the body? Of course, nobody does that. Therefore, the body which will equip the laptop matters a lot.

Motherboard And Other Components Compatibility:

Except for all of this, consider the motherboard compatibility and Processor compatibility and choose the right chipset for making an up-gradation.

Otherwise, you will end up having a piece of tin that will be worth nothing but warm and heat-up issues. Therefore, it’s important to look before you actually leap.

What Types Of Graphics Cards Are There In Your Laptop?

There are basically two types of GPUs that come with laptops, as usually when you consider a laptop for typical working desires like documentation, cinema, and others.

You eventually end up having a laptop with integrated graphics. The thing with laptops having integrated graphics is that these cards cannot be replaced, upgraded, or changed.

On the other hand, you will find laptops with dedicated graphics, and these graphics cards are worth the price of a user.

Like, you mostly have them in the laptops you buy for extreme duty working needs. It includes gaming, graphics works, or any kind of development.

In this case, the laptop’s graphics card can be upgraded. But again, you cannot go beyond certain limits that might be a red sign for you that you cannot upgrade the GPU of your laptop.

Can I Change Dedicated Graphics Card In My Laptop?

Yes, if your laptop has dedicated graphics, you can go for changing it. However, the conditions would remain the same, like the motherboard compatibility and all that.

Therefore, consider visiting a nearby computer shop and let your mind know whether it is possible to upgrade the GPU of your current laptop or not.

You will have all the information at that place. Either you can go looking for online the details of the model of your laptop.

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Final Thoughts:

I hope you have got the answer to your query regarding can you upgrade a laptop graphics card? And I do hope that I have answered it very nicely. But if you have doubts or questions to ask. Plus, please do let me know any kind of information to add through the comment box. I will try my best to give you the exact response you would be looking for.

In the end, please keep visiting for more latest updates and do share the information with others if you have really liked it. Thanks for reading. Keep reading and have a nice day!

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