How to Overclock MacBook Pro?-(Complete Overclocking Guide)

Overclocking your CPU permits you to use your processor at a much quicker response than the standard one. This process helps you accomplish tasks at higher rates and more smoothly, such as editing pictures, working, browsing, researching, gaming, etc. The question here is, how to overclock MacBook Pro?

Every type of PC processor chip works at various rates; Clock Speed. A good clock speed of a CPU implies that it can run multiple activities each second without any glitches and subsequently run your PC quicker.


Overclocking makes your experience energetic and much instant. We expand the multiplier on the CPU, permitting it to run quicker.

However, even processors with various paces are made on a similar system. It is solely after the processors are constructed that organizations test them to detect any issues and errors.

They reject the more flawed pieces and physically put in those chips to make them run more unhurried or slow on a PC.


Let’s get started to find out how to overclock the MacBook Pro in the guide below!

How to Overclock a MacBook Pro?-(Step-by-Step Guide)

After extensive research, we found an application that has been helpful to people if they want to overclock or underclock your MacBook Pro.  

The following application is only specific to MacBook Pro and might not be compatible with laptops other than that. Let us take a look.


The application is called Volta, which claims to be the ultimate power control for Mac. Apart from overclocking, Volta offers Turbo Boost, Power Limit, and Underclocking as well. The following are the steps by which you can install and activate Volta.

  1. Initially, you have to launch the application, Volta. 
  2. It is a self-explanatory step and can be done by their website.
  3. After launching the application, it will appear in the menu bar, where it will state your MacBook’s clock speed as well.
  4. It will appear like a lightning bolt icon in the menu bar. 
  5. From that, your MacBook can easily be overclocked, and you can even turn the Power Limit ON as it permits you to set up your PC power output for a much considerable and faster experience.


Volta is recommended by some users on the web. However, it might not work with several versions of the MacBook. You can always do your research regarding the version you use and then take a step.

Is Overclocking Safe?

Overclocking is useful. However, it accompanies a couple of dangers. They are not close to as high as they used to be, given the general simplicity of current overclocking. However, the dangers are dangerous.

It is no doubt that overclocking is smart, but every computer does not hold the capacity to be overclocked.

Can You Overclock a MacBook Pro?

You can overclock any PC with different tools found on the web asking you to change the CPU voltage and such. Regardless of whether you ought to get it done is something else. 

MacBook Pro does not contain a suitable cooling ability, and overclocking would disable the framework strength and diminish the life expectancy of your CPU as it thermal throttle continually.

Considering all elements, not every MacBook has a BIOS or EFI that has overclocking options accessible. It should not imply that you can not track down software on the web that may hack the EFI. 

The thermal tolerances over these laptops, more specifically pressed ones as thickly as MacBook, is highly close. They will generally run on the hot side under typical burdens. 

With something like video encoding, you can maximize the CPUs execution and presumably push some high temps.

Any overclock that you could accomplish if the settings were accessible would be highly negligible as to have little effect. You would almost certainly run into soundness issues.

Desktop frameworks often have a lot of open space and significantly more effective cooling choices, which is the reason the overclocking process is sensible with them.

Even with that, most genuine overclockers would replace their stock fans or choose other cooling choices.

Summing Up!

Do extensive research before you overclock your MacBook Pro. It is a nearly impossible method and so, should be taken strict precautions.

We highly recommend you to go through the pros and cons and history of the application and expertise before you begin to overclock your MacBook Pro. Also, read the legal terms and conditions before signing up.

Lastly, did you find this guide valuable for how to overclock MacBook Pro? Share your feedback in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Does overclocking increase FPS?

A 15% overclocking will bring your computer from 51 fps to 60fps. For your CPU with regards to overclocking, you can diminish delivering times and extend the in-game execution at high-outline rates (more than 200 fps+).

Is overclocking automatically?

You could get two different GPUs at a similar cost yet get an amazingly unique exhibition out of them. That is the place where overclocking enters. MSI Afterburner has a perfect auto overclocking highlight known as OC Scanner that you can use without getting into any hassle and stress.

What are the dangers of overclocking? 

The pronounced issue with overclocking is the decrease in CPU life expectancy. You can overclock a GPU, RAM, CPU, or motherboard. However, sending expanded volts step-by-step harms these parts. Damage is about by heat produced from expanded power.

Is overclocking long-lasting? 

If you are bringing different voltages up in a venture to make it run considerably quicker, you can unintentionally make super durable harm in the CPU. It is appropriate to remain inside the maximum voltage details given by the CPU maker. Contingent upon your use model, overclocking can cause decreased life expectancy.

What is an extreme overclock? 

High temperatures of some particular inner constructions of the CPU chip limit the scope of clock recurrence development. Other than this, high temperatures accelerate semiconductor rot, which significantly lessens the processor strength.

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