Chromebook Color Settings | How Do You Do That?

Are you here to learn Chromebook color settings and haven’t got the correct information? Well, if this is so, please keep pace with me for learning how to do Chromebook color settings inside this post. Colors on a Chromebook could get faded sometimes, and they could disappear when you encounter any problem.

Therefore, I am here to solve your issue with this. And tell you exactly how you can set up the colors on your Chromebook.


Please make a stay, and you will learn how to make changes with Chromebook color settings. Be at peace, and let’s get this conversation started!

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Why Do Chromebook Color Settings?

Mostly the color settings could get disturbed or misplaced when there comes any disturbance.

However, you try to change the Chromebook color settings to make your laptop screen look a little brighter in most cases.


The screen might look a little dim to you, and you need to fix the screen colors to make it look a little brighter, vibrant, and more transparent.

Therefore, I would teach you to change the colors on any Chromebook you have from any brand. The setting and procedure are given as follows.

How Do You Change The Chromebook Color Settings?

You should know that you can change the color settings on your Chromebook in different steps and in two different modes. These modes are given as follows.

  • Change the Chromebook colors by yourself at any time.
  • Set the colors for getting changed automatically.

So, I will describe both of these methods in brief detail. And how you will be able to make changes in the settings for both. Please take a look. 

Mode 1: Changing The Screen Colors Of Your Chromebook Anytime:

Here are some of the most straightforward steps you can follow if you want to change the Chromebook color settings anytime, anywhere.

It is much more straightforward and easy to do because it’s the game of a couple of steps only. Here are the things you need to do in this type of procedure.

In the bottom right section, you will find the time. You need to select the time.

Once selected, go for choosing Settings.

When you have entered into the settings, you would have to go for the “Device” section, and there, you need to select displays.

There, you will find an option of  Night Light. Such an option needs to be turned on if you are working nighttime.

It will provide you with a smooth and calm environment for working. And keep your eyes protected and safe from the dangerous light of your Chromebook screen.

And in case you want to change the colors or adjust them without any problems with your desired settings, you can select the “Color Temperature” option and make these changes possible.

Select any combination of colors you desire and save the settings for that.

Mode 2: Change The Settings For Automatic Colors:

In this method, you will change the color settings. And put them to turn on or get applied when your device turns on automatically. Therefore, here are some of the simplest steps you can follow to use such device changes.

  • Again, click on the time given at the bottom right on the left side of your Chromebook laptop.
  • Once clicked, you need to select the Settings given there and enter the new section.
  • There, you will find an option for the device again, and in this section, you need to select the Displays.
  • Now, you will find another section titled the Night Light. You need to turn that Night Light feature on and make sure you have made that change.

You will also have an option in the Schedule section when you go for the color change. Also, you can have the following settings readily available for changing the colors.

This include,

Custom time—In this one, you can make or create your own desired time and enter a starting date as well as in this portion. When selected, the night light or color effect will change whenever the expected time is reached.

Sunset To Sunrise—You can use your current location in this section, and the Chromebook will automatically adjust the time and date.

It will be like using your current location’s sunset and sunrise times to control the night light for turning on and turning off back again.

Turn off—However, if you never wanted to turn on this mode, works as automatically. You can select the button as Never.

Your Chromebook night light will go dim and back to rise according to the sunset and sunrise times of your selected location.

However, if you want to turn off the night light quickly, you can use the bottom right corner and select the Night Light for turning it on or off.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have successfully followed all the steps above, you have reached the point where you have totally made the Chromebook color settings. And for this, I hope that I have provided you with the information to make those changes possible and more accessible.

Therefore, follow the guidelines and apply these on your Chromebook to see if everything works fine. However, if not, please use the comment box to reach out.

In the end, thanks for reading and spending your time here. Have a great day to you!

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