How Many Watts To Charge Laptop In Car? | Let’s Find Out!

What if you are on the way in your luxurious car and you open your laptop for some work. When you do that, you come to know that your laptop’s battery is low and you need to charge it inside the car. What will you do if you don’t know actually how many watts to charge laptop in car does it takes. And how much electricity it would be consuming in this way?

That could be a problem because you have to charge your laptop and complete the work on the way no matter what. But guess what? Here, inside this post, I would give you every detail about how much does it really takes.


So, take a chill pill, have a cup of tea before riding your Lamborghini, and start reading with me. Because this post is gonna help you much in this regard.

Let’s start discussing how many watts to charge laptop in car without any further delay.

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Can You Charge Your Laptop In The Car?

A big yes to this question: it is totally possible to charge your mobile phone, air-pods, smartwatch, and especially laptop inside your car.


Because if you have a hybrid or any finest car as there are out there these days, you can use it for charging gadgets instead of just enjoying the comforts of your long journeys.

Therefore, you can always consider charging your laptop inside the car if you know the necessary things to do. And how to do them in a step-by-step procedure.

What Do You Need For Charging Your Laptop In Car?

Usually, when it comes to charging your laptop inside a car, you need a gadget that would convert your DC to AC. And will provide the electricity your laptop needs to be charged.


These devices are not really expensive, and you can have them for accomplishing things like these.

Therefore, a laptop charger or an inverter can be used for charging your laptop inside the car. It converts those voltages and provides you the necessary port as well as volts for charging your laptop.

This can be done quickly, and you can charge your laptop while being on the go.

How Many Watts Do You Require For Charging Your Laptop In Car?

Now, let’s answer the query you are searching for. And find out how many watts it would take inside the car you are currently driving.

The thing is, your laptop usually takes up to 60 to 70 watts for charging. And the lighter socket designed inside your car comes with 15 amp and 20 amp usually.

When you multiple 15 amp with 120 V, it becomes about 150 to 180 watts which is more than enough for charging your laptop on the way.

On the other side, if your car cigarette lighter socket delivers up to 20 amp, you can have a maximum current of 200 to 225 watts.

It means you can charge your laptop at the same pace as you charge it inside your home over the normal electricity. And it will be charged within a specified time period without any problem.

However, you must have an inverter for charging the laptop in a car. Because it would keep your laptop safe provided the current it needs for charging. So, this must be kept in mind at any cost.

Is It Safe To Charge The Laptop In A Car?

When safety is concerned while charging your laptop inside the car, you can always go for charging it unless you are using a power adapter or an inverter.

Therefore, you can easily go charging your laptop inside the car and it will not harm your most important asset.

Because the thing that keeps your data is indeed the most important one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is A Universal Laptop Car Charger?

A universal laptop charger is that type of charger you can use for charging any kind of laptop with any port.

It works on almost all types of devices and provides the connectivity you need for exceptional charging. So, you can use it for charging anything you want.

Can You Charge Your Laptop In A Car Without An Inverter?

To charge a laptop without any invertor, you need a universal charger that can provide you with the required connectivity.

Therefore, you can use it for charging your laptop, and you will not require any invertor for this.

Will Charging Laptop In The Car Drain Battery?

It might be guessed that charging a laptop with a car battery might reduce the battery of your car. But that doesn’t happen, actually.

When the vehicle runs, or you start it for reaching any destination, the car’s battery charges by itself.

And in this way, you can always use it not just for providing electricity to your car. But also for charging devices like these.

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Final Thoughts:

After reading this post, I hope that you have got your answer on how many watts to charge laptops in car. There are no doubts left about this. You can quickly go for that, and it will always result in charging your laptop completely.

But just for the sake of your ease and comfort, if you find yourself stuck at any point, you should let me know through the comment box. I will answer your questions and provide you with the information you need.

Hence, this was all for today. Keep visiting to read about more queries, and if you liked this information, do share it with those who need it.

Thanks for reading. Greetings and Cheers.

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