Hp Pavilion Desktop Black Screen Fix | 5 Easy Solutions!

Hp pavilion laptops are best for daily computing needs as well as to play some random games on non-demanding FPS and kill some intensive workloads as well. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot encounter a problem. Yes, they do. Just like this, see for yourself looking for the Hp Pavilion desktop black screen fix information that could lead you with some easy and quick steps.

And if you are really looking for something like this, I need to congratulate you that you have arrived at the best place to find out all about it.


Yes, that’s true because I have gathered some easy things to remove the HP Pavilion Desktop Black screen problem.

So, leave everything aside and start this particular piece of content with me. Because I have covered you all in this guide and would provide you with the solution, you might be looking for. Therefore, please stay, and let’s start discussing the Hp pavilion desktop black screen fix.

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When You Can Face The Black Screen On HP Pavilion Laptop?

Before you go doing anything on your Hp laptop regarding figuring out the black screen, you must have an idea of this happening. Like, why did it happen?


What could be the possible reasons for this happening as it is very known, random, and can happen with any laptop out there, no matter if it is a Chromebook or a windows laptop?

Therefore, here are some most visible reasons for your laptop facing a black screen. These are as follows.

  • The black screen could appear due to low Ram on your laptop and running several applications at a time.
  • It could appear if there has arrived any kind of malware that is disturbing the normal working of your laptop.
  • The black screen can also result when there are some devices connected with your laptop that might be interfering with its working.
  • Another problem might be some missing and outdated drivers or could be the lack of any application that could disturb the usual working of your machine!

Is It Possible To Figure Out The Black Screen On HP Pavilion Laptop?

Yes, it is totally easy and quick to figure out the problem if your Laptop has a black screen. Generally, a black screen would appear in the front panel of your laptop.


It could result due to several reasons I have told you above.

But it is no big deal when you can go for several solutions to tackle this random problem on your PC. Therefore, in the next part, we will take a look at those things you can try!

How Do I Fix The Black Screen On Hp Pavilion Laptop?

Finally, let’s go for some easy solutions that could help you tackle your Hp pavilion laptop black screen problem and give you your normal laptop with a normal screen back again!.

In this case, the things you can do are given as follows.

Solution 1: Keep An Antivirus Installed Always On Your Laptop:

It is better to kill the cause of the problem so that it can’t happen at all. Like, what if your Laptop faces a black screen due to having a virus because you just have browsed any website.

Or have installed any software containing malware. So, it is better to kill this virus first before making your laptop suffer a black screen problem.

You can do this by always maintaining quality Anti-Virus Software Such as Windows Defender, Avast, or others.

These will keep detecting the viruses on your machine, providing you with a safe and secure environment to work and perform whatever you want to achieve.

Solution 2: Keep Your Drivers Updated:

The next thing that could stop a black screen from happening on your HP Pavilion laptop is keeping the latest drivers permanently installed on your machine.

For this, I would suggest installing the Hp Support Assistant and testing your computer overall with this software.

It will give you all the details about the missing drivers that need to be installed. So, you can keep your laptop safe from experiencing a black screen overall!

Solution 3: Perform A Hard Reset:

In case you have encountered a black screen on your HP Pavilion laptop, you can fix it when you are ready to perform a hard reset. It can be done as follows.

First of all, remove all the devices connected to your laptop.

Solution 4: Unplug The Power Cord.

Now, press the power button for at least 15 seconds and wait for that time. Once done, you can go for plugging your laptop in again. And then turn it on again.

It will usually resolve the issue with the black screen on your Hp laptop.

However, if the issue remains the same, go for the next step.

Solution 5: Remove All The Devices And Test!

In this step, you need to remove all the devices connected to your laptop and turn it on again. Do it and make sure your laptop turns on usually.

Because if it does so, you can check all the devices one by one by connecting again to make sure which one is causing you the problem. In this way, you would be able to remove the device that has been a cause of the Black screen on your laptop.

Besides this, you can also connect to another display to make sure the display screen of your laptop is not faulty.

Because if it is, you might have to replace the whole display screen of your Hp pavilion laptop. That could be a troublesome situation!

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Final Thoughts:

Consequently, I hope that the information I have provided you here has helped you solve the issue with Hp pavilion laptop black screen fix. And I am too glad if it really did so. But just in case you have more queries to ask, you can always visit the comment section and let me know about your problems. Plus, I hope you would love to share the information with those who need it.

Thus, share it and keep visiting for more. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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