How To Fix A Slow HP Laptop? | Let’s Fix This!

Are you looking for how to fix a slow hp laptop and haven’t got the best solution yet? You have arrived at the best place to find out!

Sometimes, your normal working laptop from HP could slow down for several reasons. It is something you could face frequently, and it has nothing to do with your PC.


There are several things that could make the finest piece of technology run slow and perform not so demanding as compared with those high beast laptops out there.

However, you shouldn’t worry if you have faced or are currently facing the issue with your HP laptop slowing down. Because you must ask yourself the question as “why my HP laptop is so slow?”.

Figuring that out, I congratulate you because you have arrived at your best place to find all about this out.


The thing is, I am gonna let you know the possible reasons for this happening and their relative solutions.

So, let’s learn how to fix a slow HP Laptop?

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Reasons Why Your HP Laptop Is Getting Slow Down?

To figure out the problem at first, you need to find out the causes of that problem. And in the case of this happening, there are some possible reasons I have figured out that would help you in solving the issue of your HP laptop getting slowed down.


So, let’s take a look at these issues as well as the solutions I have listed for you.

Problem 1: Too Many Apps Allowed At Startup:

Sometimes, you allow more than one applications, software, and other utility to run whenever your laptop starts up. This usually allows you to run your applications as quickly as you want.

However, some laptops like your HP could slow down when this happens as you have allowed those apps to run at a quick startup.

But this usually slows down your HP laptop and stops the normal working of your machine.


But don’t worry, you can fix this problem with only some fixes internally. This can be done when you stop those apps running up whenever your laptop starts up.

You can do this by changing some settings from your laptop’s inner side, and it would work just fine.

Problem 2: Low RAM Capacity:

When your laptop doesn’t have enough RAM to run multiple applications simultaneously, it gets slow down.

Yes, that’s happening because your PC doesn’t give you the power to run those applications at the speed you want, and this happens when it fails to provide the oscillation power those software needs.

This results in slowing down your HP laptop. But don’t worry, since I am here, you can fix the problem quickly.


To resolve this issue, you can always go for upgrading the RAM of your PC. It is the best solution you can have whenever you lack the performance and your HP laptop or any other laptop is slowing down.

So, if your laptop has the space and capacity to accept more RAM, you can always go for it.

Problem 3: Your HP Laptop Might Have The Virus:

Viruses and malware also lack down the performance of your HP laptop whenever it starts experiencing some.

You can feel that your laptop has a virus if you face the slow down problem after installing any application or browsing unsafe sites.

Seeing these signs would also make sure that you would be lacking and falling yourself down on the way to performing high-end and out-of-the-box.

But this problem also has a solution, and you can apply it as follows.


For detecting and remove these viruses from your laptop, you can install any antivirus software such as SMEDEVE, Windows Defender, AVAST ETC.

These would work best and detect as well as remove all the viruses from your HP laptop.

In this way, your laptop will start performing back in its normal condition, and nothing can slow it down for this time.

Problem 4: A Full Hard Drive Or No SSD:

Another cause that could slow down your HP laptop is that your laptop’s hard disk has been completed. This lacks the performance of your PC and makes it work slower than usual.

Moreover, you might have a standard Hard Disk drive and NO SSD storage. It also gives you a slower performance because SSD is way faster than HDD.

So, you can figure out these problems by the following solution.


If you find your Hard disk drive full of files and videos data, you can clean it up by deleting some non-required items.

Or you can save this data in a separate drive or online drive such as Google Drive.

Because when you will do this, it will provide your laptop with more room for working and its performance will ultimately increase.

However, if this does not fix the issue, you might need to replace the HDD with SSD. A solid-state drive is four times faster than any ordinary hard drive.

So, you can install one for maximizing your HP laptop performance and figuring out its solution with slow downing.

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Final Thoughts:

I can ensure that these could be the possible problems behind your hp laptop slowing down. And I can also make sure that you have learned how to fix a slow hp laptop if you have read all these problems with all the relative solutions till this end.

But just in case your problem doesn’t get fixed, you can drop your message in the comment box and let me know what is the problem is causing this one.

Maybe we both be able to figure this out. However, if it still doesn’t work, you can visit any nearby computer repairing shop.

Thus, thanks for reading this post. Keep visiting for more latest queries on laptops. Have a lovely day!

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