Acer Laptop Blue Light On But Screen Is Black-How To Fix This?

Acer laptops are damn good at performance, productivity, and doing much more. You can have perfect gaming, excellent results, and on-the-go working performance. But that’s for sure even the finest working machine could have a problem, and that’s why we have gathered here. So let me ask a question from you: are you facing the issue of the black screen like your Acer Laptop blue light on but screen is black? 

Because if you do, you should consider this, not a big worry. It could happen several times, and there could be several reasons for this happening.


So, get yourself on track, and let’s start reading this piece of content. Because you will find yourself figuring this out here. 

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Why Could An Acer Laptop Face A Black Screen? 

A black screen on your Acer or any other laptop means you have a problem with it. But it is not that big that it couldn’t be figured out. 

Because when you know the cause of the problem, you can fix it in no time. 


So, basically, if your Acer desktop black screen on startup appears or your laptop faces a black screen. Still, its blue light is on. It might have the following problems. 

  • The laptop’s graphic drivers might need an update.
  • You might be loading intensive workloads that might be exceeding the capacity you have with your laptop to run several applications. 
  • There might be a virus inside the laptop that is causing this problem. 
  • The BIOS might need an update. 

These could be the possible problems with your Acer laptop if it faces a black screen problem and its blue light is on. 

How To Fix Acer Black Screen Problem If It Has A Blue Light On?

You could apply several solutions to fix this problem with your Acer Laptop. And I am gonna describe all of this one by one below.


If you keep reading, you will figure a complete solution to this problem. 

Method 1: Give Your Laptop A Powerwash Or Power Reset: 

You can first try giving your laptop a Powerwash or Power Reset. It will remove the connection between your laptop’s applications and BIOS. 

So, if your laptop has any kind of firmware or booting problem because it is facing the black screen, this reset would help a lot and fix the problem of your computer having a black screen. 

For this, you need to disconnect all the peripheral devices connected to your laptop. Once Removed, press and hold the power button of your Acer Laptop for almost 15 seconds. 

It will make your laptop turn off and on automatically. A Soft reset would probably turn your Acer laptop off. 

But if this happens, you can fix the problem by clicking the power button again. Therefore, giving this reset to your laptop would probably fix the problem of your laptop having a black screen. 

Note: To fix this for good, you can update the graphics driver of your laptop, and this will never happen again. 

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Method 2: Trying Some Certain Key Shortcuts: 

You can try some shortcuts to prevent this black screen problem with your laptop. For this, you can follow the following steps. 

  • Turn your laptop on, and when the screen appears like your Acer logo is occurring, you will have to press the combination of F2, F9, F10, and enter a key with your Acer keyboard. 
  • When you do this, you will have a new screen in Infront of you. Click on the Exit>Yes. Then you can press the Enter button.

Method 3: Checking For The Viruses And Malware: 

Another reason for the problem of black screens on your laptop is that your laptop might have viruses and malware. 

Therefore, you can check for these viruses after running the Windows Defender or any high-quality anti-virus software on your laptop. 

It will detect these viruses and let you remove all of them without any problem. Once the viruses are removed, your problem with the black screen will be fixed. 

Method 4: Updating Graphics Driver For Fixing Black Screen If The Blue Light Is On:

If your laptop has any kind of missing graphics driver or is outdated, your laptop can also face a black screen even if its blue light is turned on.

For this, you can manually search for the Update Graphics option in your laptop settings. Or you can use the below method to fix this problem.

You need to install the Driver Easy software on your laptop. Once installed, you can scan your laptop, and it will present you with a list of all the drivers that need to be installed or updated.

Once the scanning process is done, you will have a task and automatically ask this software to update these drivers.

When these are updated, you will not have any problem facing a black screen on your Acer Laptop.

Method 5: Updating Your Acer Laptop BIOS: 

Sometimes, the BIOS also needs to update to keep the normal working of your Acer Laptop. 

If this needs to be updated but hasn’t been updated for a long while, you could face the problem of a black screen.

But fixing this is also easier when you know how to do so. You can go for your Acer Support Assistant and look for the BIOS Update there. 

You will easily be able to find this out. Once done, you can update these BIOS by clicking on the BIOS update option available just in front of you. 

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Final Thoughts:

I hope that any of these methods will help you figure out if the problem of your Acer laptop blue light is on but screen is black. Because these are all well-recommended methods, anyone can try quickly. And most of the time, one or two could solve the problem for good. Because I have already told you that the problem is not gigantic, the solution is also more straightforward. 

Besides this, if you have any more questions to ask or information to add, you can let me know in the comment box. You will find your answer very soon.

So, thanks for reading. Keep reading and have a lovely day!

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