How To Fix a Chromebook Black Screen?-(Follow Easy Guide)

Do you want to learn how to fix a Chromebook black screen? Read this article till the end.

It is frustrating when your device stops working or starts behaving unusually. You experience black screen issues with your device when the hardware is not working properly, or software is not up-to-date.


Sometimes, it is difficult to tell whether it is just your Chromebook screen that has turned black or your device destroyed.

When only the screen turns black and the rest of the features work properly, there are more chances to fix the screen issues quickly. But, when your device is damaged completely, it becomes harder to repair it and bring it back to its original condition.

This article explains what to do when your device’s screen gets black and easy ways of fixing the issue.


How to fix Chromebook black screen?-(Follow Step-by-Step Guide)

A black screen is one of the issues that Chromebook users face very often. Before getting anxious and trying other methods of fixing the black screen issue, restart your Chromebook, or switch it off for some time.

Sometimes, it happens because of minor issues, and the screen starts working normally when you restart it. If your screen starts behaving and displaying the icons, it means there is no problem.

There is a problem if you fail to solve the Chromebook black screen issue even after restarting it. In this guide, we have mentioned easy solutions to follow to get your screen back.


Let’s check them out!

Connect to the charger

Connect your Chrome OS device to the charger, then hold the power key with the refresh button. While holding the start button and refresh key, remove the power adapter and wait for a minute or two. If there is a minor issue with your Chromebook, this method will indeed work.

Factory reset

Try factory resetting your Chromebook. Most of the time, the black screen problem happens when your device factory is not up-to-date. By resetting your device, the screen will come back to normal.

When you reset your Chromebook or update it, the device will transfer the information to Google including, the language and version of your device. Then the Google will troubleshoot the problem.

Remove the battery

Remove the Chromebook’s battery from the device and leave it disconnected for some hours. Sometimes, the battery starts heating due to excessive use, and as a result, your device’s screen turns black.

Let the battery cool down, put it back into the device, and switch your Chromebook on by long-pressing the side button.

If none of the solutions mentioned above could fix the issue or bring your screen back to life, it is time to change the Chromebook. If your Chromebook has a warranty, take your device to the repair shop or ask for an expert opinion before buying a new one.

Reasons why your Chromebook screen get black

Following are the common reasons that can cause the black screen issue.

Chrome OS is out-of-date

Chromebooks or even other Apple devices start behaving unusually when they are out-of-date. Always keep your devices updated to prevent your device from having black screen issues.

Please remember to install the latest updates that your Chromebook offers and keep it upgraded. You can also use another user account to log in and update it.

The operating system is corrupt

When you start your device, and it displays that “your operating system is not found,” it means that the device has a corrupt operating system. You need to update your operating system.

Battery is overcharged

If you feel the device is not starting due to overheating, it means that it is overcharged. Never leave your device on charge for hours or overnight. It can damage the battery, which causes black or blank screen problems.

Not enough battery

This problem can also occur when your charger is not working properly or the battery percentage keeps dropping while charging the Chromebook. If that is the case, then change the charger or its cable as soon as possible. There are chances that you can get your screen back by using a new and functional charger.

Unwanted viruses

Unwanted viruses can also be the reason for the black screen of Chromebook. The Chromebook can easily catch malware or viruses when installing or downloading anything via the Google play store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you prevent your Chromebook from having black screen issues?

One of the main issues of Chromebook screen death is its hardware. To prevent the Chromebook from black screen problems, keep checking the hardware. Also, keep your OS account up to date.

Why is the Chromebook still working while the screen is black?

It happens when the device starts over-heating. To overcome this issue, you need to restart your device and leave it for some hours to cool down.

Why do Chromebook users’ face the black screen issue?

Black screen issues happen when any faulty USB device is plugged into your Chromebook. To troubleshoot this problem, remove all the external devices from the Chromebook. 

Is it safe to charge your Chromebook when it is blackout? 

When your screen is not displaying due to low or no charging then you can connect the charger. But, it is not safe to charge the device when it faces black screen problems due to other reasons. 

Wrapping up the article!

This article guides how to fix a Chromebook black screen issue. It is to conclude that every device can face black screen problems and display nothing whether it’s cheap or not. But, the best way to fix it is by restarting it.

Chromebook is one of the best devices in many ways. First of all, it is cheap but does the task efficiently. Secondly, users like this device because of its long battery hours.

We hope that our guide helped you and answered your queries that you may have regarding the Chromebook black screen issue.

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