How to Make Minecraft Less Laggy on Laptop?-(Follow 4 Easy Steps)

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The Minecraft game is a large-scale game. Sometimes it needs a high-end laptop for high and best performance. Folks think that its graphics are not so high; they can play this game on their highly low-end PCs or laptops. When they do so, they face game lagging.


Now here is the need to understand lagging.

What is Minecraft lagging?

Lagging is the delay in reaction (host) response to your action (client). Many of us are unaware of the real explanation of the lagging. In a simple picture, when you press a button to shoot or to do any action, but the action did later sometimes prove fatal for your game progress. That is called game lagging.

Is Minecraft lagging?

The answer is yes because the game is highly resourced from multiple players as well as single-player mode. We will discuss in detail what Minecraft lagging is? 


The Minecraft game has both elements (single players and multiple players), so we will discuss both of them here one by one.

First of all, if you are facing lagging in single-player, there will be possibilities that you might be lacking in system requirements, which are necessary for the Minecraft game running.

The unavailability of required resources like RAM, insufficient power of CPU or GUI, etc.


Secondly, if you’re facing game lag in multiple players, there will be several possibilities for causing game lag.

But mostly and the main cause of lagging in multiple players is high latency and the device’s contribution on which the game is running is also a matter of fact for game lagging.

Kinds of Minecraft Lagging:

Proceeding with how to make Minecraft less laggy on laptop, let us check the kinds of lagging. The amount of lag experienced may differ significantly from game to game.

Because the player’s response time must be swift and free of latency, this is necessary. There are several sorts of latency experienced by gamers when playing online.

Frames per second

It is also known as FPS. The lagging in frame per second commonly occurs at the client end. It is related to your computers’ RAM, the power of your computers ‘CPU. If these things aren’t upgraded or unable to provide adequate resources to your gameplay, you will face a drastically worse lag experience playing the Minecraft game.


During a multiplayer session, you may experience latency lag. Occasionally, mined chunks fracture and reemerge. “Slingshot lag” This issue arises when the server (hosting) takes too long to respond (your game). 

Not to mention that mending it isn’t as straightforward. Option #1 is to update your network. A better connection can transport and receive more data.

The network’s strength impacts your session’s flow. If the internet is poor, you’ll experience more bounce and latency.

Here are the ways we will discuss thoroughly for your convenience to resolve your Minecraft lagging.

How can we reduce the lagging in Minecraft?

There are several numerous ways to increase the betterment of the performance of Minecraft. After reading here, you will be able to reduce Minecraft lagging in a very effective manner.

1- Match your system power with the required level for the Minecraft game:

We often face Minecraft lagging when we start playing it without knowing its requirements for the system (needed for its lag-free gameplay). 

When going through the reasons for Minecraft lagging issues reported on the public forums, we conclude most are due to insufficient resources. These are the following recommended system requirements for Minecraft:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • CPU of having intel core i5
  • Graphics card of 200 series
  • 4 GB of SSD is required

2- Check video settings:

Run your Minecraft game, go to Options, then click here and open the tab Video Settings.

Here you can set the keys according to the guidance given below:

  • Change Graphics to fast if it’s too fancy. Then turn off Smooth Lighting or, at a bare minimum, Minimum Lighting.
  • Changing Goals VSync’s dependability has been questioned. Turning it on reduces screen tearing (limiting the number of frames/second to the refresh rate of your display). That’s fantastic. However, input lag might occur due to outdated technology. For the time being, it’s best to turn it off.
  • Rough edges and distant textures are softened with Mipmap Levels. 

If you’re using Minecraft’s native textures, you may leave it at four or drop it to two. Your GPU may be strained by a high-resolution texture pack that has been smoothed out even more by the game’s mipmap layers.

The GUI didn’t have any effect on game lagging. You may set FPS as Maximum or at 60 frames per second which is optimum for low-end devices. The render distance should be eight or a minimum for your better experience.

3- Apply JAVA to high priority:

It is commonly known that the Minecraft game is developed in JAVAscript. So for its better and lag-free performance, you may set your computer settings in a below-described manner:

  • First, you have to click ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously;
  • Select Start task manager;
  • Go to the Processor tab;
  • Find the process Javaw.exe;
  • Right-click on it;
  • Set it priority level High;
  • And click OK.

It is helpful most of the time to solve the Minecraft lagging issue on any window device.

4- Allot RAM :

Sometimes the RAM is not sufficient for the Minecraft gameplay. As a result, the game starts lagging in response to your actions. So to avoid this sort of lagging, you may allow more RAM space to Minecraft by changing launch settings. 

After upgrading your 2GB RAM to 4 or 8GB RAM, you will see highly reduced lagging in Minecraft.

Bonus Points:

These are some more fixes for how to make Minecraft less laggy on laptop if above mentioned didn’t work:

  • Disk cleanup to free up space for Minecraft.
  • Better internet connection
  • Upgrading your operating system and other equipments

Lastly, did you find this guide helpful? Share your feedback in the comment section. 

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