Can I Upgrade The Graphics Card In My Dell Laptop? | Let’s Learn In 2022

Are you considering upgrading the graphics card of your dell laptop? Then you might be looking for can I upgrade the graphics card in my dell laptop? In this case, if you are really searching for something like this, you have come to the right place.

Today, I will let you know whether you can upgrade the GPU on your dell laptop or any other laptop. What are the situations in which you can, and what are the situations you cannot?


So, you will have detailed knowledge of everything about laptop graphics card upgrading.

Therefore, keep yourself seated and start reading this post with me till the end. Only if you do that will you find an answer to can I upgrade the graphics card in my dell laptop. Let’s get started.

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Can You Really Upgrade The Graphics Card In Your Dell Laptop?

Research shows that almost 99 percent of laptops come with an integrated graphics card. Such graphics cards are soldered to the motherboard and cannot be removed, replaced, or upgraded.


Therefore, in most cases, if you have a normal Dell laptop, you cannot upgrade its GPU because, on the first note, such an upgrade will never happen.

Because mostly the laptops from dell or any other brand are designed for the needs of simple customers such as an office person, a college guy, or any individual.

And if you are one of them, you should not even consider wasting your time on an upgrade like this or even looking for the information. Because it will not be worth it, indeed.


So, if there is an integrated GPU working inside your PC, you don’t need to upgrade it because of the two things.

First, it will never happen and be possible. And second, you cannot upgrade an intel graphics card no matter how hard you try. It’s a written, well-understood, and accepted fact.

On the other hand, some laptops come with thunderbolt ports and allow you to use an external Graphics card. However, it will still depend on your laptop as to whether it allows you to do so or not. And in most cases, it’s a big no.

What Does It Mean By Upgrading The Graphics Card Of Your Dell Laptop?

Simply, when we talk about upgrading the graphics card on our laptop, we are going to do something that can maximize its performance to another great level.

Upgrading a graphics card will let you play some new, extremely modified, extraordinary games that might not be running on the older graphics card.

But sincerely, to do this, your laptop must already have a dedicated GPU installed over it. Otherwise, there is no option for you to make such an upgrade. Therefore, you can consider upgrading your laptop’s graphics card if you already know that it has a dedicated GPU, and it can be upgraded.

What Type Of Laptop Has The Ability To Hold A Dedicated GPU Inside It?

Only the laptops designed to perform some heavy-duty tasks can hold a graphics card inside them.

These are pre-built with the latest GPU from NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon; therefore, they provide you the maximum performance you need to perform certain tasks on your laptop.

The laptops with dedicated GPUs work well, perform extensive work duties. And ultimately consume a little more power than normal laptops.

It is because these masterpieces have to run several applications without asking questions. Such a thing comes with a price and always asks for more power.

Therefore, you can have a general idea of what a laptop with a dedicated GPU can do. All those works with 3D development, to play some rendering games.

And doing much more that’s usually doesn’t come on daily basis needs, these laptops with dedicated GPU can easily handle and provide you the performance you deserve.  

Are All Laptops With Graphics Card Worth It?

Indeed if you have a laptop with a dedicated GPU, you might be the luckiest person on this planet, or you might not be. Because everything comes with certain pros and cons.

Therefore, in the case of a laptop with a dedicated GPU, here are some advantages and disadvantages you wanna know.

Advantages Of Laptop With Dedicated Graphics Card:

A laptop with a dedicated GPU will perform and run applications that a normal integrated laptop cannot run.

It will be best for playing games and enjoying graphics at the best resolutions.

A laptop with a dedicated GPU is mostly suited to those who have some ardent gaming desires or the person who performs graphics designing.

Besides that, those connected with some professional companies build apps and games for users. Also, those who perform some of the highly personal works of this world, such as those working for space and hackers, etc.

Disadvantages Of Laptops With Dedicated Graphics Card:

Laptops with dedicated GPUs usually consume more power than laptops designed for daily operations.

They are heavy with weight, make a little more noise and come at more price than normal laptops.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, finding you at this point of the post entitled ” Can I upgrade the graphics card in my dell laptop is satisfaction as you have already known whether is it possible or not. There is no big deal in understanding that if that Dell laptop has a dedicated GPU, it can be updated in certain situations.

However, if it is the one with an integrated GPU, you should forget about making such an upgrade. After this, I believe that your question has got the desired answer. Well, thanks for the patience and time you have spent here. Stay happy, stay blessed.

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