How to Unfreeze a Chromebook?-(7 Easy Ways to Fix This Issue)

Being a Chromebook user, you must know how to unfreeze a Chromebook. This helps in avoiding many issues. Many reasons cause a Chromebook to get frozen. Due to this error, the Chromebook stops working. Sometimes it creates problems for the users. 

Rather than, the Chromebook also gets unresponsive while working. Chromebook is one of the most innovative devices. Its advanced technology helps a lot in performing tasks. This device is help full for all professional activities. Besides this, it is also beneficial from an educational perspective. 


Furthermore, the issue of freezing Chromebook may cause many other problems. Due to getting freeze, the Chromebook can indicate a virus. Yes, your Chromebook can get affected by viruses due to freezing issues. In this regard, the users must pay attention while facing this issue. 

It is crucial to unfreeze the Chromebook when the user faces this problem. The immediate action can save the device from unwanted fallouts. Likewise, the freezing issue can cause the loss of important data. The Chromebook user must respond while facing this problem.

Reasons for Chromebook Freezing:

Many reasons may cause a Chromebook to get frozen. The Chromebook user must be aware of how to unfreeze a Chromebook. This will help them in avoiding unnecessary outcomes. Also, it will help them in protecting their device.

how to unfreeze a chromebook

Following are the key issues that are the source of freezing Chromebook.

  • Sometimes the user downloads heavy apps. These apps contain much storage in the chromebook. Due to heavy memory optimization, the chromebook starts responding freeze. This restricts the activities on the device.
  • Besides this, using too many apps simultaneously may cause freezing. This action takes too much memory. Also, it requires more speed. Due to a lack of needed space, the device becomes frozen.
  • It has been also seen that the chrome system itself causes freezing issues. Google chrome gets affected by a virus that can freeze the chromebook. The users must pay attention while using different apps on the device.
  • The limited memory and ram space can also freeze the chromebook. The restricted saving space stops the running apps. The limited area for saving the files and apps can affect the device. It reduces its working speed. Moreover, it turns the freezing the activities in the chromebook.
  • In addition, injecting an unsafe device can cause freezing the chromebook. The use of unprotected USB can restrict work activities. Moreover, the use of a data cable-connected device can transfer viruses. The existence of a virus can freeze the chromebook.

These are the major problems that freeze the Chromebook. Due to this issue, the device stops working properly. Furthermore, it slows down the speed of the device. The unresponsive working condition can cause serious issues with the Chromebook.

How to Unfreeze a Chromebook?-(Follow Below)

The insensitive working issues of freezing Chromebooks are a nightmare. This not only halts the tasks but can also badly affect the device. Due to the freezing problem the user may face costly results. For this reason, the user must know how to unfreeze a Chromebook itself immediately.


Following are the key methods to unfreeze a Chromebook.

Removal of Injected Device

The Chromebook user needs to pay attention while injecting any external device. This may transfer a virus or unneeded data into the device. By inserting the unprotected device can freeze the Chromebook. In this regard, the user must remove the external device immediately.

Error Indicating Posts

When a user receives any error-related message on Chromebook, then they must report the issue. They must investigate the cause of the error instantly. The user should get proper information regarding the error. After finding the solution, the user must follow it and apply it. This method can protect the device from freezing issues. 

Reload the Website

Another method that can save from freezing is reloading the using page. Yes, after refreshing the current using website you can avoid this problem. This technique is highly suitable. Especially, when the user is facing a freezing issue with a specific tab. Opening multiple tabs sometimes freeze a few related tabs. By refreshing the page you can get rid of this problem. 

Task Manager 

The task manager also helps in unfreezing the freeze Chromebook. This option automatically closes the unwanted apps that cause the Chromebook to freeze. But, for this application to work properly the keyboard must be in working condition. For this, the user needs to select the unwanted app.  Then select the end task option after clicking on it. This technique helps in unfreezing the Chromebook. 

Battery Draining 

When the Chromebook becomes freeze then drain the device’s battery. For this, you need to unplug the Chromebook from charging. After that, drain the battery properly. When the Chromebook cools down, restart the device. This procedure helps a lot in unfreezing the Chromebook without any effort.

Hard Resetting

Hard resetting also helps in resolving the Chromebook freezing issues. This method is also very easy to apply. Whenever you face a freezing problem hard reset your device. For this, you need to hold the power and refresh keys at the same time. Hold these keys for about five seconds only. This method resets your Chromebook hardware. This technique unfreezes the device straightaway. 

Factory Resetting 

Although factory resetting is not highly recommendable. But also used for unfreezing the Chromebook. This method is not adopted because it’s not a safe option. Even though factory resetting unfreezes the Chromebook, but this method can remove all your data in the device. 

how to unfreeze a chromebook


Moreover, a Chromebook is highly recommended for personal entertainment. In this regard, it is challenging to bear this problem. It restricts daily activities. It also delays the working tasks.

Furthermore, the issue of freezing Chromebook may cause many other problems. Due to getting freeze, the Chromebook can indicate a virus. Yes, your Chromebook can get affected by viruses due to freezing issues.

In this regard, the users must pay attention while facing this issue. The user can resolve these issues about how to unfreeze a Chromebook by following the above steps. By updating your knowledge you can get rid of unfreezing issues without any hustle.

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