Chromebook Copy And Paste Not Working-How To Fix It?

Do you have a Chromebook, and its copy-paste function is not working? Then you might be looking for how to fix the Chromebook copy and paste not working issue through some simple steps. This feature in every laptop, not just the Chromebook, is fascinating and handy but solves many problems regarding transferring some text, picture, or data from one place to another. 

But even the most delicate working machine can go down sometimes, and that’s the reason we are here. Because you might be facing this issue with your Chromebook. 


Therefore, let’s not waste time anymore and start reading this content. And if you will stay with me till the end, you will be able to figure out this problem for good. 

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How Do You Fix Copy And Paste Function On A Chromebook?

You certainly know the importance of the copy-paste function on your Chromebook. But it doesn’t mean that it will always work fine. Because you might experience an issue with it sometimes. 

However, I have gathered several ways to fix this problem if you face it. You can try all of these to fix the copy-pasting not working issue in your Chromebook. 


What If The Copy And Paste Function Is Blocked On A Particular Website Using Chrome?

If the copy-paste feature is not working on your Chromebook, it might be blocked. It means you might be on a webpage that has blocked text selection by using a particular type of Script for blocking it. However, you shouldn’t worry because there are several ways you can fix this problem. 

Please Note: If you apply the following steps, you must make sure that you are not trying to copy a text from any DMCA website protected by google!

Method 1: Copying Data From Source Code: 

The question that arises here is how to enable copy-paste in the website, and you must learn it with this step. I mean to say, if any website has restricted you from copying its text, you can copy it from the source code you will open. 


Therefore, you will need to open the exact page you wanted to copy data from and then press Ctrl + U. You will have the Source Code open. 

It will open in a new webpage where you will have the text information on a particular website. In this way, you would be able to copy the data you are interested in copying. 

Method 2: Disabling The JavaScript: 

Another way for allowing the copy-paste function on your Chromebook can be done by disabling the javascript function. 

For disabling it, click on the Chrome menu and then go for the setting option. You will find the Privacy and Security option there, and then you need to select the Site Settings option. You will need to choose the JavaScript function to toggle off this option for good.

It will allow you to copy text from a website that does not allow you to copy it because it will render that script that blocks your text selection from the website. 

Method 3: Installing A Good Copy Pasting Extension:

You can also be a thief if you go for this option. Many chrome extensions are available that let you copy the selected text from a particular website, no longer allowing you. You can have it by installing any Copy Paste Extension. 

For this, I would recommend you use the Absolute Enable Right Click And Copy Google Chrome extension. It is famous and works so well in providing you with an easy solution for copying the restricted text. 

Method 4: Printing The Webpage:

What a handy solution would it be if you get rid of the problem from its root? Yes, that’s fine because you can solve this issue by copying a website page that restricts you. And how are you gonna do so? Well, precisely by downloading the full print. 

For this, you need to press the Ctrl + P command on a particular webpage you are selecting. 

Once clicked, you are good to go for having a PDF format of that whole page, and this will let you copy your text quickly through this PDF file. 

Method 5: Activating The Commands Or Resetting Your Chromebook To Its Default Settings. 

You know that you often use specific commands for copying and pasting text, documents, files, pictures, and other stuff from one place or folder to another on your laptop.

These commands would work in the following way.

  • For copying text you have selected to the Clipboard, you should Press Ctrl + C: For pasting the text you have copied on your clipboard to the place you have chosen, you should press Ctrl + V. 
  • You can use the Shift + Ctrl + V command to paste the text as plain text.
  • You can use the Ctrl + X command to cut anything and paste it to another place.

However, if these commands are not in use, you can launch them by clicking the Ctrl + Alt + / command on your Chromebook. 

But If nothing works out, you can learn how to reset Chrome to its default settings and make your machine work well under any circumstances. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Do You Copy And Paste On A Chromebook Without A Mouse?

If the mouse is not working, or you don’t have any, you can use the Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V commands to copy and paste text using your Chromebook Keyboard. 

How To Enable Copy And Paste In Google Chrome?

You can use the above-described methods for enabling copy-paste options in Google Chrome. These are well recommended when you aren’t able to copy text from a certain webpage. 

Why Did My Copy And Paste Stop Working?

It might be a problem with your laptop’s settings. Therefore, you need to go to the settings and make the necessary changes to make them work again. 

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have made your way to this end, you have figured out the problem of fixing Chromebook copy and paste not working issue. It is pretty easy and quick to do because you need to follow no hard and fast rules. Just follow some necessary steps, and you are good to go.

However, if you have more queries to ask or information to add, you can use the comment box to make this happen. 

In the end, thanks for reading. Have a lovely day! 

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