Can I Use USB-C Phone Charger For Laptop? | Things To Know!

Sometimes, people have to face multiple troubles while finding the original charger for their laptops if the charger goes broken, misplaced, or totally defective. But if I were you, I might be asking if can I use USB-C phone charger for laptop. Just in case my laptop is supporting a USB Type-C Charging, and I am more concerned about finding out whether it is supportive or not, I need guidance, and so do you! Have a look, please!

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Can You Really Use a USB-C Phone Charger For Laptop?

Using a USB type C charger to charge a laptop entirely depends on what type of charging your laptop offers, what type of phone charger you have, and many other considerable factors.


But in case you want to know the surety of using a Type-C charger for your laptop, its fairly simple and stated as,

Yes, a USB type C phone charger can be used to charge a laptop that supports it. All you have to do is to find a laptop with a  USB-Type C port and plug in your phone charger inside it. Once this is done, you will see the laptop is getting charged. Though, it can be a slower charging process. But still, your laptop will get charged in a couple of hours.

Hence, anyone having the latest laptop of this century can easily rely on a phone charger to fix it for charging your laptop.


Get that USB-Type C Phone charger, plug it in, and you are all set!

Is It Safe Using A USB-C Phone Charger For A Laptop?

The idea of charging your laptop with a phone charger is completely safe, and there is no problem with that.

Because a phone charger will still provide the same electricity as your original mobile charger.


The reason is that it is still providing the same current your laptop will get otherwise. So, yes, it is a safe and secure method of using a phone charger for charging a laptop.

Can I Use USB-C Phone Charger For Laptop

How Does A Small USB Type C Mobile Charger Charge Your Big Laptop?

There is a full possibility of having a small mobile charger and using it to charge your big laptop. But be sure to use (type c USB Connectivity on both sides).

However, such a charging process may take a bit longer than usual.

With this, if you have plugged in the phone charger in your laptop and it is in use, the laptop’s battery will continue discharging by having a smaller adapter.

Or it will happen with a slightly lower rate.

However, if your laptop is not in use, all the power from the charger will be used for charging the battery.

It is also clear that laptop batteries always have a little higher voltages having 2 or 3 cells. An internal Voltage booster is used in the laptop, which provides relatively lower efficiency.

In that case, if you just prefer using a  5v/15wa phone charger or adapter, only 11 to 12 W will possibly reach your laptop’s battery.

This states that charging a laptop with a phone charger might not be the best way to do it. But it still works in emergency crises.

Again, your laptop should support Type-C connectivity to achieve all this, and you must have the same charger on the other end.

Why Do You Use A USB-C Phone Charger For A Laptop?

We don’t like to change the default protocols until we don’t have to.

There are certainly some possible reasons you might need to use a Type C phone charger for your laptop. Please have a look!

  • Just for the sake of an experiment.
  • In case the laptop’s original charger has expired, broken, or damaged.
  • If you have forgotten your laptop charger at your house while heading towards the office or any place you want to visit.
  • There can also be a case of using an alternative when somebody has lent your own laptop charger.

However, there can be other reasons to use a phone charger instead of the original charger for your laptop.

Using Type C Phone Charger And Laptop Original Charger, What’s Better?

When differentiating between an alternative means of charging a laptop and the actual means

A phone charger might be good to kill an emergency when you need to charge your laptop no matter what, and you don’t have your original charger available.

But you should not make it your entire means and way of charging just because you cannot find the original charger.

The best practice will always be to look for your laptop’s damaged, broken or lost charger as early as possible.

Consider bringing a Universal Charger to charge any laptop at your house if you have lost the original one.

Or consider spending some money to buy the most compatible one with your laptop as soon as possible.

Your battery needs a full voltage supply, which is impossible without your laptop’s original charger.

Can I Charge My Dell Laptop With USB-C Phone Charger?

Yes, you can easily charge your dell laptop with a USB-C phone charger until and unless that laptop from dell supports USB-C connectivity.

If the laptop doesn’t have it, you won’t be able to connect your phone charger and charge it.

Alternatively, you will have to look for the laptop’s original charger to make charging faster and possible as it always has been.

So, if the laptop meets the possibility, it’s a yes. And it’s a No if it doesn’t!

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The Bottom Line:

Since USB-Type is available on many laptops, there is a higher chance of charging a laptop with your phone charger. So, I hope that your query about “Can I Use USB-C Phone Charger For Laptop” has been answered. You may let me know in case you have anything else to ask.

But thanks for being here today. Keep visiting for more latest laptop queries. Have a nice day!

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