How To Charge Chromebook With iPhone Charger?-(Charge Your Laptop)

Are you considering charging your Chromebook with an iPhone charger to experience something new and a bit tricky? Then you would probably be looking for how to charge Chromebook with iPhone charger?

So, if you do or have any intentions to do something like this, you have reached the best place to find your complete answer.


Because today, I am gonna teach you about how you can use your ordinary iPhone charger for charging a Google Chromebook so easily. it will require you to stick to this article till the end and experience something new. 

So, let’s start talking about what you are going to experience now by describing an easier way to charge your phone with the help of an iPhone Charger. Take a chill pill, have a cup of tea and let’s start discussing. 

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Is It Possible To Charge Your Chromebook With An iPhone Charger?

Before stepping into this thing, you should know whether it is possible to do something like this or not? 


Because when you don’t know the right thing to do, you might end up losing your important assets. It is true that both iPhone and Chromebook are expensive, and that’s why you wouldn’t like to lose any of them. 

In this regard, I would always recommend you use the Chromebook’s original charger in order to charge it except for any other. But since there is no charger available, or you are looking for how to charge a Chromebook without a charger? 

You should know that you can use your iPhone charger to put life into your dead Chromebook. It will, though not be as powerful as using the original charger, yet it will do the job perfectly. 


So, try this if you have lost your original charger, don’t have one, it is expired, or you didn’t remember to grab it while heading towards your office, school and any place you wish to visit. 

Is It Safe To Charge a Chromebook With an iPhone Charger?

Yes, obviously, it is totally safe to charge your Chromebook with an iPhone charger if you don’t have any other around you. 

It will take a little more time than normal, and it will depend on the watt power of the charger you are gonna use in charging your Chromebook. 

Like, how much time it will take in this regard. But that’s sure that you will end up charging your Chromebook using an iPhone charger. 

So, enough discussion, and let’s finally try this trick to charge your Chromebook through this method. It will not take too much longer, so be consistent while reading. 

How To Actually Charge A Chromebook With An iPhone?

Bring your iPhone charger at first and the Chromebook you wanted to charge at the same table. Now, you need to follow the following steps in order to pair a connection between these things.

First, you need to determine what type of cable your iPhone charger has and your Chromebook’s ports. 

Because iPhone chargers often come with Type-C cable, laptops like elite Chromebooks also come with Type-C ports. Therefore, you must make sure what type of connection you are gonna make in this way. 

In Case You Have A Type C Cable Charger With Type C Port:

Suppose your charger comes with a Type-C cable, and your Chromebook does have the same port. You need to plug your charger into the power brick of the wall. 

And then plug your charger cable into the Chromebook. You need to turn your Chromebook Completely off before beginning the charging process. 

Turn on the switch and let the Chromebook charge during the whole night. As I have told you before, it could be slow because your iPhone charger is not that powerful as your Chromebook charger. So, leave it alone overnight and let it charge during this time. 

In Case You Have A Type-C Cable Charger With USB Type-A Port:

However, if your Chromebook doesn’t have a Type C port and only has a USB 3.0 or 2.0 Type-A port, you can still connect your Charger Type C port into the Chromebook. For this, you will need a Type C to Type A Converter, and you are all set to go. 

So, this way, you would be able to charge your Chromebook if you prefer to charge it with an iPhone charger. However, again, always use the charger built for your Chromebook to charge it to prevent some serious things from happening. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Charge My Chromebook Without A Charger?

There are different ways you can try charging your Chromebook if you don’t have its original charger. These easy ways are listed as follows. 

  1. You can use your phone to charge your Chromebook. 
  2. A power bank can also charge a Chromebook or any other laptop. 
  3. You can also have a Universal Charger and charge your Chromebook with it. It will provide you with any connectivity you want. 
  4. Moreover, even if you are in your car, you can use a car charger to charge your Chromebook. And believe me, it is pretty easy to do things in this way when you don’t have the original charger available. 

How To Charge Acer Chromebook Without Charger?

Acer Chromebooks are the perfect choice for many users, and they recommend these laptops to others because of their working capacity and faster web browsing utility. Therefore, if you don’t get any of its chargers, you can try the following things to charge your Acer Chromebook without a charger.

  • You can try a Universal Charger. 
  • Or You can use your phone. 
  • Plus, you can also use a power bank to charge your Chromebook. 

How To Charge Chromebook With HDMI Cable?

Well, that’s not a thing to do. Because there is nothing that you can have while using the HDMI cable and charging your Chromebook with it. Because it will not work. So, please don’t even give it a try. 

How To Charge Chromebook Faster?

To charge Chromebook faster in any case, you should have its own charger available. Because it is the only one that can charge your machine a little faster.

Can I Charge My Chromebook With A Phone Charger?

Yes, you can do so and for doing that, connect your phone with the Chromebook using any USB cable. You are almost done. 

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, I am sure that I have solved your problem regarding how to charge a Chromebook with iPhone charger. If you are stuck on something, please let me know. And if you have more queries in your mind, let me know.

Because I am always here. So, Thank you so much for reading. If you really like it, share it with those who need it and keep visiting to find out more.

Have a blessed day!

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