What Is School Chromebook Screen Size? | Let’s Find Out

Are you going to buy a Chromebook for your school workloads and don’t know what should be the screen size you should have for putting ease in your daily computing? Panic not because if the question about what is school Chromebook screen size is disturbing you, I am here to solve your worries. Inside this guide, I will help you learn and understand what should be the screen size of a Chromebook that is acceptable in your school and will be easy to carry inside your laptop backpack.

Therefore, cut the rest and start your journey with me. Because if you kept reading till the end, you would learn entirely about what is school Chromebook screen size is? Have a look, please.


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What Is A Chromebook?

It is okay to buy a Chromebook when you are in your school career. But before that, you must know what a Chromebook is and how does it really work. Here is a brief introduction I am going to add that will add a little more to your knowledge about this machine.

A Chromebook is a laptop or computer that runs a web-based operating system. It is just like a regular laptop, except it runs on Google Chrome operating system.

It is designed to work on the internet and use Google apps. The Chromebook requires a broadband internet connection.


It works like your smartphone or tablet, where apps are stored remotely in the cloud. Chromebooks come with built-in virus protection, Wi-Fi and do not require a lot of memory.  Chromebooks are mainly used for education and for people who rely on web-based programs.

Do You Need A Chromebook At Your School Level?

Before answering the question related to the screen size of the Chromebook you are going to have for your school, please take a break.

Because, even before making such a decision, you would have to consider why you need it.


When you are at your school, your day doesn’t demand much. It could be only a bit of computing for a couple of hours you need to learn a book or complete some work.

But you do need a computer, laptop, or Chromebook to talk with your loved ones, have online gossip with friends, and your girlfriend if you have one.

Therefore, if you are in the situation to buy a Chromebook, you must ask yourself a couple of questions as given below. Ask yourself that,

  1. Whether you need a Chromebook because your school has recommended one?
  2. Do you need a Chromebook because you want a laptop that should be easy to carry and bring to school?
  3. Ask yourself if you need a Chromebook to work on a daily basis computational works?
    And ask yourself whether it is worth buying a Chromebook or you can consider something else?

When you ask such a question yourself, you will make good decision. And I know that you will be able to do it pretty quickly.

Why Measuring Screen Size Is Important For A School Chromebook?

While asking a couple of questions yourself, ask why you need to measure the size of the screen of a particular Chromebook for a specific duty of work?

Yes, that’s interesting if you consider buying a Chromebook complete with advanced components.

However, I would like to answer that there are plenty of things to keep in mind while you are considering the screen size for a specific Chromebook. Some of the most prominent ones are given as follows.

  1. You might be considering measuring or knowing the screen size of the Chromebook. Because you want a compact, portable and easy-to-carry device. It could be the recommended things done by your school.
  2. You might also be considered to measure it. Because you want to make your life easier and have your life anywhere in the world. That’s only possible if you have a reasonable laptop with a reasonable screen size. Because then you can backpack it and travel worldwide.
  3. Or, there could be other things you may seem worth considering while buying a Chromebook with a particular screen size.

What Must Be The Screen Size Of A Chromebook For Your School?

In this section, I would answer your typical question and make you satisfied with the reason behind that.

Therefore, you should know that the screen size of a Chromebook you will buy for your schoolwork must be around about 11 inches or 12 inches.

It is because buying a Chromebook with this screen size will never disturb you by bringing it to your school or the places you love to visit with your laptop. Also, such a screen size would be compact and can easily be fitted inside your backpack.

However, you can also consider Chromebooks. Or any other laptop with large screen sizes making sure you can easily buy them.

Because when it comes to school, the only thing that matters is the portability and easy-to-carrying utility with a specific laptop you will buy.

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Wrapping It Up:

Hopefully, I am sure that you have got your absolute answer on what is school Chromebook screen size. And there is nothing left behind to answer to figure out. Therefore, I hope that the article has helped you get what you were looking for.

That’s pretty simple because you should always have something compact and extra portable to bring to school no matter what. It will be accessible on coming with you and making your life easier.

If you loved or liked reading the information provided here, please share it with those who need it. And in case of queries, do visit me through the comment box. Have a safe day!

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