Hp Laptop Black Screen Loud Fan | How Do You Fix It?

Unfortunately, as you were working on your HP laptop at the office desk when all of a sudden, your laptop stopped responding, and the screen went black. The fan is still spinning, but it sounds like there might be a clog in it. Just right now, though, it would be prudent to focus on determining why there’s an issue behind this hp laptop black screen loud fan.

Although I know your heart immediately drops as you fear for what may be on your computer that you can’t lose when you hear that fan’s noise.


But don’t worry, there are options to safeguard your valuable data from being lost forever, which we will cover in a moment. However, we should know the reasons behind this problem.

So, here’s some advice for fixing the issue of HP laptop fan noise: Take it easy, and we will show you how to get rid of this problem in no time.

Therefore, let’s figure out this problem with the hp laptop black screen loud fan!


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What Is The Reason Behind The Hp Laptop Black Screen Loud Fan?

A laptop fan is a device used to keep your computer cool, just like an air conditioner for your room keeps you cool.

Over time, the hardware that makes up your laptop might wear down. The cooling capacity might diminish and make loud noises that other people in the room can hear. At the same time, they try to concentrate on work. 

Therefore, when you find your laptop fan spins loudly for an extended amount of time, it might be that your laptop needs some cleaning or your hardware may be malfunctioning.


Still, don’t worry about fixing it. Because even if you’re not tech-savvy yourself, you can quickly fix this issue of an HP gaming laptop making a grinding sound. And this happens when you discover your HP laptop’s fan running abnormally loud!

Luckily, these issues are easy to fix, and we’ll help you out with our guide on finding out how to recover your laptop when it is too noisy to run!

How To Fix The Hp Laptop Black Screen Loud Fan?

So, when you start your HP laptop, you will hear a loud fan starting up, and you will see nothing but a black screen. You may be wondering what to do when this happens or if it’s even fixable. Here are some ways to fix this problem.

Method 1: Keep The Air Vents Clean:

Over time, the accumulation of dust and debris in hidden areas such as inside air vents can hinder airflow cause loud fan operation. And lead to the laptop overheating and shutdowns because of over-temperature.

So, suppose you have noticed your internal laptop fan running abnormally loud or not operating at all. In that case, it’s likely that dust has collected around the vents and is clogging them up.

Therefore, you would do well to clean the vents with a computer vacuum or any brush that will safely reach inside if necessary.

Turn the HP laptop off for cleaning purposes and unplug it from the power source. Make sure that no objects are blocking its vents on the bottom of the machine.

Also, make sure that you pull as much dust out of the sides and corners as possible to ensure proper airflow.

Once everything is clean, carefully line everything up correctly (especially if you have screws involved), put in any screws that need to be put back in place, reconnect your cords, and boot up your computer!

Method 2: Improve The Performance By Going To Task Manager:

It’s important not to overload your processor. If you notice that your laptop fan is running all the time and your computer is slow due to so many applications running at once.

Then it’s possible one has some malware on there or software that has been damaged somehow. Task managers can help users resolve this issue by disabling unnecessary applications too.

For this purpose, in task manager, select the CPU tab. Sort processes by CPU demand using the sort and filter options.

Select a suspicious process and click End task to stop it.

Method 3: Reduce Power Consumption By Adjusting Settings:

This way allows you to keep your device running smoothly and at optimal performance by keeping the internal temperature of your machine between 30-50%, depending on what model you own. Just follow these steps below:

In the Control Panel, click Change Plan Settings under Power Options. In Available Settings, select Change Advanced Power Settings.

Find and select Power saver and choose Change settings that are currently unavailable. Reduce the time before entering Sleep mode to 1 minute and Hibernation after to Never.

Save the changes and reboot the computer to see if the HP laptop fan noise is resolved. 

Method 4: Ensure That Your Graphics Card Driver Is Up-To-Date:

If your graphics card driver is outdated, your system may have to work much harder.

Thus producing excess heat, which can trigger the subwoofer on an HP Pavilion laptop, causing it to make an unusual and loud noise.

The solution for such an issue is updating your computer’s graphic driver by going to the hardware manufacturer’s official website, downloading the updated graphics files, and installing them onto your laptop accordingly. 

Method 5: Enhance The Efficiency:

The HP laptop may warm up to an uncomfortable level if you play many video games or perform many intensive tasks on it at once.

We might even go as far as to say that we’re not surprised! In order to avoid this heatwave, stop for a moment and consider the following:

Try closing down some programs before starting a particularly comprehensive task. If you don’t think you’ll need them, just shut them down.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Troubleshoot The Black Screen On The Hp Laptop?

It is possible to reconnect the AC power adapter while the device continues running on battery power.

There should be glowing LEDs near the Num Lock. And Caps Lock keys and listen for nearby fans’ sounds and hard drives spinning up.

See Troubleshooting Error Messages on a black screen during startup or boot.

How To Check If My CPU Fan Working Properly?

If everything is running smoothly (again, pun intended) and the motherboard is functioning correctly, it tells the fan to slow down when not much heat is generated.

Also, look for a bit of circuit board connected to your motherboard. It should have a red or green light when you start up your computer.

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Final Words:

I hope these tips are helpful and valuable to fix hp laptop black screen loud fan issues quickly. If your laptop is always running and making a loud noise, try some of these solutions to rapidly get rid of any troubles. 

And I hope that these all will justify your needs and make your laptop run faster without facing a black screen.

So, you can go for it. But don’t think that if you have other problems, you cannot figure them out. Yes, you can, and I am here for that.

Therefore, Don’t be afraid to let us know if there’s anything else we could help you with! I hope this helps! Enjoy working and using your laptop limitlessly.

Have a good day!

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