How To Make Nvidia GPU Default Laptop? |Default Settings For GPU

If you are trying to figure out and learn how to make NVIDIA GPU default laptop, you have come to the right place. Today, through some simple steps, I will teach you how you can use both GPUs on your machine and make a default setting for one of them.

It doesn’t matter if you have intel and NVIDIA GPU installed on your machine. You can use the default graphics named with NVIDIA GPU, and there is nothing to worry about.


So, I don’t get the words to explain that I am actually going to tell you how to make NVIDIA GPU default on your laptop through some easiest ways. Let’s get started!

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How Many GPUs Are There Inside A Laptop Can Be?

Well, it depends on the fact of the performance onto which your laptop has been built. I mean to say, there are laptops built for normal working, and again there are giant machines built for performing some extreme duties.

If you get a laptop for normal working, it would only have one GPU, and it’s enough to provide enough power and performance for tackling some daily life duties and performing things that matter the most.


On the other hand, Those built for extreme duties come with two types of GPUs. These different types of GPUs are described as follows.

Dedicated GPU:

If you get a laptop build for high-performance needs, you will definitely get a dedicated GPU inside it.

This type of GPU is usually from NVIDIA or AMD and works faster for some extreme duties. It includes performing high-end graphics, playing games, or running some high-end tech software.


A dedicated GPU comes with its own processor, a Socket type, cooling, and quality RAM. All these make it run extremely faster if you need to perform on your rig.

Integrated GPU:

Integrated Graphics Processor Units or GPUs are designed to work closely with the Southbridge chipset in order to offload much of the graphics rendering tasks from the Central Processing Unit or CPU.

Since GPUs were built solely to render graphics, they can process much more complex tasks and are much faster than CPUs. It makes them suitable for performing almost all the graphical tasks on modern-day computers.

It includes 3D games, HD videos, manufacturing, and those that require graphics-intensive calculations.

Which GPU Normally Keeps Working With Your Windows OS?

On default settings, it usually depends on your laptop’s working intensity. I mean to say, the laptop will keep using your integrated GPU until and unless it doesn’t need another one.

When the performance goes higher, a normal GPU cannot bear it. Otherwise, your laptop starts using the high-performance dedicated GPU, and it is so common.

However, sometimes you have to change settings for the GPU on your own to make one as a default GPU. Therefore, you are just here for that, and you can learn this through some simple steps. Please take a look.

Can You Make NVIDIA GPU Default Laptop?

If it is your turn to make this NVIDIA GPU a default GPU on your laptop, you are just a few steps away from doing that. It is totally possible and easy to do because there are no hard and fast rules you need to follow.

So, when there is a need to conform to the possibility of doing something like this, you are ambitious and going to do this quickly.

How Actually To Make NVIDIA GPU Your Default GPU On Laptop?

Now, let’s fall for the steps that can guide you to make your NVIDIA GPU work as a default GPU on your device.

It would run extremer and provide you the performance you will deserve or ask for, for completing some high-end tasks. Here are the steps you need to follow to perform a thing like this.

At first, give a right-click on your Windows 10 laptop desktop screen and Click on the NVIDIA Control Panel.

When you do that, a whole new window will open just before you.

Here, you need to find the option mentioned with Manage 3D settings. Once found, click on it and go for the Preferred Graphics processor. And select the NVIDIA GPU as your default GPU.

It will work just fine to provide those high demanding applications the juice they deserve to work flawlessly.

Now, click the Apply button and save the settings selecting your discrete graphics as a default graphics card on your laptop.

What If You Want To Set The GPU As Default For Some Certain Programs.

Sometimes, we consider applying the default GPU as NVIDIA for some specific programs. It means we want our laptop or computer to run those programs using discrete graphics so that they can get the power they need and deliver the performance accordingly.

In this case, below are the steps you can apply for selecting the GPU as a default for some specific programs.

For this time, the rest opening of the NVIDIA Control Panel. And going through the Manage 3D settings would be the same.

But when you open the Preferred Graphics Processing section, you can add to applications. Here, you can select the High Processing Processor and click on the Apply button.

It will let you save your settings for using the NVIDIA GPU as your default GPU. And make it possible to work with you on your daily basis high performance working needs.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, if you have made yourself reaching this point of this post, you completely have learned how to make NVIDIA GPU default laptop. However, even if you have some doubts inside your mind, you are most welcome to get the most appropriate answers when you give those to me through the comment box.

Moreover, if you liked reading this post, please give it a share and help those who need it. Have a nice day!

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