Why Is My Laptop Not Using Nvidia GPU? | Let’s Find Out!

You look disturbed and lost in knowing the answer to the question about why is my laptop not using NVIDIA GPU, and that’s why you are here. Aren’t you? No problem, as if you have made up to this point, I can give you the good news that you will find the right answers to all of your questions related to the graphics properties of your laptop.

Here, I will let you know what types of GPU a laptop normally can use, which one is your laptop, why it is not using NVIDIA, and many more. It is going to be a lot of informative posts.


Therefore, please keep yourself focused and attentive to the end. Because if you do that, you will have a bunch of knowledge at the end of this article on why is my laptop not using Nvidia GPU. Let’s get this conversation started.

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What Type Of GPUs Can Be Used In A Laptop?

Before you look for the exact answer to the question you have asked, you should have a basic knowledge about the types of GPUs that a laptop can use for its operations. These GPUs come in two different types and with different performances, as listed below.

A Dedicated GPU:

A dedicated GPU is something you can use to get maximum performance from your machine. It comes with its own memory, a cooling system, and cores.


The dedicated GPU is designed to take your laptop performance to the next level without letting you worry about anything. Therefore, if you have a dedicated GPU installed in your system with maximum RAM, you are good to go for performing anything on your device.

It doesn’t matter if you perform graphics-intensive duties or go with gaming. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you create applications, games, and other stuff.

Because a laptop with a dedicated GPU will work out of the box. The types of dedicated GPU are NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Ryzen etc. 


An Integrated GPU:

On the other hand, the integrated GPU’s second most important type of GPU you normally find inside your laptop. It is in almost all laptops because without it. Your laptop is not even capable of running a normal YouTube video.

It is usually attached and integrated with the motherboard of your laptop. It cannot be changed or replaced. However, it is not as powerful as the dedicated GPU. Therefore, if you have one inside your laptop, your daily computing tasks are up to the mark

What Type Of Laptops Are There In The Market With Respect To GPUs?

When it is evaluated on the base of GPUs, there are basically two types of laptops out there. These are described as follows.

Laptops Designed For Normal Working:

The first category of laptops is designed for normal working, including businessmen, mostly women, and those who don’t use their laptops all day long. These come with only integrated GPUs.

Laptops Designed For High-End Computational Tasks:

In this category, the laptop comes with two GPUs as Integrated as well as dedicated.

These types of laptops are specially designed for those who are computer enthusiasts and want to get more juice from their systems.

They can have such a laptop for performing high-end tasks, including playing games, developing apps, and doing some graphics-intensive work duties.

Therefore, you can have a laptop like this if you always demand more on a daily basis.

What Is A NVIDIA GeForce GPU?

If you want to know why your laptop doesn’t occupy an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, you should first know what an NVIDIA GPU is?

So, basically, NVIDIA GeForce GPU is the most advanced graphics processing unit available in the market.

It is a graphics chip that is designed for high-performance gaming, as well as for video editing and related applications. These GPUs are ideal for developers and high-intensity PC gamers.

They are designed to handle the most demanding software on the market and the most high-resolution images. With Which Laptops Can NVIDIA Be Used?

Why Your Laptop Is Not Using The Nvidia GeForce GPU?

If you have reached this point, you probably have a better idea of why your laptop is not using the NVIDIA GPU. It could happen for several reasons, and some of the most prominent ones are given as follows.

  1. It is not designed to accept and operate with a dedicated GPU.
  2. The laptop could be the one coming only with an integrated GPU. You cannot place a dedicated one because this will burn your system down.
  3. The most apparent reason your laptop is not coming with an Nvidia GPU is that you haven’t chosen a laptop with such specifications, and there is no chance for future updates.
  4. A GPU like NVIDIA doesn’t work on laptops designed to complete daily tasks. So, if you have got the same one, you should forget about keeping a dedicated GPU inside your laptop case.
  5. Last and not commonly mentioned reason if you don’t find the NVIDIA GPU inside your laptop is that there is no place for it. An NVIDIA GPU needs compatible computing components such as high-end RAM, SSD, and more cooling to work at its full speed. Your laptop might never have it, and that’s why it’s not included inside your machine.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, I have answered your question about why my laptop is not using NVidia GPU. I know that you have known all the reasons if such a thing is disturbing you. You shouldn’t burn the entire world with a single match stick if it doesn’t work in that way.

I mean to say, your laptop can only have a dedicated GPU if it is designed for it. Otherwise, just forget about it and stop yourself bothering from looking for answers like this.

In the end, I hope that you found the article helpful. Please make sure that you have shared it. Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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