How to Find MAC Address on Chromebook?-(Follow Easy Guide)

Wondering what is this MAC address and want to get an idea of how to find MAC address on Chromebook? Most of the time when you first time tries to connect Chromebook to Wi-Fi or Ethernet with your new laptop there is a network configuration going on. Generally, the process completes automatically and connects to the network without any hassle. But sometimes and mostly during a Bluetooth connection establishment, the network shows configuration errors.

This is either due to the device not getting the correct connection address or the network is not supported by the laptop.


Here comes the MAC or Media Access Control Address comes into play. It’s a series of characters or numbers that the network assigns to each device connecting to it. This code is unique for every device.

So if you want to find the MAC address of your device follow this easy guide and connect your Chromebook to the network in no time.

What is the MAC address?

Media Access Control Address is an identifying code uniquely assigned to each device’s network card. This protects the network from any unauthorized connection and for strong communication and connection within the segment. For an extra protected network, the administrator may require the MAC address to allow the connection. So get to know how to find a MAC address on Chromebook to access the network.


This is also known as MAC filtering so that any harmful or unauthorized connection can’t be established on the network. If your Chromebook has Ethernet and wireless ports then there will be two MAC addresses. You can use any considering the type of network connection you are trying to establish.

Networks that Chromebook Support

One of the problems that may be occurring during network configuration can be the type of network that the Chromebook supports. In general, Chromebook supports WPA, WPA2, and WEP secure networks. Each of these different encryption protocols for wireless connection and may be suitable for specific connections. But you can opt according to the circumstances and provided network.

Easy Guide to Find MAC Address on your Chromebook

 If the network administrator is blocking your connection and you can’t access the web because your device is not registered on the network. Then follow these steps to access and provide your chrome book’s MAC address for a secure connection.


Find MAC address on Chromebook Through your Chromebook’s system settings

The easiest and quickest method to find the MAC address on Chromebook is through the settings panel of your Chromebook which goes as:

  • Turn ON your Chromebook
  • Now in the bottom right corner click on the clock icon and select the gear icon to open the settings menu
  • A settings window will open on the screen
  • On the left column, you can see a NETWORK option
  • Click on NETWORK
  • Now in the Network menu select the Wi-Fi option
  • In the drop-down menu, there will be a list of the known networks available
  • Select the network you are connected to and open the network configuration menu
  • In the network configuration menu, you can view network information one of which will be the IP or MAC address assigned to your Chromebook
  • Use this MAC address to connect to the network required and enjoy surfing the web without any issues.

From the welcome page

Another method to find the MAC address of your Chromebook is via the Chrome browser Welcome page. This can be used for any laptop that uses chrome OS.

  • Open your chrome browser and write chrome: //system in the address bar to access the system settings of your browser.
  • The About system Page will pop up
  • Now scroll down on the page and select the Expand option next to the iconfig
  • In this section scroll down to find the Wlan0 section and you can see your MAC address next to ether.
  • In the case of a Chromebook connected to Ethernet or has a port, then the MAC address can be found in the eth0 section instead of Wlan0.
  • Also if you require an IP address you can find that in too Wlan0 section where the IPV4 address is next to the inet and IPv6 next to inet6.

Using IP finder Tools for finding MAC address on Chromebook

If the above two methods seem complicated or vague to you and you need an easier to understand way then you can use IP finding apps to find your MAC address on Chromebook.

There are many IP-finding tools available on the play store, make sure to find a free, trusted and privacy ensuring app for your laptop.

  • Open the Google play store on your Chromebook
  • Search any IP finding tools such as IP tools app
  • Install it and open
  • Now go to the IP connectivity tab on your app
  • In this window, you will find the IP and MAC addresses listed below with other network information
  • Copy-paste the MAC address to provide the network administrator for establishment of a secure connection.

Summing it up!

MAC address or IP address is your system’s private information for ensuring the security of your connection and to avoid misuse and theft of your data. Make sure that whenever you are sharing your chrome book’s MAC address it is only for a secured network connection and not otherwise.

The trusted way is to stick to the settings or browser system information tab as you can’t figure out which tools on the play store are safe for your device.

So set up a secure and strong connection on your office or university network without any delay with your MAC address and start enjoying web browsing.

Hopefully, you find these methods effective and can access your MAC address on Chromebook like a pro.

Happy surfing!

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