How To Force High Performance GPU On Laptop? | Learn With Tips!

If your today’s query is to find how to force high performance GPU on laptop has brought you here. You are looking for an easy, simple plus quick guide. You are almost in the best place to find all these things.

The thing is, you can have these settings applied to your device. And these happen without any problems if you have the proper guidance. So, all it would take is your time and patience to learn all about this hack.


So, leave the worries aside and make yourself comfortable here. Because if you do so, you will end up learning how to force high-performance GPU on laptop through some easy steps. Let’s get started.

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What Is The High Performance GPU On Your Laptop?

Before you understand the meaning of forcing a high performance GPU on your laptop. And the tactics to do that, you should know exactly what a high performance GPU is and how does it work?

So, basically, a high-performance GPU is designed to maximize the performance of your laptop to the extreme level.


It is the second GPU you can find inside your laptop that is named a dedicated GPU. This graphics card type comes with a certain memory, its own processor, and cooling features.

The invention of this is to make gamers. And those who perform heavy-duty get the most juice from their system they can.

Therefore, you are the lucky person if your laptop comes with an integrated as well as dedicated GPU, both running on the same machine. That’s what we mean by a high performance GPU.


What Does It Mean By Forcing High Performance GPU On Laptop?

When you think or even go towards the procedure of forcing a high performance GPU on your laptop, you should know what does it mean?

By forcing a high performance GPU on a laptop, we mean to run that GPU on that laptop for an exceptional piece of performance.

It means using that GPU to run some high-end graphics and get more details on everything you are running, playing, or doing more.

Therefore, it should be the urge to run some rendering games and software to lead you towards productivity, performance, and more.

Is It Possible To Force A High Performance GPU Such As NVIDIA On Your Laptop?

Now, you should know the possibility of whether you can force a high performance GPU on your laptop or not.

It all depends on whether you have that high performance GPU installed and working on your machine or not.

Because you can only force it if your laptop has a pre-installed dedicated GPU on it or the one you have installed recently.

Otherwise, you can run a bit of anything on your Intel Graphics Processor if you don’t have the dedicated GPU working on it.

How To Force A High Performance GPU On Your Laptop?

Now, let’s make you learn through some easiest ways to force the high performance GPU on your laptop if you have made sure that the GPU is already running on it. That’s simple and easy, and it doesn’t bother you much. Here are the things you can try!

  1. Give a Right Click on your desktop menu and Select The NVIDIA Control Panel Option.
  2. There will be a left panel where you will find the option of Manage 3D Settings. Click on that setting and then select the High Performance NVIDIA Processor.
  3. It will be given in the drop-down menu. Now, click on it, and after that, click on the Apply button to save the settings.
  4. You will also find the Set PhysX Configuration option below the Manage 3D Settings option on the left side of the screen. From that drop-down menu, select your desired high-performance GPU.

After this, your high performance GPU will be ready to provide you with the performance you are looking for. So, enjoy the speedy rendering tasks without lacking more.

In Case You Have A High Performance GPU From AMD Radeon:

Sometimes, you don’t work or perform with NVIDIA, and you prefer to have a laptop with AMD Radeon GPU instead.

It is the second most powerful and highly rated GPU you can find out there. So, in case your laptop has already had it installed, below are the simple settings that will let you set it to perform accordingly.

  1. Give a right-click on the Desktop and select the AMD Radeon Settings from the given menu.
  2. When a new window is opened on your laptop screen, you need to navigate the System tab.
  3. You will find an option tagged or named with Switchable Graphics. It lets you view the list of current and recent running applications on your machine.
  4. Select any program and select the High Performance option from the Drop-Down menu.
  5. Now, run that program again. Its performance will be improved because it will be running on the dedicated GPU installed on your system.

In this way, you have already forced your high-performance AMD GPU on a particular application to help it run at top speed.

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Final Thoughts:

Forcing a high-performance GPU is not difficult to do when you know all the easiest steps you should apply. Therefore, if you have learned this guide and followed this to this end, you probably have known how to force high performance GPU on laptop.

I hope that there will be nothing left unanswered or unconfigured. But still, if you have more queries to ask, please be here and let me know them through the comment box.

In the end, it is an oblige that you have spent time, effort, and more here. I want to thank you for that. Have a nice day!

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