How to Download IMVU on Chromebook?-(Easy Ways to Download IMVU)

Having the feel of advanced life in this advanced world is what we all want at some points. Chatting with standard texts is too old; make your life advanced and download IMVU. If you are having a Chromebook, the next question you will ask is how to download IMVU on Chromebook?

Before going through the downloading procedure, let’s check out what IMVU is.


What is IMVU?

Relish the digital 3D side of the world with IMVU. For those who are hearing about the IMVU for the first time, it is a social networking app that offers to chat and socialize with 3D avatars.

The IMVU app ranks among the top 10 social apps. This app not only offers socializing and chatting but also lets you shopping, hanging, and share your experience.

Each month, more than 7 million users visit IMVU, spending around 55 minutes on the app. Amazingly, you can earn real money on the app as well.


Another best point about the IMVU app is its compatibility. Whether you use the app on Android, iOS phone, or desktop, the experience will be worth your time.

How to download IMVU on Chromebook?

First of all, the thing you need to know; IMVU is not compatible with Chromebooks. The only version the IMVU runs with is Mac OS and Windows 10 OS. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to play IMVU on Chromebooks.

By making a few changes on your Chromebook and installing Linux, you can download the IMVU on the Chromebook. Thinking about how to get it done? How to download IMVU on Chromebook? Follow me on the procedure.


Reboot the Chrome Browser Settings

Open your Chrome browser and type chrome://flags/#crostini-gpu-support in the search bar and press enter. Here you need to alter one option.

In the opened windows search bar, type Crostini GPU Support. Now, change the option from Default to Enabled.

Open a new tab and type chrome://flags#scheduler-configuration in the search bar and press enter. 

Look for the Scheduler Configuration option and change the settings from Default to Enables Hyper-Threading on CPUs. Restart your Chrome Browser to save and change the settings.

Change the Linux app settings to advanced

For this process, you must have installed the Linux app on your Chromebook. Besides that, the version you have installed should also be the latest.

From the right bottom corner of your screen, click on the time icon then on the settings option. For the new Windows that pops up, click on the Advanced option. It will open a dropdown menu. 

From the dropdown menu, choose the Developers option. Turn ON the Linux app to get the magic to begin. Complete the installation process by clicking on the next then finish option.

Add new commands in the prompt box

Rebooting the Chrome browser settings and installing the Linux app is not enough. Now you need to add some commands in the prompt box.

  • Type Terminal in the Search Menu to open a prompt box.
  • On the newly opened prompt box, type sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386 and press enter.
  • Again, add a new code.
  • Type sudo apt update and press enter. 
  • Now type sudo apt install wine winbind, and press enter.
  • Remember, this step is of crucial importance. Wine will allow you to install such apps and software that are non-compatible with Chrome OS.
  • Once you enter this code, the prompt box will run a lengthy data transcription; ask you to press Enter if you want to continue the process.
  • Press enter to continue the settings.
  • It will take some seconds or even a minute to complete the loadings. 
  • Press enter if any option occurs.
  • After that, add winecfg code and press enter.
  • Again, it will run some detailed coding. 
  • This step is for making some necessary files.

You are all done with changing the settings and creating the necessary files. Still, wondering about how to download IMVU on Chromebook? Follow the mentioned steps.

Try Downloading the IMVU

  • On the same running prompt code box, type wget to download the game.
  • Again, it will take a few seconds.
  • Once the downloading is complete, type wine InstallIMVU_540.2.exe to install the game.
  • Once you do so, a new window will pop up asking you to click on the Install option to install the IMVU. Click on it to initiate the installation.

The next Window you will receive on-screen will be the login portal of the IMVU app. Here, you need to make the last change. The username you are having right now doesn’t match with the Linux username; to do so;

  • Open a new prompt box and copy the Linux username.
  • On the same prompt box, type wine .wine/drive_c/users/username/Application\ Data/IMVUClient/IMVUClient.exe and press enter.

That’s it! You are all done with downloading the IMVU app. Now enjoy your time chatting with friends and making new and impressive 3D avatars.

Reasons you never succeed downloading the IMVU app on Chromebook!

  1. Chrome OS doesn’t support the game: The foremost reason you fail is that Chromebook OS doesn’t support the app. Aforementioned, IMVU is only compatible with Mac and Windows 10 OS.
  2. Running wrong codes: Suppose you somehow succeed in finding codes and running them on the prompt box to download the app. Still, the success chances depend on the choice of the code. Not all codes are valid and will run the game. You need to choose the right ones.
  3. Old Linux version: Linux is the only way through which you can download the IMVU app on the Chromebook. Make sure the version you have is the latest one.


Did you enjoy reading how to download IMVU on Chromebook? To enjoy a tear-free performance, make sure to follow the approach as such. Yet, the procedure is risky since Chromebooks officially don’t support the IMVU. If you are following the method, do it at your risk.

Lastly, make sure to share your reviews in the comment section after downloading the IMVU on Chromebooks.

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