Why Does My Dell Laptop Battery Drain So Fast? | Top 7 Solutions!

Is your dell laptop battery draining so fast, and you don’t even know the possible reasons behind this happening? You might be looking for why does my dell laptop battery drain so fast. Yes, it sometimes happens to laptops for several reasons, as they start draining out the battery quickly. If proper measurements and solutions are not considered, you may lose the battery or the machine itself. So, it is always important to note that whenever you encounter such a problem, you should fix it as soon as possible.

In this guide, I would like to share some common causes that affect the normal performance of your laptop’s battery and provide you with the relevant solution for each. You can use these methods and fix your problem of “why does my dell laptop battery drain so fast?” Let’s get started!

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What Are The Reasons Behind Your Dell Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

In case you are facing faster battery draining issues with your brand new or an older Dell laptop, there are certain causes.

These causes are most important to consider because if you don’t find a solution for them, they will never be able to let you use your machine at an optimal level.


Such problems resulting in faster battery draining are as follows.

Moreover, you can also find the relevant fixings with these problems in order to fix the battery problem on your dell, HP, Acer, or any other laptop you currently have.

Problem 1: Several Background Apps Running On The Laptop:

A significant problem with your laptop draining its battery so fast could be the several programs running without your knowledge.


If you have a high-end GPU and some extreme-duty programs installed on your PC, you should know that these giants keep working even when you are not putting so much load on the laptop.

When such happens, you face battery draining problems very quickly.


You can fix this problem by checking out and stopping these programs from running without your permission. All you need to do for this is to Go to the Settings> Privacy> Background.

Why Does My Dell Laptop Battery Drain So Fast

It can also be fixed by checking out the number of programs running through your Task Manager.

Open task manager on your Desktop by searching Task Manager in the Windows Search Bar and End tasks like this on the app to save power.

Why Does My Dell Laptop Battery Drain So Fast

Problem 2: Too Much Brightness On Display:

Usually, if you are using your laptop, the second most significant cause for dropping its battery can be the level of brightness you are using on it.

It will likely drain your laptop’s battery very quickly when you use high brightness.

So, you must always consider using an optimal brightness level whenever the laptop is being used.


You can fix the battery brightness problem from the Task Bar by clicking on the Notification Icon.

Or you can simply search for the Settings> System> Display. Set your batter to a good level that could show you the screen content according to the light condition in which you are sitting.

Why Does My Dell Laptop Battery Drain So Fast

Problem 3: Peripheral Devices Connected With Your Dell Laptop:

Sometimes, if you have connected any external device with your Dell laptop, it will start consuming more battery from the machine.

Any output device such as an external monitor, printer, scanner, or USB will make your laptop suffer in these regards.


If you have connected these devices and see quick drain-outs in your laptop’s battery, take a quick note and remove such external devices from the laptop’s ports.

It will save your laptop from using more battery.

Problem 3: Keyboard’s Backlit Problem:

In most cases, if the laptop is showing faster battery dropouts, you must consider whether your laptop has a backlit keyboard or not.

Because having a backlit keyboard will make that machine suffer from consuming more battery. So, you can shut this keyboard off if you want to save more battery on your Dell laptop.


Magic or backlit keyboards have buttons embedded on them that work with the Function key or Alt Key combination.

You can find this button for the keyboard light and turn it off if it is on, causing your laptop to drain more battery.

Problem 6: Multiple Networks Connectivity:

Sometimes your laptop might be connected to more than one network to ensure faster and better internet performance.

Or you might have arranged these connections in case of emergencies. When you do that, a laptop takes a good amount of power to change its network connectivity from one source to another.

So, you must always have a solution for this.


You can manage this Network connectivity by searching for Network Connection in the Windows Search Bar. A new window will be in front of you, just like the one below.

You can remove the unneeded networks and make sure that your laptop should not lose its battery on these connections.

Problem 7: If The Battery Is The Problem:

Usually, laptops start draining batteries not because they are doing multiple activities or have something special running on them.

But a battery itself might be an issue. In that case, nothing works out even after applying all the solutions stated above. The problem could be with the battery of your laptop. Batteries get defective and start losing power more quickly.


Order a new battery and check it on your laptop to see if this one performs better than the previous one. In this case, if it does, the problem with draining was with your battery. It will be fixed by doing this.

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Wrapping Up:

Why does my dell laptop battery drain so fast is a common query that most people ask when they face this problem with their dell or any other laptop. One can apply all the solutions listed in this article. And if nothing works out, he or she should examine the laptop by a computer technician to find out the real cause. In that case, the problem will be fixed, and a good solution will be provided.

Hence, if you have any doubts in your mind, let me know using the comment box. Thanks for reading, and keep visiting for more cool tips. Have a big day!

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