How to Change Wi-Fi Password on Chromebook?-(3 Different Ways)

Changing Wi-Fi passwords is nothing new. Sometimes situations force you to think about how to change Wi-Fi password on Chromebook? Is it equally easy for a Chromebook user?

If scavenging the internet hasn’t helped you yet. My guide surely will! I crafted this piece after hours of research and experiments. Since the internet is shady about the topic, this guide is no less than a gem.


But some pious souls among us will still wonder, why change your Wi-Fi password in the first place? And the answers are endless. But still, I’ll pen down the main ones.

One reason maybe you are running late on an assignment and need more internet speed. Or you want to customize the access.

Regardless of the reason, you need a solution and, you need it now. So let’s plunge in!


How to Change Wi-Fi Password On Chromebook Using Google Home App?

The first solution is the Google Home App. Let’s take a look at the application before diving into the procedure.

What Is Google Home App?

Google Home is an intelligent software that lets you operate your devices via voice prompts, not getting what I mean?

Well, simply put, speak and, the Google Home app magically fulfills the job. You can control all of your devices, home appliances, and much more.


But the best thing is that you can also use it to change your Wi-Fi passwords.

Get things moving?

First things first, you need to download the Google Home App. Click on the setting menu of the Chromebook.

Wait, where is the setting icon? It’s on the right bottom of your screen. Okay, click it.

You will see a “Google Play Store” tab. Tap it. There is a toggle button for installing and running android apps on your Chromebook. Make sure to turn it on.

When you toggle it on, check-mark the services agreement box.

TIP ALERT: Make sure you have the upgraded version of Chrome OS. Else, you will not be able to use android apps. Secondly, if the installation of android apps on Chromebook options is not visible, you can’t download any android application.

Now go to Play Store and download the Google Home app. When the download is complete, fire it up.

Once the application opens, click on the Wi-Fi section. Navigate to ‘show password.’

Select the edit option end of the password bar. Type your new password and click save.

Wloah, you have successfully completed your first step of how to change Wi-Fi password on Chromebook.

Android is the most versatile invention ever. Being a geek, I like to mess around with things to find new options and features.

Another way which is my sole discovery is to use an emulator to change your Wi-Fi password. Want to see what I found?

Let’s get that stomach-churning satisfied.

Changing Your Wi-Fi Password with an Emulator

Okay, so this is another way of how to change Wi-Fi password on Chromebook that involves downloading an emulator.

A lot of you might be familiar with it. But some of you may be hearing this word for the first time. In that case, I’ll give a brief walk-through.

What Is An Emulator?

An emulator is a software that lets you use android applications on your PC. And yes, by PC, I mean any computer, any laptop with any operating system whatsoever.

On a fair note, I am not talking about the MacBook lovers here, as things are different on Mac.

Sometimes, people confuse an emulator with a built-in feature. Let me point out that it is not so. There are thousands of emulators you can use.

Just leaving you by yourself won’t be polite. So I am listing some good emulators you can use for a Chromebook.

  • Mupen64Plus
  • Blue stacks
  • John GBAC

I don’t recommend sticking to these only. Search around to find the best options according to your needs.

Open Google Chrome and go to Chrome Web Store. In the search bar type, ‘Android Emulator’ and press enter.

You will see many applications. Select which you like and download it. After downloading, launch it.

Next, open Plays Store and type in the search bar ‘All Router Admin.’ Download the application. Open it. At the bottom, you’ll find a button named ‘Router Admin.’ Click it.

You will see the login page of your router. Fill in the details and navigate to ‘Wireless settings’ for changing your Wi-Fi password.

But Why Do You Need An Emulator When You Already Have Play Store On Your Chromebook?

Chromebooks have drastic features when it comes to utilizing Google services. But many users face problems when downloading and running android applications on them.

To save you from the agony, I have elaborated the Emulator method. Remember, it is not MANDATORY.

Many Chromebooks can run most Android apps. If yours is able enough, you can drill on with the first method. 

How To Change Wi-Fi Password On Chromebook Using Google Chrome?

Who would have thought that the Chrome Browser could answer the troubling question of how to change Wi-Fi password on Chromebook? Well, it can, and it does.

Open your browser. Type the IP address of your router in the search bar. Wait, what do I mean by an IP address? Yes, that 192 figure. Once typed, press enter.

You’ll see the login page of your router. Fill in the details and navigate to the Wireless settings to change the Wi-Fi password.

Departing Thoughts

Take it from me the Chromebook users usually face more confusion than other PC users.

Strangling the Wi-Fi access becomes a pressing need when your kids have an exam week. Or you are just trying to bore your not-so-favorite guest. But either way, you would wonder how to change the Wi-Fi password on Chromebook?

So, I brought you the answer. I have listed all the ways that can help you change your Wi-Fi password without any technical knowledge.

Lastly, I hope this post was helpful. If so, leave your esteemed opinions below.

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