How to Reset a School Chromebook?-(Step-by-Step Guide)

A Chromebook provided by the school is their legal property; it is not an easy task to understand how to reset a school Chromebook. Each institute provides these devices to students. In addition, the Chromebook is for educational use specifically.

As the rise of the pandemic situation encouraged the online education system. Also, it helps in saving students time and effort. Furthermore, the students are not allowed to use the device for personal use (all thanks to the checkout system of the school administration). They have all access to that device. Due to the login data, school authorities can investigate the activities.


However, the school Chromebook is a student’s asset, so they can not misuse it. School authorities have strict checks over their allotted devices. Besides this, resetting the school Chromebook is considered unethical. It tells that you are misleading the school administration.

However, you can still reset a school Chromebook. It can happen for a good purpose- to avoid any mishap or system security threats. In this regard, the user must inform the school authorities. Moreover, this will help them in managing the testing activities. 

How to Reset a School Chromebook?

School Chromebook is referring as a legal asset by the school. They are provided to students for educational activities. However, for resetting the school chrome book, the user must inform the authorities about it. They have required their permission for this activity.


Moreover, if the user does not have proper consent, it may cause risk. The authorities can claim for its changes. Different methods can use to reset a school Chromebook. Besides this, the users are advised to get permission from the school.

Resetting a Chromebook is an easy task. After running the few steps, the user can reset it effortlessly. Following is a lawful method of how to rest a school Chromebook.

Use Developer Mode

The first step in resetting a school Chromebook is to develop a user mode. This process will help in managing the resetting process. While switching to the user Mode, make sure to save your data. Moving to the Developer’s Mode, discard the available data from the device. Moreover, there are chances of deleting all the recent activities.


Additionally, this process deletes everything from the system. It is referred to as renewing or powerwashing the device. 

For that case, users are recommended to save their data beforehand; if they don’t want to lose it. Once the process starts, it will remove every data.

For continuing the process, click ESC, refresh, and power keys. The user needs to press these keys simultaneously. As a result, a warning screen will appear. This step pop ups multiple warning texts. It indicates the loss of data due to continuing this. 

Moreover, it will also show you the possible damage of settings.

Do not get worried about it. It appears to warn to protect your data. Besides this, the user makes sure to read that message. It will guide you about the process. Also, it will tell the user about the potential risks of resetting the school Chromebook.

Move-in the Developer Mode

After setting the developer mode, the next step is to move in it. Now the Chromebook user needs to navigate to the Developer Mode for perusing the procedure. Once you set the mode, you need to start it next.

After acknowledging the first step, moves to the second step. For this step, use the control key and D alphabet for processing. Press CTRL plus D keys at the same time. Moreover, press Enter key to carry on the procedure. This step boosts you to the Developer’s Mode of Chromebook.

Furthermore, you will get another notification at this stage. Also, the chrome system software sends a message on the screen. The Users need to analyze all the warnings. Reading all the necessary notes can save you from unwanted results.

Additionally, these pop-ups Windows will guide to on how to move forward. They indicate what will happen. Also, these messages show what you cost while performing this process. However, continue the process after making sure of safety.

Reset School Chromebook

After successfully managing the developing mode, you can reset your school Chromebook. For this, you need to press CTRL and D keys again. This step makes sure that all the remaining data get deleted. In addition, this process confirms that no data remains in the device.

This step powerwash your Chromebook automatically. Moreover, it turns the device into a brand new system. It never indicates any enrollment of the device earlier. Besides this, the school administration can put force enrollment in the laptop. It may able you to update this process.

Moreover, you may get a message regarding a block by authorities. The school administration can restrict your action. This step can reboot your Chromebook. Also, it will turn on the re-enrollment procedure. This step will freeze your resetting process. The strict settings from educational institutes halt the activities.

Furthermore, the user needs to contact administration for turning it on. This protection is to protect the device. It assures that the device is not misused. 

Final Step

Lastly, wait for a while to complete the process. It takes a few minutes. It confirms the accuracy of the process. After that, the Chromebook again shows you a warning message. Just enter the pop-up message and continue.

Moreover, allow the system verification settings. Then, go back to default mode. Hurray, your school Chromebook is reset now. You are no more enrolled as a school domain.


Setting a school Chromebook is not ethical. Nevertheless, it is allowed for security reasons. It is advisable to involve school authorities. It will help in avoiding unwanted issues.

The process mention-above can help you in this regard. Moreover, this process refers to the legal way of doing it. By following these steps, the Chromebook user can reset it.

Also, check out this guide for how to unenroll a managed Chromebook.

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