How To Remove Forced Enrollment On Chromebook?-(Easy Guide)

Are you looking for an easy guide to teach you how to remove forced enrollment on Chromebook and haven’t got any? Well, panic not because you have reached the best place to find it.

Today, I will teach you how you can remove the enrollment forced on your Chromebook so that you can make an easy way for accessing different accounts and finally remove them. A Chromebook is usually a device that more than one person can use. You can do so by entering or removing enrollment on it.


Therefore, please make yourself comfortable and start reading with me. Because you are gonna cover all of this here. No more wasting of time, and let’s get started!

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What Is Enrollment On Chromebook?

Before you remove the forced enrollment on your Chromebook, you should check what the enrollment actually is? 

So, basically, enrollment or force enrollment is activating or logging into chrome devices for the first time via a google account. Users can also enroll their devices in the Chrome management console. 


From now on, it will automatically sign in every time the device starts up. Logging in is also a part of enrollment. A machine can be enrolled in only one domain at a time, but users can sign out of their account on the device and enroll it in another domain. 

How Do You Officially Remove Forced Enrollment On Chromebook?

Now, let me tell you how you are actually gonna remove the enrollment on the Chromebook you have. Things are pretty simple and easy to carry, and therefore, I am here to guide you. Just follow the simple steps given below. 

First of all, you need to sign in to the Google Admin Console you have on your device. In this, you must use your administrator account to log into this. Not your personal account you have. 


Once you sign in, you can access the Admin console home page without any problems. And from here, you need to go to the devices and then click on home. 

In the next step, click on Settings> Device. 

You will see a top organization unit that you need to select. Your settings must apply to all the devices you have connected with your Chromebook. However, you can select a child organizational unit and keep the settings there to apply a single unit. 

Now, you will go to the Enrollment and access. 

Here, you need to configure the Forced Re-enrollment setting. Here you can do the following three steps easily. 

Force The Device To Automatically Re-Enroll After Wiping: 

This step would allow all the devices to automatically re-enroll in your account. For that, they won’t even have to enter their username and password. 

Force The Devices To Re-Enroll With User Credentials After Wiping:

This step would allow the users to manually re-enroll into your account and password. 

Forced Enrollment Is Removed:

In this step, when you wipe out the device, you cannot let it re-enroll. 

Therefore, any user won’t need to re-enroll into the account and use the device without logging or enrolling into your account. 

You need to click on Save and save this setting in the final step. It is how you remove the forced enrollment from your Chromebook without facing any hard steps or procedures. 

Removing The Forced Enrollment By Using Developer Mode:

Here is another way to remove the forced enrollment on your Chromebook, and that’s easy for sure. You can follow the below steps to get your work done. 

First of all, press the Esc + Refresh + Power. Make sure you quickly find the refresh button, the 4th key on your Chromebook keyboard. It will be a swirly arrow represented on a button. 

Once pressed, you need to press Ctrl + D. After that, you can press Space or the spacebar. But on some Chromebooks, the option you could try is the Enter Button. 

When you make these changes, it will provide you with the developer mode on your Chromebook. 

However, you need to make sure that you don’t turn off your Chromebook all by yourself. Because it will restart and start again, providing you the developer mode. 

Through this, you would be able to enter out of the domain. 

It all means you won’t be logged into the domain of the administration. Therefore, you will be able to access your Chromebook after removing the enrollment. 

Some Important Considerations To Remember: 

While removing or enrolling the enrollment on your Chromebook, you must keep these steps in your mind. 

  1. First, you shouldn’t force the devices to re-enroll if your devices are put into developer mode. But instead of doing this, you can put them into a different organizational unit and remove the forced enrollment entirely for that particular organizational unit. 
  2. Moreover, if your account is not managing any device anymore, you can go for the deprovision of the device.

In this way, when you remove the forced enrollment, the settings usually apply within minutes. But don’t worry, even if it takes an hour to propagate through your own organization. 

The last talk about defining is sometimes, your devices might not even be able to automatically re-enroll themselves. However, if you face any errors, you will be notified. You can check the menu to do the necessary settings. 

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Final Thoughts: 

Hopefully, if you have learned this piece of content till this end, you have ultimately learned how to remove forced enrollment on Chromebook. That’s pretty easy when you know all the steps and procedures you should follow while doing this setting. But only, in any case, you find yourself stuck onto something; you should let me know through the comment box. And even if you have more queries to ask, you can ask as well.

So, thanks for reading this out. And I hope your day goes well. Have a nice day. 

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