How To Switch From Intel Graphics To Nvidia? | Make Changes In 2022

Have you got two graphics cards inside your system? Because if you do so, you might be looking for how to switch from intel Graphics To Nvidia, and has made up to this post. I can be sure that you haven’t found any solid solution yet and your only reason for being here is to make sure that you can have these changes.

Well, the good news is, you are in the best place to find a solution to your problem. I’ll teach you through some easiest steps that how can you switch from one GPU to another.


Therefore, please keep looking and keep reading this post till the end. You will be able to do the thing with how to switch from intel graphics to NVidia at the end of the day. Let’s get started!

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What Does It Mean By Intel Graphics In Your Laptop?

Intel graphics is the name given to video cards in Intel CPU. Intel graphics cards are specially designed to work with Intel CPUs with onboard graphics rendering capabilities. The graphics card comes as a part of the processor and is not a separate physical unit.

Essentially, the Intel graphics card works by sending visual information to the screen. The processor creates this visual information.


The graphics card is mainly meant to display text and images. With the advent of HD (High Definition), interpolation support is a must in the graphics card.

What Does It Mean By The NVIDIA Graphics In Your Laptop?

Nvidia is a graphics card manufacturing company. A Graphics card is present in a laptop that makes your computer’s display output better so that you can see vivid and clear images on your laptop. If you want to play games, you will need a good graphics card.

Most people think that the processor may have something to do with graphics, but it is not true. The processor is only responsible for the performance of the computer.


The NVIDIA Graphics is the type of video card you have on your laptop. It uses the technology known as Scalable Link Interface (SLI) to deliver high-end 3D graphics capabilities, especially gaming.

However, the SLI technology is now being phased out of the GeForce series. It is only used on the high to ultra-high-end versions.

Is It Possible To Switch From Intel Graphics To NVIDIA On Your laptop?

If you are judging the possibility of whether it is a thing that can be done on your own, you are most welcome.

Because yes, you can change the settings from simple Intel Graphics to high-end NVIDIA GPU on your laptop. Or computer because this thing comes with multiple solutions.

I mean to say, there are multiple ways you can try if you really wanna switch from intel graphics to NVIDIA On your laptop.

For this, you must know all the steps in order to perform switching of GPUs in a complete and definite way. I will let you know some simple steps to help you change the GPU.

Why Do You Need To Switch From Intel Graphics To NVIDIA On A Laptop?

When multiple graphics processors are working on your machine, your operating system chooses the one by itself that is the highly performative one. It does so because it makes sure that your laptop gets the power it needs to render.

However, sometimes you have to do this setting on your own. Like, you might be considering playing some high-end games. Your laptop is not providing the exceptional performance as it should. Because there is a Dedicated GPU installed in that one.

Even though the GPU is installed, you might not have activated it. Or changed the settings to the high-ending GPU yet.

Therefore, there is a great need to switch the intel graphics to NVIDIA in order to see your laptop performing out of the box.

Otherwise, you might not be able to run those games on faster FPS. And even some of them might not load.

That’s why having a dedicated GPU like NVIDIA is important, and the settings made to use it are more important.

How To Switch From Intel Graphics To NVIDIA?

In order to switch from intel graphics to NVIDIA, follow the steps given below, as these will make your settings easiest.

  1. First, You need to open the NVIDIA Control Panel On your laptop screen.
  2. After this, select the option with Manage 3D Settings given under the 3D settings option.
  3. Go for the Program Settings tab, and there, you will be selecting the program you want to select for the graphics card. It will be selected from the drop-down menu list.
  4. After this, select the Preferred Graphics processor in the drop-down list. For this, if you desire to select the high-end dedicated GPU, you can select the High-Performance Nvidia Processor.

When you apply all of these settings, you will end up having the preferred settings for the graphics card you want to choose. It means nothing can be troublesome and hesitative in switching from intel graphics to NVIDIA.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have read this post till this end, you have known completely how to switch from intel graphics to NVIDIA. It is simple and easy to do with the graphics control panel on your laptop. Because the settings for changing it are very known. However, if you find yourself stuck or confused, please let me know as I am here to help you, guide you and provide you with the best assistance you are looking for.

Moreover, if you found the article helpful, don’t forget to share it with those who need it. Take care of yourself. Have a nice day.

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