How to Invert Colors on Chromebook Keyboard Shortcut?-(Step-by-Step Guide)

You are here at the right place if you are looking for how to invert colors on Chromebook keyboard shortcut. Individuals with disabilities can use Chrome OS since it offers accessibility features. 

Despite its drawbacks, the system’s efficiency, privacy, and convenience significantly exceed them. A plethora of new options has updated the “Accessibility” section of Chromebooks, making things simpler for users with hearing or visual problems. 


All Chromebooks, for example, include a “High Contrast Mode” that inverts the colors on the screen. We’ve put up a step-by-step guide to help you enable this function on your Chromebook.

Let’s start with a deeper look at how to invert colors on Chromebook keyboard shortcut feature.

What is the purpose of the “High Contrast Mode”?

Chromebooks’ High Contrast Mode, available on all models, may help those with visual impairments. This tool is used in several circumstances. For starters, because the colors are practically reversed, this is a transcendent way for blind persons to browse and analyze the contents of their computer’s hard disc.


It shows, for example, that black has replaced white and white has replaced black. It offers some advantages, including the ability to reduce eye strain and make nighttime reading more pleasurable. 

The High Contrast Mode, found in both mobile devices and wireless cameras, is negative filtering. When using Chrome OS’s “high contrast” option, the screen’s colors are reversed.

When the contrast is strong, all colors look opposed. In other words, strong contrast means that all visual displaying color data has their inverse values swapped (negative values). It is called color inversion.


If you have trouble with bright colors or desire high contrast settings, you may install Dark Mode on your Chromebook.

How to turn on high contrast mode on a Chromebook? 

Instantaneously, the colors on your Chromebook will invert: It may take a little longer for your eyes to adjust to it at first, but once they do, you’ll realize how much you’ve missed it. Give it a little time. After you’ve gotten used to it, it should be beneficial.

When high contrast mode is enabled, a notification will appear on your screen to inform you that it has been enabled. It will come in handy if you ever mistakenly activate it or forget how to turn it back off again. 

There are following two ways to invert colors on Chromebook:

How to put on high contrast mode on Chromebook shortcut?

Some persons who have vision issues and find it troublesome to operate with the usual color scheme on their computer may find the high-contrast option on a Chromebook to be a lifesaver. 

Nonetheless, for many Chromebook users, this accessibility function is little more than an unintentional annoyance.

While it may not appear to be a tangible change, the developers thought it was tough enough to manage. Even though adjusting a keystroke by a single key may not appear to be a substantial adjustment, in practice, it is frequently a matter of millimeters that causes you to miss a keystroke. The system mistakenly activated the high-contrast mode as a result of these missing keystrokes.

The short key

The current high contrast mode shortcut Chromebook is Search+Shift+H, which, although not difficult, appears confusing for many people. Go to the settings menu and pick the accessibility option from the drop-down menu to discover the accessibility choices.

A variety of features in Chrome OS may help visually impaired or weary users get the most out of their workdays. These settings are in the “Accessibility” section of your operating system’s menu. 

A recent study from many forum posts shows; users are confused about how to activate or disable it, which might cause them a lot of grief.

White backgrounds and user interfaces might make it difficult for those with vision impairments to distinguish between items while browsing the web, writing papers, or reading.

When you turn on high contrast, your desktop transforms a “negative” version of the standard display. It is simpler to read and less exhausting on the eyes when there is more contrast between the text, objects, and backgrounds.

Choose and click on the high contrast mode option under Accessibility in the Settings menu to see whether it works for you. You may also enable high contrast mode by pressing Shift+Search+H on your keyboard at the same time. 

Use Chromebook color Settings for color inversion:

Follow the step-by-step process on how to invert colors on Chromebook keyboard shortcut;

  • To begin, find and click on your account’s picture in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • To access the settings page, select “Settings” from the drop-down menu on the second step.
  • Following the instructions in Step 3, click “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 4: Select “Accessibility” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Use high contrast mode” from the drop-down menu and click the “Save” button.

How to turn off high contrast mode on Chromebook shortcut?

After you’ve finished, uncheck the option and save your Chromebook’s color settings if you change your mind about the outcome.

Chromebook’s screen is most likely in high contrast mode if it displays a rainbow of brilliant, dazzling colors. You or another user may have activated this function by using the settings page or the invert color keyboard shortcut, among other options.

On your Chromebook, you may disable high contrast mode by pressing “SHIFT + SEARCH (magnifying glass key) + H” or going to Settings > Accessibility and unclicking the setting.

You can rapidly switch between the two by using the keyboard shortcut shown.

Advantages of color inversion on Chromebook:

In this method, your screen’s color contrast improves, which is advantageous in many ways.

  • Reading documents or novels becomes easy.
  • Using a variety of colors when browsing the internet.
  • Combined fonts, delicate lettering, and small text for comfortable reading.
  • Distinguish text from buttons and other graphics.
  • Reduced eye strain.
  • It reduces eye tiredness.

Summing Up!

It’s worth a shot because it is specifically for people, whether you’re colorblind or have a visual impairment. Chromebooks have grown in popularity among remote workers due to their Chromebook color blind mode.

You may discover that changing the color palette of your PowerPoint presentation or financial report in the early hours of the morning helps reduce eye strain.

When it comes to studying late at night for an exam or completing an assignment, they are all in the same boat. If you work late at night, using dark mode may help protect your eyesight. Lastly, I hope now you are clear about how to invert colors on Chromebook keyboard shortcut?

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