How To Charge Laptop Without Electricity? | Learn Ways To Charge Laptop

Don’t you have electricity nearby and you are to do some important work on your laptop? Your laptop’s battery might have been dead, and that’s why you might be looking for how to charge laptop without electricity. Well, if you had any intentions like that or are worried about anything, you have come to the right place.

There are some highly suggested and most main ways through which you can charge your laptop even if you do not have the electricity around you.


So, please make yourself comfortable and start reading with me. Because only through this will you learn what you want to learn today about how to charge a laptop without electricity. Let’s get started!

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Is It Possible For You To Charge A Laptop Without Electricity?

Of course, a laptop is an electronic device, and the fuel it uses for running is electricity. You cannot turn it on even if its battery is not charged using electricity.

That’s the importance of electricity we can see these days.


However, you might be cautious to know whether you can charge your laptop without the need of having electricity or not. So, at first, I need to clear this confusion.

When we mean by charging a laptop without electricity, we never mean charging a laptop with some non-electric source. Like, obviously, if your thrust goes away by drinking water, you would never prefer eating food on it.

Or if you are hungry, you might less prefer the water. That’s the thing I am telling you here. Charging your laptop without electricity means you actually use the electricity by different means or charge your laptop in different ways.


Yes, it is possible that your laptop can be charged if you do not have the charger nearby or if it has been damaged from the last week.

In this regard, I will teach you how you can exactly charge your laptop if you are going to do something like this without having the electricity wall socket connection. Or a charger to connect your laptop with it. Just keep reading.

How Do You Charge Your Laptop Without Electricity?

You are clear that you can charge your laptop when you don’t have an electric source nearby.

It means the real electric source includes the laptop charger and a wall socket. But how exactly are you gonna do so?

Panic not, because I have already collected some easiest ways that you can use to charge your laptop. These all will be suitable reliable and will charge your laptop in an instant while.

Ways To Charge Your Laptop Without Electricity:

There are many ways to try if you are going to charge your laptop. These all are wisely chosen and work well because you will not have to do anything impossible.

So, let’s take a look at what you can use instead of a charger and a wall socket for charging your laptop.

Charging The Laptop With A Power Bank:

A power bank is a useful device you can have on your long road journeys for charging your equipment. It can charge your mobile, laptop, and any other battery, including the Air Pods, etc.

Moreover, you might have heard that a Power bank is a portable charger that can be charged with a smartphone or any other electronic device using a cable.

While smartphones are mostly charged using a USB cable, power banks can be charged differently. Most of the modern-day power banks are wireless.

They can be charged simply by placing them on the charging mat. A wireless power bank is usually a thin plastic strip with built-in rechargeable batteries.

The good news is, if you have one inside your back, you can easily charge your laptop. Just bring the power bank.

Now, take the USB cable that comes with it and put it into the port of your laptop. You will see that your laptop will start charging.

But for this, you may need a converter to convert your USB Type-A Connectivity to the Laptop charging port connectivity. Or, if your laptop can support USB Type-C, convert it to Type-C.

Charging The Laptop Using A Super Or Master Battery:

If your first battery has been gone, you can give power to your laptop by using another battery. A super or a master battery is the one you can have from any nearby laptop store.

It would be a battery of the same size as your laptop, and you can always use it to charge your laptop.

Just make sure that you must have that battery inside your backpack whenever you head towards somewhere. Otherwise, things would not be possible and easier.

Charging The Laptop Inside Your Car:

The last and best option for charging your laptop when you don’t have the electricity around is using the car cigarette letter.

It provides enough current to charge your laptop without any problems easily.

However, you must use a converter to convert the connectivity and the current for giving the alternating current to your laptop.

Because the current that comes from the car is direct current and you cannot charge your laptop using the direct current.

So, these are some possible ways you can try to charge your laptop if you do not have the electricity and the charger around you.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, I can make sure that you have learned how to charge laptop without electricity if you have followed this article till this end. However, if something doesn’t work out and you find yourself working hard.

Or bothered by something, you can use the comment box to let me know about your problems. I am always there to listen to you and sort out your problems.

But I would recommend you one thing as going with the original charger and charging your laptop using the electricity wall socket. That would be the finest method.

Hence, thanks for your time and attention. If you liked the post, give it a share. Keep visiting, keep reading. Have a nice day!

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