How To Charge A Laptop With iPhone? | Possible Or Not?

It’s a good day to see you on my post, and I know you are such an enthusiastic person eager to learn something new. Please welcome, and in this guide, I will teach you how to charge a laptop with iPhone. We’ll find out together whether it is possible, can an iPhone charge a laptop, why we need to do that, and answers to some other queries. Please keep reading, and let’s get started!

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Can You Charge A Laptop With An iPhone?

Before we step into charging a laptop with an iPhone, we have to know the possibility of doing something like that.

Because if you do not know whether you can do something like this or not, you won’t be able to understand the process of practical working.

Just in case, you cannot charge a laptop with an iPhone because of the following specific reasons. Please have a look.


The USB-A Slots:

For most laptops, you may try a way of using USB-Type A Slots to charge a laptop. But remember that a USB type A port is not designed to accept the voltage.

Rather, it just sends the signals to the other devices connected to your laptop. It would be a clear idea to convert your laptop charging as a reverse, but it is not that possible.

Even if you can use your iPhone and connect it with a USB to USB-A Cable, you will still not be able to charge your laptop no matter what.


Therefore, this isn’t something you should always do because the USB-A Slots are “Out Going” only, and one cannot use these slots in an alternative way.

The Power Or Current Sent By Your iPhone Will Not Be Enough:

Your laptop needs more power to get charged. And an iPhone battery to charge a laptop battery won’t be enough.

Because the power or wattage sent by your iPhone or any other mobile phone to your laptop will be too little, much less power cannot charge a huge laptop battery.


Keeping that in mind, even if you find a laptop with USB-C Connectivity ready to accept your laptop charging, you will still not be able to deliver the needed power to charge a laptop through an iPhone.

iPhone Limitations With The Charging Process:

Suppose you take the idea that your mobile phone can charge a laptop or the laptop can be charged with a mobile phone, which meets all the required conditions.

In that case, you will still not be able to complete this charging process because of the iPhone’s limited and restricted reverse charging features.

The iPhone doesn’t work like our ordinary android phones. It has its own features, limitations, and abilities compared to the other branded mobile phones available in the market.

If possible, How Would You Charge A Laptop With iPhone?

Let’s suppose, in a parallel universe, you can charge a laptop with an iPhone; how would you like to do it? See, it is fairly simple here because all you have to do is make some connectivity. In short,

You need to connect your iPhone with the laptop using a USB type C connectivity or a USB Converting Adapter. In both cases, give a touch for the reverse charging option in your iPhone if it provides one. The next moment you do this, your laptop will have a charging sign. However, that’s gonna be too lazy and a time-consuming charging process.

In any situation, first, you should be clear and stick with the point that your iPhone supports charging your laptop.

Can You Charge iPhone With A Laptop?

One of the best things you can do when you don’t have your iPhone charger, as you might have lost it for any reason, is to charge your iPhone with the laptop.

Take this opportunity and connect your iPhone with the laptop using Type C connectivity or any other possible.

Plug the charging cable into the charging port of your iPhone, and here you go. You will see your iPhone getting charged through the laptop you’ve got.

Is There Any iPhone Model Supporting Reverse Charging For A Laptop?

According to a recent study, the iPhone 12 is the latest mobile model that comes with a reverse charging option.

However, it can only give this facility back to the MagSafe Charging Pack. There is no way you can charge your Phones, tablets, and some other accessories using this iPhone 12.

However, there are a lot of possibilities that you might find this feature without any obligation in the coming iPhone models.

It could be anyone, including iPhone 13, 14, or maybe 15. But with the older options, you may not find the same feature as the iPhone 12.

Can You Charge Your Laptop With An Android Phone?

Despite those technical iPhone features and complications, it is easier to interact with android mobile phones and charge your laptops with them.

The best way of charging a laptop with an android phone is by connecting the android phone with a USB cable and turning on the charging feature.

It might not be as fast as you expected. But it will still work out for charging your machine with the android phone if it isn’t possible and easy to do with an iPhone.

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Final Thoughts:

Reaching this far, you probably have decided. You know that charging a laptop with an iPhone is not something you do on a daily basis. But even if you paid a little attention, I hope you have learned how to charge a laptop with iPhone. Besides, if you have some queries to ask, please let me know. But thanks for reading and being available.

Keep visiting for more latest updates and queries solved on this platform. May the blessings find your way!

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