How Many Watts Does It Take To Charge A Laptop?-Let’s Find Out!

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Because the laptop is something you use on a daily basis and it fulfills your computing needs by making your life easier. So, you must know everything about the laptop the same you keep learning about your bike.

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How Many Watts Does It Take To Charge A Laptop?

The answer to this question doesn’t come with any benchmark because several factors tell the power your laptop needs to be charged. These could vary from battery to battery, charger to charger, laptop to laptop, and type of laptop to the other one.

However, when it comes to giving it a specific value, you can take the reference from the United States Department Of Energy. They say that usually a laptop charger takes up to 50 watts of electricity, equal to 5KW. You can include any standard laptop in this list.

But still, I can tell you that there are factors that would determine the watt power of your laptop.


In this case, let’s go for some specific factors that actually let us know how many watts does it take to charge a laptop you have now. Because our only purpose is to find how many actually?

Factors That Tells How Many Watts To Charge A Laptop:

These common factors for letting you know how many watts your laptop would take to charge fully are given as follows. You can read and learn all about them.

First: Laptop’s Battery:

Usually, the information about your laptop taking watts for charging can be taken from its battery.

For this, when you open the lid of the backside of your laptop’s case, you find a battery there. And the battery contains all the information.

Here, the thing to understand is straightforward. If your battery is of specific watts, say 50 watts, it means your laptop will be taking the same watts to charge itself.

And if it is a bigger one with a bigger battery, it will ultimately take more watts of power for running and making things better on the spot.

Second: Laptop’s Charger:

On the second note, your laptop charger tells you everything about the current it would be dispatched to your laptop’s battery for charging it completely.

You can read the description on your charger laptop, and it would tell you how many watts your laptop would take for charging and how many watts it would be sending towards its battery.

In this case, the charger I am using for my laptop is 65 watts as written over it. So, you can also take the information from here.

Third: Condition Of The Battery And Charger:

Suppose your laptop battery is running for a long while, and these days, it is taking more time for charging. It is an alarming situation as in these cases, the battery takes or consumes more energy than when the battery was working fine.

Therefore, if it takes more time, you must know that your electricity is being consumed more. And you need to do something about it. Either change the battery or go for the new laptop.

On the other side, if your laptop’s charger is faulty, like having any spark or distortion in its cable, it would also consume more power and charge your computer in less time.

Hence, be sure to have these things working fine to make your laptop consumes fewer voltages than this type of situation.

Fourth: Type Of The Laptop:

The number of watts a laptop takes for charging also depends on the current laptop type you are using.

Primarily, when you have laptops made for giant computational purposes, they consume more power and ultimately take more voltage to charge.

On the other hand, when it comes to talking about the laptop made for everyday duty purposes, it takes fewer voltages and runs smoothly without any problems.

Therefore, the type and purpose of the laptop also decide how many watts it will take for charge completely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Charge 50 Watt Battery With 30 Watt Charger?

The benchmark for this is that your charger must always be more significant than the size of your battery. You can attach a charger with more watts to a battery with less.

But you must not go for charging a 50-watt battery with a 30-watt charger.

Because it will take too much time. Plus, you might not be able to charge your laptop this way.

What Factors Affects The Battery Consumption Of A Laptop?

There are certain things running inside your laptop that affect your laptop’s battery. I have made a brief list for them and these are given as.

  • CPU.
  • GPU.
  • Display.
  • Ports.
  • External Connected Devices.
  • RAM, Hard Disk and SSDs

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Final Thoughts:

Asking how many watts does it take to charge a laptop is no big deal. Because most of the time, you are already aware of the answer.

Usually, it depends on what type of laptop and how much capacity charger you have to accomplish these things. It is better to look for the battery description because it will give you complete details.

However, if you are not sure where to find it. Or find yourself lost at any point, do consult me through the comment box.

And I hope that you loved reading this post. Keep reading, keep visiting. Have a lovely day!

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