How to Track a Stolen HP Laptop with Serial Number?-(4 Easy Ways)

Laptops are a crucial part of our lives now. It requires more safety as well. Although you can track the stolen HP laptop with a serial number, this news is no less than a nightmare. What if you lost an essential device of your life? Isn’t it like a mini heart attack? Do you know how to track a stolen hp laptop with a serial number?

We keep all personal and professional stuff on laptops to keep them safe. Gadgets are becoming the most crucial part of our life. Above all, these gadgets play a vital role from doing office work to using them for personal use.


Gadgets like laptops make our life more comfortable by making work easy. I prefer the HP laptop because of its exceptional and advanced features.

Firstly, you need just one laptop to perform all your life activities, including professional and personal. People now prefer to keep their data on laptops and link their social sites and accounts for ease of use.

Tracking the Stolen HP Laptop

HP users adopt many methods to track their stolen laptops. The methods are;


1. Tracking the stolen HP Laptop by Using Serial Number

A serial number is a specific number, which refers to the unique code of laptops. Like many other companies, HP Laptop Company also assigned specific serial numbers to their laptops for safety purposes.

To clarify, every single laptop has a different serial number that helps identify a specific laptop. These serial numbers increase the security of these laptops.

God forbids it, but you can recover it by contacting the HP Laptop Company if you lose your laptop. You can get the required information from the company regarding your laptop’s location after sharing your laptop’s serial number. In short, awareness about the laptop’s serial number can save you from undesired scenarios.


2. What does HP say about this?

As mentioned by the HP Laptop Company, these serial numbers are linked in their database. By entering this number in the software, they can track the location of any laptop. The serial numbers are connected with the installed specific systems in the company’s database.

Although having a serial number is a suitable source to recover an HP laptop. In many cases, it is not considered as enough as needed. Sometimes it becomes challenging to track the exact location of the stolen laptop. The serial numbers and their related information are accurate. It does not contain much data to secure the device.

Moreover, it has been seen that some software does not support the given serial number by the user. They refer to them as obsolete or unreachable. So depending only on the serial number for tracking your HP laptop is not a good option to follow. The users must have some backup information regarding their laptops for securing them.

Furthermore, users need to register their devices with the manufacturing company. The registration of the laptop helps in maintaining the serial number. The information and data are kept connected with the company through the registration code. It helps in maintaining the record of that device. The company can track the laptop successfully by using that record linked with the serial number.

Other Methods for Tracking the HP Laptop

There are many other methods you can try- besides using the serial number for tracking the HP laptop. Many articles regarding laptops provide informative evidence for tracking laptops successfully. Some of these methods are as follows.

How to track HP laptop with serial numbers?

1.Tracking Software

Additionally, having tracking software plays a vital role in securing HP laptops. The security of a laptop is as necessary as securing your data. Laptop users need to have tracking software to protect them from unwanted situations.

Furthermore, there is are many software available that can help you protect your device. After installing the required tracking software, you can secure your laptop from mishaps.

2.Default Features

Moving with How to track a stolen hp laptop with a serial number, little did you know you can track your HP laptop with the default features. Whether they are of HP Laptop Company or others, they have the building feature of the tracking device. Laptops have a Find my device option that helps track the laptop information.

Additionally, this feature keeps the record of your laptop just like the serial number. Secondly, it helps track the location and holds a record of your device. The user can access their laptop remotely by following the mentioned steps of these features. This option is available in the privacy section of the HP laptop settings.

3.IP address

The IP address is a unique code assigned to the internet connection to the laptop. The IP address is connected with the location activities and helps track the laptop location.

Moreover, the internet service provider plays a vital role in this regard. They can help in tracking the laptop by using their connected software. They have constant reach to the IP address that indicates the current location of that specific device.

4.Social Sites Accounts

After analyzing the importance of privacy and security, almost all social site accounts provide security protection. Against every account, the user shares some required personal information that helps track down that account of the site. Secondly, the transmitted data helps the users keep them secure from unwanted activities.

Furthermore, social sites like Google, Facebook, Outlook, and many more ask their users to share their needed details for keeping the record. By signing up with these websites, the user can identify the location of their device.

Moreover, you can get more information by searching properly regarding securing your laptop from unwanted situations and tracking its location.


See? Isn’t it simple to track an HP laptop with a serial number? Securing the laptop is a necessary part of keeping it safe. Consequently, all laptop users must focus on keeping their laptop’s tracking details to save themselves from any misfortune—all the possible methods to track the laptop while stolen are discussed above.

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